Heart Healing Experiences

Heart Healing Experiences We exist to elev8 HumaniWe to vibr8 on the freQuency of Love, with Grace & Gratitude, Trust & Fun!


Aho. All Our Relations.

Discover the distinction between the flower of Life and the Lotus of life.The flower of life serves as the underlying ge...

Discover the distinction between the flower of Life and the Lotus of life.

The flower of life serves as the underlying geometry of the descending matrix.

The Lotus of life serves as the underlying geometry of the ascension matrix.

This has been an accelerating bifurcation which is coming into completion November 2023.



Stay aligned with your Higher Self.

The only way through is up!

The human genome is a 12 strand DNA structure.Every additional strand activated unlocks a dimension of being that you al...

The human genome is a 12 strand DNA structure.

Every additional strand activated unlocks a dimension of being that you already exist in, but now have access to.

Unlock all 12 here:

Our personal sovereignty awaits us through the release of fears by applying personal responsibility to our thoughts and emotions. Choose your authority now, knowing that you are a God, Sovereign, Free Being.


As we activate more and more of our Source Code, our needs and behaviors will evolve to match our new biology. Eventually, our bodies will source sustenance entirely from "within".

Self-sufficent, Sovereign, Free.

Free of the need to eat food even.

Opting out of synthetic and artificial prescriptions and engaging in the DNA activations that are now widely available will support this ascension process.


free will is over. You are now free to align with THE WILL.

Where there is THE WILL there is THE WAY.


As you heal, the need to control will dissipate as well. You'll ease up and allow Divine Will to bless you as has been decreed.


Your intention is your protection.

From Vilche -- the Divine Golden Child.

From Vilche -- the Divine Golden Child.

Words from the heart of an inner child....


Everything I give is a gift and everything I receive is a gift. Therefore, I owe nothing nor am I owed anything.

I declare us debt-free.




Friends are whomever We choose to celebr8 exaQtly as they are.



We can evolve together, share, care and dare to Love qnd learn what it truly is.


Food for Thoughts, contemplations and consideration...

Serenity of Silence Playshops & Private Sessions with Quisha:What is Serenity of Silence?This is a moment for Us to expe...

Serenity of Silence Playshops & Private Sessions with Quisha:

What is Serenity of Silence?
This is a moment for Us to experience freedom from exterior stimulations & day-to-day concerns! We will flow through experiences in non-verbal ways, to hear your truth & energy of Your heart Body Mind and Soul with fresh perspective. A series of guided & cocre8ted activities will assist You to attune with Your heart & the frequency of Love. Celebr8 as You unlock & activ8 Your creativity in home & work life, & open to the beauty of serenity & peace within Your Being, awaiting to be enhanced!

*Testimonials below* Gratitude for the generosity of those I have worked with for Your openness and trust.

Quisha is an ArtistiQ Natural Medicine MystiQ that follows her heart as a way of life. She has danced for peace around the world, guided workshops, playshops and shared the stage with phenomenal musicians. She has worked with energies in thousands of homes and organizations, transmuting what does not serve the highest good, to allow more light to shine through. She is deeply connected to nature, natural instincts and listening with Her heart to the hearts of others. She is excited and honoured to share herself with the vibrant energies that are aligned and awaiting Her tenderness and expertise. Pura Vida y Bendiciones a todos en existencia!

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Now Serving: Holistic Centers, Retreat Locations, Private Establishments, Individuals, Couples, Families, Groups, Organizations & Corporations.

In Jamba and Karuna, with gratitude for All the Abundant Blessings ever showering Us All.

Aho, All Our Relations.
Quisha & The Heart Followers


Poetry from the heart



Este es un video hecho para dar algunas impresiones de lo que trata nuestro proyecto "como si fuera el aire". Un proyecto de Casa Javorai en memoria de Jonás...


2021 is a year of revelations, we are told.



Keeping your centre while navigating fragile times~
You have been living in a great human experiment during a shift of a great age. To be awakened in these times, your I AM presence only needs to BE witness to it all without bias. To know all you see is reality, and all you see is also a lie. This is what it is like to navigate the space between worlds ... to be wide open to the entire experience and not lose oneself.

This time has fractured the collective consciousness. This is so you will come to see the only truth comes from within. Also, this fracturing is creating the foundation for a matrix of alternate realities. You have free will to choose one or many realities that makes your soul feel alive, lifted and blessed. You are already seeing the effects of this fracturing by the great divides among you. What do you want to see in your reality? And where are you putting your energy now?

