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LotusDragon Bodywork and Detox A Unique Wellness Business
Goal; making wellness affordable for all. Business Model; Paying it For This is the long awaited first step towards that.

My long term goal is to eventually operate a peace and wellness center. LotusDragon Bodywork is about finding ways to return you to balance through physical and manual therapy, Detox programs, Weight Loss or Smoking Cessation Support, and the availability of Frequency Specific Microcurrent sessions. Currently Sessions will be by appointment only.


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Meet The Elite Podcast - 9397 Tammie Heazlit-03 08 23-Message Therapist-James on Stitcher

Meet The Elite Podcast - 9397 Tammie Heazlit-03 08 23-Message Therapist-James on Stitcher


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Main Street Massage is moving its location.
I will be opening up my in duplex studio promptly, with the same historic focus i've always had. Affordable massage for regular folks. Anyone earning $20 or less an hour $55/hr, $75 for 90.
For those earning more than that but still in a tight budget and needing ongoing work, text me, talk to me, I'm sure we can include you too. If necessary, I am sure I can find a trade.
Be well, Be pain free.


For anyone who might be inclined to be my Client again- Starting July 25 I will be FULL TIME at Main Street Massage, down town Ann Arbor.
For those who have been long time clients, thinking about eventually taking clients in my apartment, should you wish to travel to A2.


Although I'm not setting up a permanent space, I will be returning to MI Temporarily in June & plan on taking home or group/ church appointments.
It will be Bring Your Own Sheet (BYOS)
& I WILL ONLY WORK ON THOSE WHO HAVE QUARANTINED & WEAR MASKS. Period. I cannot not will not risk myself or other clients for anyone's political agenda.

Still figuring a fair price, but thinking $55/75min. But I'll always have a sliding scale for those who need it.

I'm also going to be available for seated massage in most settings, given it can be done safely.

My phone number is the same. Please text for an appointment. I'd be happy to start setting them up.



Penny Bennett


Look what's NEW at LOTUSDRAGON, a FREE ADD ON through the end of April!
Light Therapy!


So what is cupping? Its a process that has been around since early Egyptian times, and there are heiroglyphs depicting cups.

When used properly with appropriate training, the cups can accomplish many things.

Cups release adhesions in the fascia, as deep as 4" into the tissue. The lifting process draws moisture up and rehydrates, Reoxygenates the tissue. They detoxify by pulling stagnant blood, lactic acid and random wastes and pollutants (that could potentially be involved in creating conditions for cancer).

They micro stretch, they create space, and the results actually last.

I'm going to share some deep tissue work performed on a client. This person has had significant cupping performed, and this session was intended to be deep work. Work this deep should NEVER,be performed without advanced training, and should NEVER be performed on someone unless they have had significant previous work.

The discoloration is coming from deep in the tissue and is the result of release of deep and ancient adhesions. It is similar to GuaSha and Astem work, only more effective. It looks horrid, but is considered lymphatic debris. The client knows to flush the system by drinking lots of water, and this waste will be eliminated through the body's normal processes. It will become light in color, eventually turning light brown, resemblung a bruise.

I have had clients report that it changes the smell of their waste, in their urine takes on a smell like stale blood.

I've discovered that once this work has been performed, repeat sessions do not result in the deep discoloration. I'm convinced we are actually pulling waste out of the tissue.

You will notice two important things in this video.
The cupping process must be lifted, not dragged across the body. It is the lifting that is important to this process.
Sometimes the cup pops off. This is because when you are workung with an adhesion, it can take several passes for complete release, and if you push too hard or move too fast, it will " pop you off". You then need to go back and slow down.

If you are familiar w anatomy, movement and trigger points, you will also notice that the locations of most adhesions are along lines of repetitive motions and TP. It is typical to find lines of deep adhesions aling the scapula spine, where most discover they have trigger points that flair up.

Since we are working with the body's bioelectric field, this process has the ability to refuse and eliminate Fibromyalgia over time. Although basic massage can also accomplish that, thus process accelerates it and gives lasting results.

