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Our February Meet UP - United Professionals Network had a great meeting last night at Heroe's Bar-BQ & Brew! We had fun with networking 🤝 and working in some social media 📱. Thank you to Tim at Heroe's Bar-BQ & Brew for being an amazing host! 😊

Also, a big thank you to our program sponsors: ⭐️⭐️⭐️
ATD Solutions, Harmony Healing, LLC, Lazer Lines Parking Lot Maintenance, LLC, Farm Bureau Insurance -The Milner Agency, Michigan United Credit Union, Recovered Chiropractic, Safety Technology International, Studio 8 Fitness, Somers Foot & Ankle, Mike Morgan with Remerica, and Vibe Credit Union 🥰
WYA’s Annual Shoe Drive has finally come to and end! WYA was able to collect a total of 3, 725 pairs of gently worn, used and new shoes. We collected 1,225 pairs more than our goal of 2,500 pairs! BIG THANK YOU goes to our 12 collection sites, sponsors, and to the Waterford Community!

Crave Nutrition, Goldner Walsh Garden & Home, Great Lakes Family Resturant, Hallmann Advisors, CPA's, P.C. , Michigan United Credit Union, Farm Bureau Insurance -The Milner Agency, Oakland Christian School, Recovered Chiropractic, Studio 8 Fitness, Waterford Central UMC, Waterford Parks And Recreation, Waterford Senior Center, Waterford township, Russ's Liquor Store, Christ Lutheran-Waterford, Waterford Twp Police Officers Association, Waterford Regional Fire Department
New to spin? Want to just learn the basics and try it without any expectations? This FREE class is for you!
Message me if you have any questions. Sign up early - space is limited!
Happy New Year from Marvin 1 and Marvin 2 ❤️

See you in 2022
Final Bootcamp of 2021! Thanks for sending us out on a Christmasy note, Kris Miller. And a special thanks to Marvin for keeping me motivated.

Wonderful Winter workout, Miss Lisa R. Crawford.

Marvin is helping Santa get ready for Christmas 🎅
TGIF -another Friday morning Bootcamp done. Enjoy your weekend, Lisa R. Crawford
Marvin agrees TRX was tough this morning
Almost did not wake up. Thank goodness for Marvin on a Monday morning 🏋️‍♀️
Some cardio to kick the day in gear and get ready for thirsty Thursday, right Kris Miller
Wow, Bootcamp today knocked me out. Laid down at 7:30 for a minute with Zoey and woke up at 10:27am. Kris Miller, thank you…
Bootcamp has pushed my limits. I now feel a lot like Gumby. Thanks, Kris Miller, though somehow I got some cardio in this workout too. Marvin is helping me recover ☀️

Studio 8 Fitness is a modern group fitness studio specializing in unique, fun group fitness classes Studio 8 Fitness is a modern group fitness studio specializing in unique, fun group fitness classes for all ages and fitness levels.

Operating as usual


🌸🌷🌻For all our amazing moms out there – THANK YOU for all that you do. We wouldn’t be here without you ❤️


"If you’re bored with life – you don’t get up every morning with a burning desire to do things – you don’t have enough goals." – Lou Holtz

🎯What are YOU working towards right now? Share one of the goals you’re working on below…


Meet Market Manager Brad Wethy


Meet Market Manager Brad Wethy

Yoga and Tai Chi at the Oakland County Farmers Market starts tomorrow! Join Donna for yoga at 9:30 and Carrie at 10:30 for these outdoor classes!



🤔 I should focus on cardio if I want to lose weight.


If weight (or fat) loss is one of your goals, exercise can definitely help – but nutrition plays the biggest role in your results.

Your body burns stored fat when you create a calorie deficit, eating fewer calories than you take in.

That being said, exercise is very important for your overall health, plus it will help you burn more calories every day.

It also can help you keep muscle as you lose weight … and maintain your results once you hit your goal.

The most effective plans for body composition change take YOU into account, from your overall health and wellness and your likes and dislikes, to your mindset and lifestyle.

What’s your favorite kind of workout? ⬇️⬇️⬇️



It’s GAME ON time! 💪

🤩It’s really important to us to try new things regularly –which is why we regularly take new certification classes/formats that challenge our personal fitness as well as our minds & muscles.

We do this for a few reasons – including our own self-care – but it also helps us to be better coaches, too.

