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Does anyone have a contact name or agency that will work with an employer seeking to hire young adults with Asperger's?
Somewhat confused and disappointed; Karl never received a preliminary intake call mid-Sept - something we were told to expect during an initial conversation with an Autism Ask representative early in August.
Paul A Bensur Jr PhD
Dr. Bensur is a supportive advocate for individuals with Autism and has been successful in helping individuals and families with Autism. He authored a book “Autistic Spectrum Disorders A New Outlook” and it is available through Amazon in both the print and Kindle format. The book is based on first hand experiences in Dr. Bensur’s practice. It is a wealth of information for families, teachers, caregivers and individuals with Autism.
My Son had an appointment today to determine whether he is autistic. At the end of the examination, we were told that we would have to make a second appointment to get the results, however, I told the receptionist that we would not be able to make the 1 1/2 hour trip for a five minute appointment( I know this because my older son was also diagnosed through them,but we were able to get the results the same day,and it was literally five minutes) but to just send the results to his primary doctor. She told me they could not do that. Is this true?
The Waiting Song was inspired by my son Joshua who is Autistic and came up with the song during therapy while he was learning to wait. I created the book to capture the song forever!

Autism Awareness is key for children and adults to understand individuals on the spectrum and with understanding and awareness comes respect, empathy and acceptance.
Enrollment is still open for the Parent Involvement Project, which provides families with different levels of (free) support! We are recruiting families of children under eight years old with ASD who have limited language skills. Please contact our lab manager Nikki at (517)432-8031 to learn more, or check out our page at MSU Autism Lab
Free ASD screening training at WSU on May 19 and June 9, 2017. Continuing education credits available.
Michigan Lt. Governor Brian Calley Listening Tour-
Please join the Lt. Governor at the Oakland County meeting:
DATE: July 20, 2015
TIME: 6:00 - 8:00 pm
Location: Troy Community Center 3179 Livernois, Room 303 (Banquet Entrance) Troy, MI 48083
New book for parents to use in teaching social skills. Please visit our page to learn more. Thank you. Community based social opportunities for ASD community.

Operating as usual


Autism ASK gaming night at Jester's Gallery in Waterford is BACK! 17 enthusiastic gamers can't wait til October!
Snacks are back!
PICKLES ARE BACK! Eric shared his famous pickle recipe with Urban Vine with dill-iscious outcome! His pickle recipe is now in production and in stores!
Urban Vine pickles ( and tea, pizza dough) can be found locally! Visit Niemans Market, Clarkston Family Farm in Clarkston. Also visit


Gaming Night at Jester's Gallery! (16+) Autism ASK and Jester’s Gallery are teaming up! Jester’s Gallery is opening up their SPACIOUS gaming facility after hours exclusively to Autism ASK featuring: full 2 hours open game play, snacks and drinks, access to games, gathering of gaming enthusiasts, gift shop, safe, inclusive and welcoming environment supported by Beth of Autism ASK
Magic the Gathering•Super Smash on Switch (please bring your controller)•YuGiOh•Pokemon DS•Tabletop gaming•Dungeons and Dragons•traditional board and card games•Minecraft (your device and account)•Have another game you want you want to create a group for? Just ASK!
Sunday September 25th 6:15 to 8:15 p.m. $20 covers open play, game access, snacks (gift shop extra) Jester’s Gallery Collectible Card Gaming 1400 Scott Lake Road Waterford, MI 48328 Current ASK members :preregister Wednesday prior to Beth Kimmel 248-760-4267
Not currently a member but interested in joining: Call Beth Kimmel 248-760-4267 to set up an intake.


TRLA-Autism Community is highlighting Michigan autistic owned businesses. Nominate yourself or a business you know of to be showcased in our media outreach. We will also include you in the theater program for Jason Robbins debut production of "Let's Play Dragonhatchers!". We will provide a ticket to a performance as well as making sure marketing material provided by you is at every Performance.
Many will be worthy, but the top 5 who submit by August 10th will be promoted.
To nominate, provide:
Name of owner
Name of business
25 word description of business
Facebook, LinkedIn and website info
to [email protected]
Please forward to your network!

TRLA-AC is all about celebrating leaders! This August and September, we want to elevate 5 AUTISTIC OWNED BUSINESSES in Michigan. You can nominate yourself or someone you know! Many will be worthy, but the 5 we choose will be lifted up in our social media as well as part of an ad in the Jason Robbins original "Let's Play Dragon Hatchers" theater program. You will also be given one ticket to enjoy the play, as well as have the opportunity to talk to attendees before, after and at one of the 2 intermissions! Your promotional material will be available to all audiences for the run of the play.
Our interest in identifying autistic-owned businesses is ongoing! Those submitting by August 10th will be considered for the marketing promotion.
Shoot [email protected] an email with:
Name of Company
Name of owner
Up to 25 word description of business
Website, linked in and or page details.