Cupping can dramatically realign structure when the therapist understands the physics of physical stress, stress envelopes and structural integration.


This will be the next iteration of cupping at LotusDragon. I will be purchasing this device asap.


No more adds. Face Book ripped me off in the tune of hundreds. Got most of it back, but won't try that again.

So please, just share far and wide.

My phosophy is to make a difference in as many ways as possible in this world, large and small. If I could do this for free I would. But I too have bills, so I have to charge. I think I've reached a fair medium. Still, if there are special needs, contact me. We might be able to work out a trade. I don't give away for free, I think that steals energy. But I will barter.

I'm seeking new clients for myself, and for other LMTs. I am working with one, possibly 2 or 3 others, in hopes of helping them to build a private practice that rescues them from the soul sucking massage franchise world.

If my methods aren't your cup of tea, perhaps one of them can help you.

Let your needs, your money do good for you AND your therapist. Contact me and I will set you up with what and who you need, to help you reach a point in optimal physicality.


Do you have a membership to a Massage Franchise? Did you know the Therapist only receives 1/3 of what you pay, if that? Tip them well, they need it!

LOTUS DRAGON BODYWORK AND DETOX gives you significantly MORE for your hard earned $$. I have advanced training that includes Microbiology, Physics, Chemistry, PChem, Structural Integration, Movement, Mechanical Advantage AND I'm certified in Dynamic Cupping. I've been practicing for almost 2 decades with experience in broad range of injuries and ailments.

A session with LOTUSDRAGON includes an infrared Jade Conduction Heating pad (penetrates deep, detoxifying), an extra wide and comfortable table with fully adjustable headreast. I use an MC600 Cupping Macine, along with a large variety and styles of cups that lift your tissue, rehydrating, reoxygenating, and releasing adheasions in your fascia. My practice also includes the Use of the HOWERT FMS (Frequency Specific Microcurrent) with a broad range of programs to help releive your discomfort. All for the SAME PRICE for an hour massage at a Franchise, (which are actually 50 minute sessions). My sessions are $50/hr $65/90minutes $75/2hr session. You can add hot stones and/or aromatherapy for NO EXTRA CHARGE.!!!

I'm also trained in Pregnancy massage, and use an actual pregnancy bolster. Bolster for large busted women also available.

This is THERAPEUTIC BODYWORK (I CAN do fluff and buff if that is what you seek......) NO SENSUAL OR SEXUAL FUNNY BUSINESS. Requests for such things will get you blocked!

Call or Text me for an appointment. You won't regret making the switch!!!

Cozy waiting room

Cozy waiting room

Lending Library

Lending Library

Why yes, that is a Picasso in my waiting room.

Why yes, that is a Picasso in my waiting room.


wE ARE ALMOST THROUGH JANUARy. How many of you have already fallen off of your new years commitment to detoxing, losing weight, letting go of an adiction???
:Not ready to admit failure?

Consider Lotus Dragon BodyWork and Detox.
Weight loss Wrap
Detox Wrap
Addiction Wrap.

Full Body Cupping with the V600 CUPPING MACHINGE
Application of a specially balanced aromatherapy formula applied over your body. Wrapped in a full body cocoon Attached to the HRT FSM program for applicable purpose.

All Wraps followed by a 40 minute Detox foot bath session, NO EXTRA CHARGE !!!

Make 2018 the year YOU reach your GOALS



Well folks, my lease is being broken, appears the building owner needs the space and I have to be gone by end of December. LOOKING for an inexpensive but nice space, locking space, where I can keep my equipment and work in. Doesn't need to be big. Just clean and safe. Someplace you would like to go for an appointment. Any suggestions or connections greatly appreciated.


Another satisfying and very interesting cupping session today. This time, a client who had been stung by a massive number of bees as a child presented w little lumps and decades long discomfort behind her ear where she had been stung. Working to clear her lymph first, I focused on drawing the "toxin" out from deep in the tissue. Initially she felt as if she was being stung again, but then the lumps softened and almost disappeared entirely, spread out a bit more and no longer painful. Since we started working on this at end of session we ran out of time. So I sent her home w a couple of micro cups so she could work on it herself to completely banish it from her body.