Because when we do something new, it helps us identify even more with our clients, who often are stepping out of their comfort zone and trying something new.

👉🏼Here are a few of my takeaways from our recent training regarding heart rate training so far:
-We don’t always have to go as hard as you can to get a good workout
-Training to heart rate trains more than just your heart
-We are all students…. always.

What are YOU working on now? Let me know in the comments! ​​⬇️⬇️⬇️


Thank you to everyone who came out to our Perking Up this morning with the Waterford Chamber of Commerce! I am so grateful to live and have a business in this community! Your support, sense of community and fellowship is amazing! Great seeing so many smiling faces this morning!
~Lisa, Co-owner Studio 8 Fitness


🔥What’s the #1 enemy of your goals?🔥

I’m talking about the absolute biggest roadblock standing in your way.

There are so many to choose from:
Not having enough time
Lack of support
Not knowing what to do
Your genetics
The list goes on and on!

😲But what if I told you that none of those things are actually your enemy? (Seriously!)

That’s because… drumroll… the #1 thing standing in between you and your goals is:


We get in our own way in so many ways. Here are just a few:

You haven’t made reaching your goals a true priority. This means you let your healthy habits slide when you’re stressed/tired/something more fun comes along.
You have imposter syndrome. You don’t think you are worthy of your goals, which makes it easier to quit.
You haven’t set yourself up for success. It’s super easy to get discouraged and quit when you don’t have a plan, support, accountability, etc.
You think you don’t have the willpower. EVERYONE (and I mean EVERYONE) struggles from time to time. But when you know WHY your goal matters to you, it’s easier to overcome those struggles.
You let one “slip” derail you. No one is perfect 24/7. The people who reach their goals get up after a slip-up, dust themselves off, figure out what went wrong, and get back at it!

Those are just a few off the top of my head. There are dozens more.

💡BUT… knowing yourself and being aware of the ways that YOU tend to get in your own way, will help you to become even STRONGER.

What would happen if the next time you sabotaged yourself, you took some real time to think about the reasons why – without beating yourself up for it?

“Know that you are your greatest enemy, but also your greatest friend.” – Jeremy Taylor.

Your mindset makes all the difference!

Taking some real time to explore it – whether you do it by journaling, working with a coach, or talking with a trusted mentor or friend – can help you reconnect with the reasons your goals matter to you.

Because when your mindset is right, you can overcome just about any obstacle that is standing in your way!

Do you agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments! ⬇️⬇️⬇️


😋 This doesn’t get ANY easier…

It’s got just 3 ingredients… but you can add a bonus topping: cheese!

It’s a perfect option for those “emergency” nights when you don’t have the energy or time to make dinner from scratch.

It also makes for a GREAT meal prep recipe.

👉🏼TIP: You can use veggie burgers, ground turkey, chicken, or beef in this recipe.

Sloppy Joe Stuffed Potatoes
(serves 4)

4 sweet potatoes
1 lb (450 g) lean ground meat
1 12 oz (680 g) jar of your favorite good-quality marinara sauce
Optional: grated cheddar or goat’s cheese

Wash, dry, and pierce the potatoes with a fork several times. Place in the microwave to cook (time will vary depending on your oven, 15-20 minutes).

While it cooks, heat a skillet over medium heat and spray with nonstick coating. Place the ground meat in the skillet and cook, stirring occasionally to break it up into bite-sized chunks. Cook until brown, 5-7 minutes. Drain off excess fat and add the marinara sauce.

When the potatoes are ready, place on plates and slice along the top, opening up to fluff the potato. Top with the marinara mixture, and sprinkle with optional cheese. Delish!


Did you know that we have a 6am fit club? Join us in the morning! Download the app from the App Store to register!


Come out this Friday and Dance with Donna! This fun “date night” is always full of fun and laughs! PM is with questions! See you Friday!

Photos from Studio 8 Fitness's post 04/15/2022

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Are you on our mailing list? if not, click here and add yourself! Here's what you missed today.......