Sharon Alair Shulte Bergman Obituary - Visitation & Funeral Information 05/22/2022

Sharon Alair Shulte Bergman Obituary - Visitation & Funeral Information

It is with sadness that we share of the passing of Sharon Bergman (Brain Attain while at Autism ASK) . She was a passionate and compassionate guide to all who met her. Peace to her family.

Sharon Alair Shulte Bergman Obituary - Visitation & Funeral Information View Sharon Alair Shulte Bergman's obituary, contribute to their memorial, see their funeral service details, and more.


: We want to hear from you! Tony Richards Leadership Academy is designed by, with and for the autism community. We are celebrating National Leadership Day, Neurodiversity Week and April Autism Acceptance Month by gathering your wise words. Scroll down or view video to find your prompts and how to share!

Photos from NeuroClastic's post 02/14/2022

Oh, NeuroClastic, you crack me up!

Tony Richards Leadership Academy 01/26/2022

Tony Richards Leadership Academy

Please consider a shout out or private message to someone you know in the autism community who is looking for their next best step!
At The Tony Richards Leadership Academy, everything we offer is put together by, with and for the autism community. about us without us!
Launch You! is designed for individuals living with autism/autistic adults to help them discover who they aspire to be, on their own terms, and guide them on how to take action to get there. You exit a 6 session course with a very specific goal you choose and action steps specific to you of how to reach that goal.
Beyond those 6 weeks are a full year of opportunities to keep connected: discussion groups AND pure social connecting!
TRLA is all about creating and connecting leaders! The membership includes the initial 6-week course and all the monthly social and discussion groups for $350. Membership also allows access to enroll in further courses. Our current list of courses and descriptions can be found here Courses - Tony Richards Leadership Academy ( 100% of our courses are content from the autism community, with the majority of courses taught by autistic leaders.
The next Launch You! Life Leadership highly interactive 3-week, six session virtual program runs from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM Mondays and Wednesdays February 7,9,14,16,21,23.
Tony Richards Leadership Academy

Tony Richards Leadership Academy Leadership skills for anyone - designed for people living with autism/autistic individuals.


I have had the pleasure of working with Katie during our first Launch You! Take a look and listen and you will see why I am so enthusiastic of this opportunity! We are accepting applications for the February and March cohorts.


ANNOUNCING THE TRLA Life Leadership Bootcamp for January 2022! This is a program that has been developed BY, WITH and FOR those persons living with autism/autistic individuals who want to take that next step in their life journey! Please spread the word and, if anyone is interested, please visit our website at

The autistic bliss of Zoom 03/24/2021

The autistic bliss of Zoom

What do you think of this???

The autistic bliss of Zoom Neurodivergent employees are thriving in quarantine. Will businesses continue to support the practices that have made this possible? 07/09/2020

Just because we have to social distance doesn't mean we have to feel lonely!

We just started session 2 of Zoom groups for 13+ and 18+ :

Golf With Friends
Jackbox! (several!)
Dungeons and Dragons
Da Guys
History (current emphasis on history of racial divides)
In development are a Disney based zoom group tabletop gaming and more general board games.
We would LOVE to get you connected and belonging!
Text 248-760-4267 to get started!

(Please tag anyone who might not have social connections.)

My Site 05/28/2020

My Site

Well, THAT was an awesome re-boot for our teen Minecraft club via Zoom!
Jackbox, D&D and more opportunities on the way! for details AND intake special!

My Site SPECIAL!! Schedule and complete the virtual intake (required for all classes)  by June 15, 2020 at the usual price of $50 and have $15 applied to your first class


Last night's teen party had many layers of awesome!
+very unique costumes created by sharp minds
+casual goofiness that comes about when you have ongoing opportunities to connect
+ teen to teen offers of support in a rough moment
+exchange of contact info to plan fun outside of Autism ASK events
+bursts of laughter for 3 hours straight!!
+frequent asks of "When's the next party?!?"
( that would be November 2nd :)


Autism ASK Summer Short Blast fun..... Mario-style!




Top of the world with Summer Short Blast groups this week! Oakland County 4H Fair is a great way to kick off our summer!

Fake It: How We are Failing Autistic Job Seekers and What You Can Do About It 06/04/2019

Fake It: How We are Failing Autistic Job Seekers and What You Can Do About It

This needs to be underscored and shared with those contracted to find employment for ASD population. "Masking" takes a huge emotional toll!

Fake It: How We are Failing Autistic Job Seekers and What You Can Do About It   If you are familiar with the topic of autism and the workplace, you’ve likely noted that extensive time and energy is dedicated to the way in which an autistic job seeker can change th…


FIRE IN THE HOLE!! Autism ASK military history club watching the ammo demonstration at the History Alive! event in Chesterfield.


Hope to see you there! Please share....

Timeline photos 02/13/2019

Sharing of this event appreciated! (SOCIAL WORK FRIENDS: This FREE webinar is approved for 1 c.e.)

