Dr Aline Charabaty

Dr Aline Charabaty


Thank you Dr. C I had a great experience in my procedure. You & your crew are consumate professionals! Love you all!!!!!
I will be having my colonoscopy with her soon. She is one of the most caring and professional doctors I have ever met. I highly recommend her!
Shukran Dr. Charabaty! Gratitude & appreciation for the exceptional job with my colonoscopy. Thanks to Richard for all his terrific help and all the wonderful Sibley staff - Gina, Sharone, Katrina, Katherine, Andre, Ayana... - shukran. great to see you. I hope you
enjoy the guernsey literary and potato
peel society! See you in five years or maybe in book club before then! ;-) merci. shukran. Diane
It's almost time! Registration opens at 12:15am PT on 3/6/19 for Relax for Success!
My daughter is a patient of Dr. Charabaty's, but recently received a letter that Dr. C. will no longer be at Georgetown MedStar. Does anyone know anything about this? Where is she now practising? Please reply ASAP to [email protected].
Simply Put Dr. Charabaty is the Best Of The Best.
Hey thanks for telling me about this page! I'm enjoying the IBD posts and it looks like there's some good info here for me and my Crohn's buddies.
Hi Dr Charabaty. I am working with a population that typically presents with shortened bowel in a condition that mainly effects how muscles contract. The condition is Arthrogryposis. This condition is characterized by low tone and muscle/tendon/ligament contractures, there are some variants that have CNS involvement. Our problem is with peristaltic motility and chronic severe compacted colon. This population is less than ambulatory for the most part. Any suggestion on helping to keep things moving when peristolsis is compromised through muscle tone?
I have read a few things about Tumeric as a natural anti-inflammatory. Would patients with Chrohn's or Colitis benefit from a tumeric supplement? I am not a huge fan of the taste of tumeric so cooking with it is not really an option.

Areas of interests include IBD, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, celiac disease, diarrhea and wo

Operating as usual


event to benefit children with cancer treated

Kudos to the Young Professional Board for putting together this event for such an important cause !


📣 A call to action to develop comprehensive & fair policies in the field of

🔗Healio 👉🏼bit.ly/3zfA2QE

⚠️🇺🇸 is only 1 out of 6 countries w/o a national Policy

From🇲🇽to🇨🇦to🇪🇺 many countries offer 12-40 weeks of

💎American Academy of Pediatrics Recommends Minim. 12 wks of leave for new parents: This time is Associated w
⬇️Postpartum depression
⬆️Sustained breastfeeding
⬆️👶🏻 & mom ➕outcomes

⚠️However w the current state of non-existent transparent comprehensive robust policies in training systems, institutions & practices, the same systems that promote physical & mental health in the general population

👎🏽 Penalize (& their 👶🏻) for a normal life event: physically, emotionally, financially, professionally

👎🏻Perpetuate gender bias & inequity &👩‍⚕️attrition & burnout

💎Check current state of peri-partum life in & actionable items to create a for🤰🏽& parents & make the field of GI a truly inclusive & equitable field in medicine 🔗 bit.ly/3zfA2QE

🤝& share your experience & thoughts & what has worked in your place of practice !



💎convo w my colleagues & on in

💎Know your pt (Social determinant of health), it affects
✔️Access to GI care & therapies
✔️Access to continuity of care & monitoring
✔️Overall prognosis

(& pls don’t label someone as non compliant before asking if they can afford therapy, drive to the infusion center, have a lab in their neighborhood, can’t take time off to visit their MD b/o job insecurities & more !)

💎Talk & Listen to pts: how they experience their disease burden & what are their 🎯of care

💎Advocate for patients at the local level ➡️ policy level


Why ask about ***lUrgency in UC ?

