Over the Rainbow, LLC (OTR)

OTR is a private practice providing trauma informed counseling and support services in the DC area. (Located in DC and Old Town Alexandria, VA)

We are a woman owned private practice that opened our doors in 2008 specializing in trauma related issues providing mental health counseling, consultation, training, and supervision. Our staff have varied backgrounds and all have trauma treatment backgrounds (PTSD) and experience including general life stress, relationships (including domestic violence), LGBTQ+ issues, grief, anxieties, and depres

Operating as usual


Should we just send our staff home the rest of the month and have these 2 girls (Rosie and baby Rose) run things?

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💜 Meet Rose! She is our newest intern at OTR! Rose is a puppy (despite her size) and specializes in cuddling. She also owns our therapist Iwona. Rose just finished her first day on deck at our Alexandria office. She was a very good girl. 💜

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Some therapy humor for making it to Thursday after the holiday start.


Monday after Thanksgiving coffee! 💙
Today we will go with Full Pursuit.

BADGE BREW Coffee Roasters


We carry our inner worlds with us everywhere we go, and, at times, it can be challenging to navigate our inner landscapes. Can you sit and breathe in quiet stillness for a few moments today? What do you notice about how your inner world feels? If you're able, please share in the comments below. 🌞


Boundaries…spoken by a child.

this, but with stuffing 🤤


Holiday stress is upon us. We run out of time. We rush through work. We prepare ourselves for family dynamics. We face the realities and grief of who may or may not be at the gatherings. Make a pie...or something. Just stop everything and just make something or do absolutely nothing. Sing out loud. Now is the time to use the moments you have to take care of your Self. Trust us… we’re therapists.



Day 2
Today from Bessel van der Kolk’s The Body Keeps Score:

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Jennifer and Sarah are spending the next 2 days with our favorite Bessel Van der Kolk: The Body Keeps Score
This is the core of our trauma training and we are always excited to get in on a conference!
Quotes from Bessel Van der Kolk today:
“People need to be seen, they need to be known.”
“We (therapists) have a compulsive need to help.”
“How do we help people change the reward system in their brain?”
“If you don’t feel anything you can’t learn anything.”
“You remember trauma by the sensations.”



💛❤️💙Today we honor our Veterans. Thank you can never cover the service and sacrifice by our Veterans. 💛 ❤️💙

But get out those DD-214s and check out todays discounts and free goodies!


a valid criticism 🎂


Therapy funny if needed…
(Non-billable for us unfortunately)


Take in today’s sunset and regulate your mind for the evening (there’s an eclipse)


We don't give ourselves enough permission to try and to be comfortable with our errors. We don't need to succeed to find success; as long as we allow ourselves time to reflect and learn, we can grow. What are you grateful to have learned about yourself and what matters to you? Let us know below. 🌞


The blue light from screens and the impact of scrolling through social
media and other apps in bed actually activates the brain (that reward pathway where we get that instant gratification) disrupting the sleep cycle.


“When we pause first…our actions are our best choices.”


Your therapy funny for the evening.


💜Always a great feeling at OTR when we have a full house of some of our therapists on deck. Move over Doc F… today Iwona, Abbie, Lexie, and Nicole took over the office taking care of their clients and each other. 💜 Being a close knit team is what prevents forest fires/burn out!

Timeline photos 10/19/2022

Timeline photos

Unhealthy and abusive behaviors often begin long before abuse becomes physical. Abusers use emotional abuse, financial abuse, sexual abuse, intimidation, and other tactics to establish power and control over their partners. Learn more: https://bit.ly/3aa2dUg

Timeline photos 10/19/2022

Timeline photos


I told my friend...


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Your therapy session today. Focus and breath slowly and deeply. #therapy #naturestherapy #mindfulness
Here is something to help clear your mind as the day comes to it’s end.
Be Still
Happy Holidays! 🎄🕎🎅🏼💙Doc F’s dog Lucky songs with our First Responders as they bring Santa around to say hello and the c...
Deep Breath in. And Hold. Let it out.OTR will be closed from August 31st-September 6th to allow our team some time to ta...
Relaxation Moment
Sing-A-Long with First Responders💙
💙Be Kind. Be Nurturing.💙
Navigating Negative Emotions During COVID19
Check In with OTR 💙




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