Tuesday February 19th 2019 1:30-2:30pm
FREE Hour to Empower Event


Social connecting opportunities, including summer options, now open for registration! Check out the new exciting lineup at Autism ASK!!


Autism ASK Military History Club at the Enigma Code lecture at Rochester Hills Library appreciating the genious of Alan Turing. We liked this quote. What do you think?

My Site 03/16/2018

My Site

Check out the new classes for Spring and Summer! If you are a returner, you know to sign up to save a spot! If you are new, check out the Spring Special for intakes!

My Site The mission of Autism ASK is to provide Advocacy, Support and Knowledge to the autism spectrum community


Our weekly history club had the privilege of meeting with Tuscagee Airmen! Their words on persevering, working hard and overcoming obstacles were a welcome message.


Hard to capture the full enthusiasm of this 7 man D and D campaign at tonight's Autism ASK Jester's Gallery monthly hangout!! Always room for more!!

New Addition to MI-DDI Possibilities Video Series - Developmental Disabilities Institute - Wayne State University 10/31/2017

New Addition to MI-DDI Possibilities Video Series - Developmental Disabilities Institute - Wayne State University

Sharing a GREAT resource with GREAT excitement!

New Addition to MI-DDI Possibilities Video Series - Developmental Disabilities Institute - Wayne State University The Michigan Developmental Disabilities Institute (MI-DDI) at Wayne State University is excited to share the latest addition to its award winning Possibilities video series. Possibilities focuses on the lives and accomplishments of individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities.  Each…


Nathan's Story

Timeline photos 10/22/2017

18+ party tonight with an extra treat!
"M" is very talented with all manner of cooking knowhow. Look at those carving skills!

Timeline photos 10/16/2017

It's ALWAYS a good night when friends play Munchkin Apocalypse! Thanks Jester's Gallery for hosting ! See you again next month!

My Site 09/19/2017

My Site

FALL CLASSES open for enrollment! New this fall: more upper elementary options like Weekend Kickstarter, Minecraft and..... Magic the Gathering tutorials and battles, exclusive to the 11 to 16 crowd (THANKS FOR COMIC CITY FOR HOSTING US!!!!) Your old favorites of teen and 18+ parties, history club, flea market group and .... well, just head to to see all the fun in store!

My Site


We currently have connections with 70 active individuals or families for those into fleamarkets, history, military history, tabletop gaming, D and D, MTG, Yugioh!, Supersmash, minecraft, community activities and just hanging out.

We are looking for others into WWE, art (doing art with other makers), anime, make-up, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lego stop action making, gatheirng with fellow homeschoolers.

What are YOU into that you would like to see a group for? Feel free to reply here or email me directly at [email protected] or text with your name to 248-760-4267.

My Site 06/23/2017

My Site

Social group for those interested in community action-based fun. (bowling, laser tag, boating, go-karting, more!) Goals include community integration, action-based leisure, increased social opportunity. Pre-requisite includes intake, previous successful group participation, safety in community with 6 to 1 ratio. We meet five straight weeks Starting the week of July 10th for three hours each week. $215 covers all entries and fees (and slurpees!!) Based in Waterford.
Five different groups for tweens, teens and THREE distinct groups for those 18 +. Most have only 1 opening left...
Exact dates, times and other social opportunities can be found at You can also text Beth at 248-760-4267 for further info.

My Site

PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS for Stabilizing Students with... (Books by Judy) 05/23/2017

PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS for Stabilizing Students with... (Books by Judy)

Judy Endow is a must read. She is an accomplished author and advocate. She has a way of explaining autism from the inside out!

PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS for Stabilizing Students with... (Books by Judy) BUY NOW Praise for Practical Solutions “Judy Endow has done it again. Her unique insight into classic autism, coupled with her clear ability to...

Timeline photos 05/06/2017

Too much fun tonight playing "Exploding Kittens" at the monthly Autism ASK teen party!
(NOTE: no actual felines were used in our fun and games)

Timeline photos 04/14/2017

Fun times at our Weekend Kickstarter! We created our own rules on each hole. Here is E golfing backwards... and getting a hole in one!

Timeline photos 04/08/2017

Indeed, Ian seems to have a lesson for us.

Just a few short weeks ago, this plant appeared to be dead and was considered worthless and unusable by everyone except this guy. Where probably most everyone else would have just thrown it out, he used his tender loving care and nursed this little plant back to life. He is not a man of many words but he used his magic touch and completely amazed us today. I am not sure, but it seems there is a message in here from Ian for us all. Thank you Ian, for teaching us through your actions❤️. We are proud to know you!

Timeline photos 04/05/2017

Life is about connecting!!

“Communication is about connection.” (via Think Inclusive)

Lego The Suprise Call 04/02/2017

Lego The Suprise Call

One of our very talented and creative members shared this with me on 4/1 :)

Lego The Suprise Call



Waterford Township, MI

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