The deep work you are doing is master level invitations, even though you still might be bashing yourself about with self-doubt and procrastination. But there is no doubt about this ... nothing that is out of balance with the new laws of nature will arrive upon the new Earth in all its realities. They will simply not arrive. So there is no reason to fear.

This is a stressful time for humanity. Trauma, sustained stress and sudden change from any source or situation can leave even the most balanced person fearful and quite vulnerable to misinformation.

Humanity, in mass, is in a state of primal reaction. Your primal selves want to survive. This reaction is hard wired into your biology. You can not erase this program. But you can override your primal instincts when you live from awakened consciousness, and act from your higher self and divine purpose.

In these transitional times, you could temporarily and sporadically lose your ability to hear your own inner truth. You might begin to reach for truth outside of yourselves. At this pivotal time, reaching outside oneself is risky.

When a source you trust is sharing something that is triggering or disturbing, it is easy to be drawn down that rabbit hole because you want to protect yourself. You are in a fragile time. The higher heart knows before your mind engages if you listen to your heart. When anything feels heavy and weighs your down, it is not truth for you.

Put your attention on a reality where your heart and soul feel lifted and not heavy or hopeless. As Jeshua says ... Keep your lamps lit (Your inner light). Stay ready with your heart and your light.
If you are triggered or disturbed with anything, no matter what side it is on, or if it is true or not, you are adding to toxic energy into the collective consciousness. The more people overreact to a certain topic or issue, the more it will be empowered, and the more toxic the energy it will create. The longer this goes on, the longer this transition/ascension will take. We do not want you to suffer when you are so close to success.

If you do search outside for confirmation, there are ways to avoid the pit falls of not fully trusting yourself. First, do not judge yourself for doing so. Reaching outside yourself at this time can only be maintained, temporarily at best, if your focus is to becoming awakened. Secondly, Ascended Masters of Light, Great Brother/Sisterhoods of Earth, Archangels, and other awakened beings would never share fear infused “us vs them” based messages; nor do they sugar coat reality as well. They know that if you are put into fear, denial or made to feel heavy, you are vulnerable to a multitude of influences. They understand that they are wholly responsible for any fall out (karma) that they created with this kind of misinformation.

Masters, ascended or living, will teach us by example ... how to acknowledge the situation but starve the things that are out of balance by withdrawing their powerful energy, and empowering any solutions that are available. This truth would apply to all those who have now positioned themselves as teachers of a new Earth, healers, light workers etc..., because you are this powerful energy too.

Choose and empower to see the best in humanity as all beings in a physical body have light like you. Do not empower the few dark ones that want you to believe that they are more powerful than you and out number you. Both are absolute lies. Fear of being controlled, influenced or manipulated, phobias and lack of trust of people of authority in their fields of expertise, etc... shows you where you are still unclear about where your higher truth is within the new rising energy. These reactions are to be expected in the space between worlds where there is much confusion and nothing will be clear.

You will know that you are not in your center/truth if you gravitate toward partial facts that support your biases; and/or have resistance to other sources of facts; and/or blame or belittle others who disagree with you. If you are feeling these things, you are still unsure of where you stand, you are holding on to the illusions of victim mentality and the control paradigm of the old world. Centered truth is not easily shaken or does not need defending. If your are standing in your center, you will never need to convince anyone else about your truth.

There seems to be a lot of work to do at this time. But in truth, the work is nearly done. It is all about letting go of the old world and things you thought to be true. Leave space within to grow in the new frequencies. You are blossoming into new times and energies with entire new realities. It is normal to feel uneasy and even fearful when new unknown realities are is ahead of you. It means that you are growing and not sleeping. All that is changing is part of a great evolution. You only need to put the fear aside, and step into it to find your balance again, as everything else is already in perfect order.

We do not know what the new laws of nature and the new Earth template holds for humanity. This is part of the great mystery. But if you watch the clues in the emerging new laws of nature, this could bring about a more open, exclusive level of omni-consciousness, including higher frequencies and wisdom in sciences, engineering, medicine, math, technology, consciousness, and new creative, sustainable and sovereign life styles. This is only the beginning before you evolve and leap beyond all of these, and you live your life with pure consciousness.~

~Star Elders, Ascended Masters with Aluna Joy


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