Just a few updates for you!
We are open this weekend, even on Easter! Be sure to stop in and see us and get a workout in before you have those holiday dinners!
Our 6 week total body transformation challenge is 10 days away! We are extending the early bird pricing until Monday 4/18/22 11:59pm!
Our last challenge, which was only 28 days, resulted in participants losing 12-15lbs, learning how to eat healthy food that tastes good, and even lowering blood sugar levels significantly!
This new challenge will provide you with all of the recipes you will need for the next 6 weeks, done for you menu's and grocery lists, daily email support, a private Facebook group just for 6 week challengers, a success manual, A dining out guide as well as a swap guide for foods you may or may not like.
This "done for you" transformation challenge is a great way to jump start your body just in time for summer. Bathing suit season is right around the corner!
We only have spots for 10 people in this challenge and 6 spots are filled! Jump on this opportunity before it goes up to full price on Tuesday!
Contact Lisa - 248-789-0616 or email [email protected]
Did you know that we offer Ballroom Dancing Lessons? Donna teaches an amazing session on Fridays from 7p-8p. Each week you will learn something different. It is a relaxed, casual class that is sure to be a ton of fun! You are also welcome to bring drinks/snacks with you if you'd like! It's $30/couple. To get on the list to be notified of upcoming sessions you can text Donna and she will add you to the list! You can reach her at 248-321-6324.
Donna also has openings for private ballroom sessions. Whether its for your first dance at your wedding, a Daddy/Daughter or Mother/Son Dance, or maybe you want to learn a few common dances to impress your friends at the next event you are going to. She customizes dances as well as covers the basics! Give her a call to schedule a time to discuss your dancing needs! 248-321-6324
We wish you all a wonderful holiday weekend and hope to see you in the studio soon!
Donna, Lisa and the Entire Studio 8 Crew!


We had such a HUGE success with our 28 day Challenge, we decided to add on a 6 week challenge for you!

Our participants on the 28 day total body transformation saw decreased inflammation, lost several inches over their whole body, lost an average of 12lbs, feel better, more focused and feel so much more energy!

Our next Challenge starts on 4/25! You don't want to miss this one!


Register on the Studio 8 Fitness App!!


⛽️⚡️How FULL is your “personal energy” gas tank!? ⬇️⬇️⬇️


Starts tomorrow! Wake up and workout with us!! Book on the studio 8 fitness app!


We had a such a great time dancing at the Be The Voice Zumbathon.

Photos from Studio 8 Fitness's post 04/01/2022

Here it is!! Our April Schedule!

Also! Take a look.... Bootcamp is getting a makeover!
Join us Monday and check out the new format!

POUND IS BACK!!! Every other Thursday at 5:30p. 1st/3rd week is barre 2nd/4th is Pound!

You asked, we listened! You wanted another Stretch & Recovery class and now you will find an evening option on Thursday's at 7:15pm!

Hope you like the new additions!


We are challenging you to "Indoor Cycle" or "Spin" 300 miles in the month of April!
This is open to the entire studio which means you spin FREE in April!
Here's how to do it:
~If you don't have a spin package, go into the app and purchase the "Spin Free in April" package. This will allow you to book into spin classes
(You must have an active package at the studio (monthly, 3mo,or 6mo) to qualify for the free spin pack and you can only book into class 24hrs in advance)

~Come to class and record your miles after every ride on the tracking board that will be on the wall.

Don't want to take a spin class but want to ride to hit 300 miles? No Problem!
There will be 3 bikes over by our lovely tree in the corner of the studio, you may come in during normal studio hours and hop on the bike and ride and record your miles.
(not available during spin classes, yoga classes or Tai Chi Classes. please be mindful of the class in session while you ride)

Hit 300 Miles and get your name on our new "Wall of Fame"

We will have a donation jar on the counter that we encourage donations for the Susan G. Koman Foundation.


Uh oh… know what happens when we have little meetings like this……amazing things coming to you in April! Stay tuned!
Here’s a hint……free + challenges + new classes = Why Studio 8 is the best!

Zumba - Ditch the Workout, Join the Party 03/18/2022

Zumba - Ditch the Workout, Join the Party

Join us at this awesome event for an amazing cause!

Zumba - Ditch the Workout, Join the Party Zumba combines Latin and International music with a fun and effective workout system. With classes and instructors worldwide, anyone can Join the Party!


One spot left in our challenge!! Don’t Miss this chance to transform your body with good whole foods and menus done for you! Contact Lisa 248-789-0616!


We are super excited to bring this class back to the studio! This hasn’t been on our schedule since our original location 2015-2017! We read the suggestions and thought it was time to bring it back! This class focuses on core work, strengthening the back, leaning and toning! Starts TODAY! Don’t miss it!

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Important announcement
Happy Thanksgiving!



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