🔺Affect >80% of pts
🔺Urgency & Fear of urgency-related accidents are top 2 concerns for pts
🔺47% of pts wear diapers/pads (& don’t always tell you, pls ask!)
🔺Urgency negatively impacts work/school, psychosocial & sexual health

💎HCPs: start the conversation in a safe space, patients are often too embarrassed to bring up these topics

💎Medical therapy, topical therapy, motility agents, fiber, therapy are all important to control urgency & F***l incontinence


Lebanese Edition 🇱🇧


Excited to join my colleagues at this top notch Allegheny Health Network Sympo organized by Dr Gursimran Kochhar and Dr Sandra ElHachem

💎 Agenda ⭐️Faculty

✔️Positioning Rx
✔️Combining TNFi+ small molecule
✔️Rx de-escalation
✔️Med +✂️ Rx of fistulizing Crohns
✔️Managmt of dysplasia
✔️Chronic pouchitis


⭐️ Fellow are offered !


📣Residents, , early career

📌Mark your 🗓Sat Oct 22 @ 12.20pm

Join us for lunch & let’s talk

🩺 Creating career opportunities

🏥Academia, Private practice, hybrid models

⚖️ Work-Life Integration

🤝 Sponsorship & Networking
& more

With who walked in your👟🥿👠

🆓Sign up at the ACG Registration Desk at the Charlotte Convention Center.


🔆 If you can dream it, you can do it

🔆 Opportunities don’t just happen, you create them

Grateful for this global Community the journey we share together & everything we learn from one another !



📣 Thrilled to be part of this special supplement of : All you need to know about disorders in

🤰🏻Hyperemesis, GERD
🤰🏿Endo, ✂️

🔖 bit.ly/ACG-Pregnancy-2022

TY Shivangi Kothari MD, Susie Kane , MD Vivek Kaul, MD, for leading this ⭐️ project ⭐️ & for including me!


🗽So excited to be joining my colleagues in NYC for an in-person patient education day !

⏰Patients with & Caregivers
Join us Oct 2, 2022

Bring your Q & let’s talk

✅New Meds
✅Persistent sympt despite remission
& more !

🔗 https://www.myibdlearningmidatlantic.org/


📣Very excited to Co-Chair with on Sept 30, 2022

🏆Registration is 🆓🆓🆓🆓

🔗: https://www.aibdregionals.com/rates

Don’t miss this program with 🌟faculty & agenda

✅New therapies in the toolbox (IL23/RISA, S1PR/OZA, JAKi/UPA)

✅Positioning therapies in UC/ in CD

✅Managing Complications of : , Fistulizing CD, w h/o malignancy, , of IBD

✅Case challenges: IBD in elderly, UGI Crohns, Switching to , Colitis

Photos from Dr Aline Charabaty's post 09/16/2022

🍁Fall in love w Fermented Foods w !

🔆Food is connecting w friends & family & sharing goodness with love - That is what my 🇱🇧 Teta Souad 👵🏻 taught me

💎Bonus: We got your covered w breakfast, snacks & 🍜

TY Foodies for including me in this section ! & for promoting with passion & science !



Time to vote for the Gastro Disruptive Innovators Awards 2022 !

💃🏻 is proud & excited to co-present the “Women of the Year”🏆

Some of our favorite , Mentors & Sponsors are on the lists !

🗳 bit.ly/Healio22


Can’t wait to join 🌟🌟 🌟🌟🌟 faculty tomorrow for a 🔥🔥🔥🔥 agenda !

Setting up my ⏰ early for a virtual ✈️ trip to 🇪🇬

TY for the invitation !

📉 I will be discussing therapy de-escalation: Why, When & How ?

🆓 Registration https://barcode-eg.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_PjR2MC1bT16AH_l6q5Eksg

Photos from Dr Aline Charabaty's post 09/10/2022

🩺Giving an Talk at ?

Low stress, High yield

🎢 Going on rollercoasters w the kids ?

High stress 😨😰😱 Green yield 🤢🤢🤢


🏖Back from vacation

🔋 Recharged & Ready to Roll !

🔦 In Endo today with these amazing

🔆 Never leave a day of vacation behind ! We all need to disconnect from time to time to come back and give our patients all our focus and the best care possible !


