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The Neuroscience Team


Hey Team. I was Friends with Dr Levin; from whom I believe you bought the Practice; there is a DESPERATE lack of education within the a General Public about EEGNEUROFEEDBACK So; in your spare time 😇; would you please focus some time on Education?? You are welcomed to use my F/B page as a Forum. I am in the process of trying to refer you a Patient. Blessings & Best Wishes
I wish you were still in Greenbelt. I just found out about your team recently only to find out today that you've closed your Greenbelt office permanently.

A mental health practice specializing in concussion and head injury, and complicated medical conditions that affect brain function. Our goal is to integrate emerging science and interpret it for you, since a paradigm shift is taking place, unknown to many

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[04/06/21]   Continuing on the subject of the effects of coronavirus on brain, Dr. Sanjay Gupta was interviewed in the AARP magazine of Dec 2020- Jan 2021, and also discusses the pretty awful, lasting effects some experience. Featuring critical care pulmonologist Dr. Michael J Stephen, 47, he describes the delirium, decline in memory and cognition, and lingering brain fog that some experience. And this matter is totally unpredictable: Dr. Stephen was at triathlon athletic level, when he came down sick. Neurological and neuropsychological effects are noted in all studies conducted on the population of survivors, and we've only just begun to recognize this, let alone treat and heal. Dr. Gupta's suggestions are certainly sound, and good: he recommends 1) keeping up social activities, to stay connected with others and keep the brain stimulated, 2) eating well, to encourage physical resiliency, 3) exercise, 4) maintaining good sleep habits, since adequate sleep is a fulcrum of resilience, and 5) engaging in learning of new materials, so the brain stays stimulated and focused on pleasant things. Nothing bad about any of that. My only problem is: none of it really fixes the neurons that are damaged. We need to get to those mitochondria, replenish their ATP, and restore oxidation levels to optimal. More, later. Thanks for reading. Let me know how you feel about this thread. Dr. Gabe Newman

[04/02/21]   So, what about the stress of these past 13 months, when we've all been hunkered down in our trenches, waiting for the war to end? The work of Dr. Robert Sapolsky, highly regarded neuropsychologist, established that when we live through protracted stress, it leads to chronic depression. This, of course, will also lead to a significant drop in motivation, and reduced productivity. The research proves that our more creative centers of the brain shut down under ongoing stress and uncertainty, and they stay down when we feel depressed. The good news is that we can cause major improvement with minor effort. Based on peer reviewed study, the author Marina Khidekel details in her new book how small periods each day of focusing on the rise and fall of your breath can reduce prevalence of stress hormones in your body. Strategies like this are referred to “microsteps” – small, science- based actions that build habits that can significantly improve your life. To learn more about this, see Khidekel’s book: “Your Time to Thrive: End burnout, increase wellbeing, and unlock your full potential with the new science of microsteps”. But if you want a few simple mindfulness exercises, here are 2: 1). Focus on your breath as you inhale and exhale, slowing it down gradually, eyes closed. Allow only that breath to occupy your thoughts for a few minutes. You should feel a shift taking place while you do it. 2) Do the 4-4-4 schedule of breathing: count 4 seconds while you inhale, slowly, then 4 seconds exhaling, then rest for 4 seconds, and start again. If this feels like too long a time on each of those sections, reduce it - like, if the rest is too long for you, do 3 or 2 seconds instead. Experiment with this. And what a neat therapy: costs nothing, goes with you everywhere, and stays quiet when you don'☺️t need it! Give it a try. 🥰

[03/30/21]   Continuing the discussion about coping with pandemic: we've been so focused on surviving, that not much time has been dedicated to considering the effects of the virus on those who were sick with it. There are marked cognitive consequences for those who suffered intense symptoms - moreso for those who needed oxygen and, possibly, hospitalization. Detailed by Emily Deans, M.D., Psychiatrist and teacher at Harvard Medical School in the April issue of Psychology Today (pg. 32), studies find that those who had difficulties breathing usually manifest cognitive decline following recovery - the more the health challenge, the more the decline. Dr. Deans talks of the inflammatory response that likely is behind the cognitive problem (as well as incidence of delirium, seen in the more severe cases); those who've spent any time with us in The Neuroscience Team know that this is a subject on which we can talk for days! We have turned our attention to helping folks reduce brain inflammation after injury, and improving neuronal function. It's about boosting the ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and CCO (cytochrome c oxidase) in the neurons, to allow the mitochondria to work well again, as they did before injury. For all those struggling with the after-effects of this dastardly virus, this is the path to full recovery. More to follow. Please like and friend us, to stay with this discussion.