The more I work w cups, the more impressed I am w them as a body and health enhancement.

like i said. karma

like i said. karma

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For those of you interested in the Mind Body Green expo at the Highschool this evening, I will be there with my V600 cupping MACHINE and a set of my silicone cups to demo for people. A First Time new customer discount of $10 off will be offered for those who set up an appointment in the month of April. I certified in Ace Massage Cupping and have 17 years experience, having graduated from the Utah College of Massage Therapy, currently licensed and insured in Mi. If you are someone looking for more than a fluff and buff, I can help w a wide variety of issues. I believe therapeutic bodywork should be a viable option and be affordable for all, do my primary sessions are $65/2hrs. It typically takes that long to do a more thorough job of addressing issues effectively. It would be nice to meet some new folks so if you can, come on by. Thanks.




Its been a while since I've posted anything, but this is a great time to catch up. FSM treatments NOW AVAILABLE at an affordable rate. (special pricing for those in financial stress)

What is FMS? Frequency Specific Microcurrent. This is an emerging medical technology with far reaching potential. I've personally used it to recover from a serious head trauma and post concussive syndrome, to loose 30 # of stubborn post menopausal weight, to regain youthful energy and to overcome some long term symptoms of PTSD. I have also used it to align my spine and soften muscle hypertonicity and rotator cuff/pectoral tears.

There is information on the NIH website, Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic,and CranioSacral Institute of Michigan Websites. Rather than feed you personally chosen links, i encourage you do do some research.

Book a massage and receive your first treatment absolutely free!


FRIDAY appointments are available. Call or message me to set up an appointment!

While it is true that Massage and Bodywork will not always be the complete answer to chronic pain, it can be an extremel...

While it is true that Massage and Bodywork will not always be the complete answer to chronic pain, it can be an extremely effective tool to reduce the use of pain meds like Fentanyl. Using a prescription pain med is NOT a crime. But I watched how quickly my fathers resistance built up, requiring higher and higher doses, with more serious side effects in tow.

Massage is not the ONLY answer, but it can help prevent some of these associated side effects.


We need a better approach to this powerful pain reliever than just more drug war.


I'm already expanding my schedule to accommodate clientele. This is quite exciting!

Keep in mind, I do more than just Massage. Please take a look at my list of services and my pricing. I have tried to make my services as affordable as possible.

If you are in Chronic pain, or even just experiencing discomfort from too much lawn work, please see your LMT or ME so that it doesn't progress.


May everyone reading this find some level of healing in their lives today. Namaste and Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo.


I am working towards purchasing a Howe RT FSM unit, or Frequency Specific Microcurrent Device. I learned of this amazing therapy when in the throes of my concussion, when Vanessa Howe allowed me treatment free of charge at the request of a friend, Laura Fluke, who worked at the CranioSacral Institute of Michigan (I work there now too! Double bonus).. ITs the ONLY thing that worked on improving my condition, and it did work! Amazingly! I've also used the units for other issues with amazing results. Professional Sports athletic teams are using these for various injuries.

Here are some FAQ's regarding these units.

Frequently Asked QuestionsFSM FAQs – This FAQ document replaces any previous versions.OverviewWhat is microcurrent?Microcurrent historyFDA approved?Effects of microcurrentFrequencies and the Development of FSMWhat are frequencies? And how are they used in FSM?What can these machines treat?Is FSM sci...


At LOTUSDRAGON, i do not discriminate. All LGBTQ and individuals of any spiritual/religious practice (other than perhaps satanism) are welcome and encouraged to make appointments.


Today's schedule is packed as full as I could make it.
If you want an appointment for next week, contact me now!


The More appointments I book, the greater my availability will become. Let me help you, while you help me have greater availability!


Yard Sign and Door Sign arrived today! New Business Cards Too!
So Exciting!




Waterford Township, MI


(248) 935-2712



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