📣 Meet our 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Co-Chairs & Faculty

💎Let’s Talk

⚖️Work-Life integration

🛣Transitioning career stage & between careers

👩🏽‍⚕️Creating professional Success beyond your degree

💪🏽Advocacy, GI societies leadership, Contract Negotiation, Leadership skills, Financial health

🤝Consulting, Mentorship Sponsorship,

Register Now ! (link in bio)


Our Program for

Art of w Executive Coach Dawn Sears MD FACG

💎Make it a dance not a 🤺
💎Learn what the other side wants
💎Use the words that reflect your institution’s values
💎Tell an impactful story that prompts action

💃🏻Remember ladies: you are an ASSET in !

💎Bring 3 strong data points
🚫Overtalk & justify
💎Use your calm controlled voice
💎Be comfortable w silence
💎Make it easy for them to say yes
💎Make them look good w the change you are proposing

After 2hrs of coaching & sharing in a safe space w 🌟 🇺🇸🇨🇦🇧🇷🇵🇱🇵🇰🇮🇳

We felt💎Empowered💎Grateful💎Hopeful💎Connected💎Ready to take on challenges

💪🏽Find your voice💪🏽Change the culture💪🏽Celebrate your tribe

TY for supporting Program


📣 Calling all trainees & early career & faculty!

🌟 An incredible line up of for career addition

🌟 Join as she shares her expertise on Taking on Roles: Where to Start

🌟 Excited to join as an expert panelists & moderator

🗓 August 10 830p EST

🔗 Register bit.ly/3QcLxy5

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There’s not one day I don’t think about my Teta Souad , my amazing grandmother, & how much I miss her

🕯Today, I light a candle in memory of the day she crossed over from being my angel on earth to our guardian angel in the sky

❤️She raised 4 amazing daughters as a single mom, after her husband passed away at a young age, at a time when women had very little resources to rely on

❤️She was extremely resourceful & creative with the little she had & lived her life in wisdom, sacrifice & love. When I was a little girl she would say to me: “Get the highest education you can & pursue a solid profession, a woman has to be able to be financially independent, so whatever happens in life, she remains strong & stands proud.”

❤️She was love, unconditional love. Everyone of her words, her actions, the meals she prepared for us, the dresses she sowed for us (that green dress was my favorite 💚) was love in action. She raised 11 grand-kids & gave each one of us the love, attention & care we needed to thrive in life.

❤️The safest most beautiful memories of my childhood where in her small kitchen cooking delicious meals, on her balcony hanging clothes to dry & feeding a pigeon she had rescued, in her garden eating “kichik” breakfast she made, on her couch “reading my future” in the coffee grounds. My first waxing, my first coffee, my first heartbreak, my first award, … I shared it all w my Teta because I always felt loved. Unconditionally. Safely.

& I still share my doubts, my tears, my successes, my journey w her … everyday … & I know she guides me always ♾

Photos from Dr Aline Charabaty's post 07/31/2022

colleagues !

If you see women in your practice (of course you do!!) , you don’t want to miss this one of a kind Sympo !

🎯Women’s health in

🔥Course Directors & Faculty

🔥Agenda👇🏽Endoscopy, Obesity, , , Pelvic floor dysfunction & more



This is a no brainer!

🔗Register Now adventhealth.cloud-cme.com/WomensGI

Photos from Dr Aline Charabaty's post 07/30/2022

From peds to adult , from East to West, working w patients advocates to advance

Congrats to for this ☄️ Event

🚽 The Glam stage background message is clear: We got your butt covered 🙂


👠 Get ready for Summit!   
🔆 Leadership    
🔆 Empowerment   
🔆 Networking   
🔆 Mind & Body Pampering    
🔥 Registration opens soon🔥   
🔗 scrubsandheels.com    
Register early! Spots are limited!    
Extended stay at discounted rate available for early bird!   


💎 Education empowers patients to make the right decision for their care and to advocate for themselves

💎 Listening to patients’ experiences & understanding their goals of care & concerns empowers clinicians to formulate a comprehensive plan of care & push research in the right direction

💎 brings together patients, clinicians & industry to listen to, learn from, educate & amplify the voices of Black & Brown people living w

💎 So that access to high quality care in is available to ALL

🔆 We are

🔆& I’m absolutely honored and excited to be speaking at Atlanta !