[03/21/21]   How to beat the fatigue and extra mental taxing of COVID-19? According to an article by David Badre in Scientific American - Mind (digital publication), we do much better with clear directives on how to handle things. This is also how we can multi-task better - when our steps and procedures are well laid out. Thus, by repeating to your children, many times, the directives on remembering to take, and wear their masks, the procedures of washing hands as they get home again, as they come into a school, or a friend's house, and so on, the less the strain on all of you, and the less the mental energy you have to give to such things. Creating a schedule, for those stuck in the home, breaks up the day better and relieves the monotony. More to follow...

[03/21/21]   Time to check in on each other again. Here we are, one year since the pandemic started, and what are we seeing in the precious families with whom we work? Well, many went into cabin fever, and then well beyond it, with all the many hours we have spent at home. Many families report finding a new state of peace with which to work, and play, with family members. Children generally say they miss school, miss their friends, and miss the freedom of being able to get out in the neighborhood, go to parties, get together for play dates. But, there has been a new discovery of resilience in so many. I mean, before this experience, how many of us would've imagined we could live through a time like this, when much of business grinds to complete halt, schools close, restaurants and stores close, and people work from home, and still come out okay afterwards? However, in adults this most definitely created a new level of anxiety, triggering the most sensitive topics in most of us: fears about health, job security, financial strength, and much more. If this topic interests you, please like it, and I'll post more on this, later. With best wishes extended to all, Dr. G Newman

[05/12/20]   Join us next Wednesday (20th May) for a webinar on "How Corona virus made us stronger". Using this period to improve and better things in your family and life. Noon, right here, on Facebook, we go live. Please be here.

[04/30/20]   Open for business! Monday, April 27th, we re-opened our office, to be able to receive patients for neurofeedback, Brain Spa, and photobiomodulation treatments, while continuing to provide Telehealth individual or family therapy sessions to those preferring to meet from home. We hated to close for all face-to-face patient care when we did, but as elective surgery and non-urgent hospital care was shut down in Maryland, we felt the need to join the national effort for maximal caution, to enhance safety for our patients and therapists, and to contain the virus spread. However, we were well aware that many were being interrupted in their treatment courses. Now, as business life slowly resumes, we wanted to provide earliest possible opportunity for those in need to resume their course of treatment. If you come in, you will probably be most reassured by the protocols we have adopted. All patients coming in, and their therapists, are wearing masks and gloves, chairs are covered in fresh disposable plastic for each session, and desks, counters and electrodes are thoroughly washed after each session. We are containing presence of patients in the waiting room, and thus ask that you call us from the parking lot when you arrive; we may also ask that family members not accompany the patient into the office, unless treating young children, or those dependent on attendants. Our therapists and admin staff are wearing washable scrub jackets, and making every possible effort to contain their own exposure to those who might be infected; we would ask those coming in for treatment to do the same. If you have traveled out of state, or have the slightest cold or symptoms, we ask that you please not come in yet, until cleared of any concerns. For situations like these, we will not be charging any late cancellation fees, but would ask that you try to give us some notice, if needing to cancel.

Like everyone else, we struggled with this decision, wanting to uphold the national commitment to stop this dastardly virus in its tracks. However, helping patients cope in these highly disturbing times, and reducing the disturbing symptoms that brought people in originally, is no less important a mission. The interruption and delays in treatment come with a level of risk, too, which makes these decisions a weighing of risks against each other, rather than a simple choice between safety and the assumption of risk. Everyone will have to make their own choices, of course, and the highly vulnerable would do best by staying in place. For all others, we will do all we can to keep you on track with your health care, and to help you cope. But allow me to say that it is very delightful to see you when you do come in (or at least, to see your eyes over the mask)! Please reach out to us if in need of help. Stay well, dear friends, and be of good cheer. Better times are on their way. With blessings, Dr. Gabe Newman.

[03/31/20]   Hey, everybody: How're you all holding up? To say our coping skills are being challenged describes the situation as might 'a puddle' apply to the ocean. We're being presented with a complete dissolution of most of what we know, at least for a period in time. a cessation of all human push and ambition, a halting of most of our progression in life. The question is: how much of our original self is still there? As we retreat into our families, being forced more to self-reliance and isolation, we are also being asked to drop many of our diversions in life, to abandon many unimportant plans and focus on what is essential. What works for you? I am meditating more than usual, taking time over prayer, and reaching out to my children and grandchildren to try talk with them as often as possible. I find I care much more than usual about others, about how they're coping, and about their fears and worries. Post something on here that might help other who are reading this: what is helping you get through this difficult time. From my home with love, Dr. G Newman

[03/26/20]   Greetings to all our dear friends. Today, Wednesday March 25th, we took the decision to close our office to incoming patients for service, until we emerge from this intense period of battle against COVID 19. We felt it best to protect both our dear clients and patients, and therapists and administrators, from exposure and spreading of the virus. However, we continue to offer therapy sessions through Telehealth, and that has been going wonderfully!! I love being able to tune in to my patients' lives through video, find out how they're coping with this incredible challenge, and to offer them some strategies and guidance. If we use this period well, it can be an opportunity for growth, reflection, self-improvement, and bonding with those we love. Look after yourselves, dear friends, and look after those you cherish. Those of us who survive this will only have truly survived if we improved through it. With heartfelt blessings, Dr. Gabriel and Tamar Newman, and "The Team"

[03/13/20]   Coronavirus Times!!!!
Hi all our precious friends, therapists, and patients: with regard to the COVID 19 scare gripping our country and world, I wish to offer some guidance from the mental health side. We manage and juggle risk factors daily, in our lives. Crossing the street, driving the highway, eating in restaurants that have poor sanitary habits, and even when forced to visit the ER. We are exposed to contagions constantly, but we're also blessed by our Creator with incredibly resilient systems and immune systems! So this newest challenge should only be seen as one among many.
We protect ourselves by being informed, and taking action early, and aggressively, to protect ourselves and others. The thing we must recognize is that the high alert and early response in our country is not a source of alarm for us - that is the strategy that will reduce the risks to the fullest possible extent. Often, the self-protective moves we make also serve to alarm us, unnecessarily. Seeing so many wearing face masks all over the streets of New York in news broadcasts, hearing the constant talk about school closings and cancellations, we conclude that we're in a national emergency of unprecedented nature; this is not true, thankfully. By taking all this action early, our country has protected us wonderfully.
Now, we can all help ourselves, as well, by washing our hands frequently, by avoiding large crowd events, by refraining from traveling, and quarantining ourselves appropriately, if exposed. And, if you do catch it...drink lots of fluids, take your doctor-approved analgesics and vitamins, and rest a lot, so you can come back even stronger!!!
We hope to remain open at The Neuroscience Team throughout the process, and would also be happy to discuss teleconferencing our counseling sessions, if you should need it. Stay healthy, and stay optimistic. This too shall pass.

[01/04/19]   Gabi Newman Writes: These are the quotes that most capture my faith & philosophy of life:
"Between every stimulus and response there is a space. In that space there is the power to choose your own response. Within that choice lies potential growth and fulfillment" (Victor Frankl)
And: "Promise yourself to be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind. Look on the sunny side of everything and make your optimism come true. Think on for the best, work only on the best, and expect only the best. Forget past mistakes and press on to the greater achievements of the future. Give so much time to improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others. Live in the faith that the whole world is on your side, as long as you are true to the best that is in you". (Christian Larson)


The Integrative Centers for Wellbeing, Towson & Greenbelt, MD.

We just celebrated the close of 15 months since we started offering Photobiomodulation (also known as Low Intensity Laser Therapy) and Biomodulation in our practice, and the outcomes have been nothing less than awesome! So many of you have reported improvements such as: reduction in anxiety & depression, improvement in thinking & memory, reductions in pain and stiffness (post-surgical or arthritic), expansion of range of motion and strength (for physical conditions), reduction in posttraumatic symptoms (mental health). This has to be the most important new treatment modality of the 21st century, and it will revolutionize both medicine and mental health, with time.
...Also exciting: studies have been emerging now, fast, since end of 2017 and into 2018, documenting the beneficial effects of the modality, in countless conditions. Stands to reason, too. If you boost ATP and Cytochrome C Oxidase in the cell, you promote health for people, wherever this is achieved. And once that has been done, the improvements continue, for months or years. Isn't it exciting, that we have found something that is not a chemical to be sent into the body, that does not involve surgery or other invasive procedures, yet it fixes thousands of problems of body and mind!!
It's not long, I predict, before this is being used in every home as an anti-aging, anti-pain, anti-drug, pro-life device for self-care.
Check out our pages on this:
Link to studies, and read what's happening in this amazing new treatment modality.

The Integrative Centers for Wellbeing is proud to be a division of The Neuroscience Team. Our specialists are dedicated to providing you with the best care. That's why we provide thorough diagnostics to get the clearest picture of what is wrong and develop the most effective treatment plan. ICS is a...

[04/10/18]   Gratifying. That's the best word I can think of, with regard to our latest results in treatment of patients. Having now completed a full year of applying low intensity laser therapy (LILT) to patients struggling with head injury, encephalopathy, ADHD, Autism, general decline in functioning, inflammation and other mysterious complexes of illness, we have seen DRAMATIC improvements, in almost all patients (not all, since no one treatment can bring 100% results, in all people).
We have also expanded our use of Dr. Tennant's methodology, following my recent visit to his clinic in Dallas Texas, and are seeing great results there too.
I also wish to promote Dr. Michael Baylin, biological dentist, whose expertise in energy assessment, use of supplements and homeopathic remedies is 2nd to no-one in the field! He can help you, regardless the issues. Call his office at: 410-484-5266.
Dr. Gabriel Newman



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