🦋Always Aim High
🎯You might miss, but you can try again

🔘It is way better than aiming low & hitting it - & live stuck, settling for less than your heart & potential desire


Let’s be part of the future & embrace in our 🧰

✅New Tech Better World:
👏🏽Kudos to Medtronic Gastrointestinal for being intentionally Diverse & Inclusive in the development & implementation of this technology

So that AI

💎Optimizes the care of ALL the patients we serve
💎Is available to ALL gastroenterologists from the start ! (Including & URM in GI)

🎧 & Learn how You can get Involved & Make it work for Your practice or research interest !



🔆 Go after what makes your heart sing & grow
- whether it’s self-care, self-discovery, life events, adventures, relationships, professional opportunities, …

🔆New initiatives need
🔺Some Courage
🔺The Right mindset or the right tribe to support you (& that includes you 🙂)

🔺But then don’t overthink it

⛳️Just do it !

🧵You will learn as you go
🌟Solutions & support you didn’t expect will come in
⛅️Obstacles you didn’t anticipate might show up
🎢Your road to success will need some adjustments & take some detour
🏆But at the end of the day, you will reach your goal & sometimes achieve something even better than what you had planned

🎯So Plan
🎯But don’t Overthink it
🎯Just Do it 😉
🎯Make it happen
🌟Carve your own - inner and life - path to success & happiness


🔺Join us in Chicago for Regionals (in person !!) July 23

🎟 Use my discount code for 20%off 👉🏽 CHARABATY20

🎟 Medical Students, Residents & Fellows, DM me for COMPLIMENTARY PASS & attend like a VIP 😎!

🔥Faculty & agenda

✅IBD Management today & tomorrow
✅Approaches to complex IBD
✅Managment of IBD in special population
✅Everyday cases discussion

🔗Register 👉🏽 https://www.aibdregionals.com/rates


Gastro Broadcast on LinkedIn: Two out of five #GI fellows are women but account for less 18 percent 07/02/2022

Gastro Broadcast on LinkedIn: Two out of five #GI fellows are women but account for less 18 percent

🎙When get together …

🔆We talk about our 🎢 personal journey, 🤝sponsorship, 💪🏽advocacy & … simply wanting to change the world 💃🏻

🎙TY to our 🔥 host for creating this safe & fun space to share our & the Scrubs & Heels journey & aspirations !

🎧Why we chose
🎧Why is mentor/sponsorship important for women in science
🎧How can we address the gender gap in GI
🎧Lessons learned & advice for

🎧& share your 💭

🔗 Gastro Broadcast https://gastrobroadcast.com/2022/06/28/mathew-charabaty-afzali-037/

Gastro Broadcast on LinkedIn: Two out of five #GI fellows are women but account for less 18 percent Two out of five fellows are women but account for less 18 percent of practicing , and the number of women in positions...

Associate Professor of Medicine, Director of the IBD Center at Johns Hopkins Sibley Memorial Hospital

Advocate for IBD and GI patients. Promoting a community of GI physicians and clinicians who want to advance the treatment and care of IBD and GI patients. Director of the IBD Center at Georgetown University Hospital 2005-2018, and now at Johns Hopkins - Sibley Memorial Hospital. Follow me on https://twitter.com/DCharabaty

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#AIBD2021 🚧 There are so many barriers to quality & continuity of care our patients with #IBD face from adequate coverag...
#MondayMemories 🩺#MedSchool graduation - TY @tareksmayra for sharing this 🎥 w me ! 💭Thoughts that came to mind watching ...
#WomenInGI #WomenInMedicine🛎Join us and so many 🌟 amazing friends & colleagues for the 🔥 🔥event of 2022 🔥#ScrubsNHeels20...
#GITwitter Hear the story & vision behind #ScrubsNHeels with my co-founder @ibd_afzali🎯Empower #WomenInGI #WomenInIBD wi...
🔆 So excited to see this in #GastroEndoNews print as a regular new feature ! 🔆#Fatigue in #IBD@mondaynightibd convo w #D...
#TARIF Study: Thiamine for Fatigue in IBD





5255 Loughboro Road NW
Washington D.C., DC

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 5pm
Tuesday 9am - 5pm
Wednesday 9am - 5pm
Thursday 9am - 5pm
Friday 9am - 5pm

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