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Hi my name is Mykala . IAM an intuitive tarot & energy reader . Over 2 years of experience 🔮

Operating as usual


Starting tmrw 12/01/22 my tarot readings will be going back to $45 a reading . I’ve been going back and forth about it but honestly my readings are worth that . If you’d like to get a reading for $30 then you can message me today , other wise anything after today is $45 . Thank you guys so much for your support 🔮🔮


I am doing Halloween 🎃 readings today 🕯️
ALL readings are $25
What I am offering today :
- General readings
- what your ancestors would like you to work on
- How to better connect with your ancestors

Payment is due beforehand and can be made via
Cash app , pay pal , Venmo and zelle .

Message me or comment below


I have time to do ONE reading today . I will do a tarot reading or a picture reading . My readings are $30 & payment is required before hand to book your appointment 🌙 Happy spooky season 🎃


I will have one opening for a reading everyday for the rest of the week . Feel free to message me . Payment is required first and it is first come first serve .
- you can ask up to 4 questions ( anything after that is $10 a question )
- if I feel called to I will pull AT LEAST 1 oracle card but truthfully it’s often 2 or more
- if I feel called to I will tell you what chakras need to be worked on
- I will tell you anything else energetically that I pick up on such as different health issues I may pick up on or other energies such as ancestors ( passed loved ones ) that are around you .

💰 my readings are $30 & payments can be made via cash app , pay pal , Apple Pay & zelle

‼️ I am highly considering raising my prices for readings back up to at least $40 because my readings truly are worth more so if you’ve been interested in getting one , I would do it now while they are only $30 ‼️

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I took a little trip this weekend and found these EYES on all a lot of the trees. Trees are our ancient ancestors and they have seen a lot of history and hold a lot of energies/spirits inside of them . Pay attention to them and you may see/fe/hear more than you expect to. The tree with all the faces on it was in a spot where there used to be old slave quarters that burned down


Hey guys , Message me before 7pm if you’re interested in doing a reading today , I won’t be doing readings after that today 🔮


Taking appts for these readings TODAY


On Tuesday 9/20/22 I will be offering $30 GODDESS readings . These are first come first serve & I’ll have time for 2 only .

Option #1 is perfect for people in difficult situations that need to guidance on what they need to know for their highest good , what they should work on manifesting for themselves and the situation and what the potential outcome may be if they continue on this path .

Option #2 is for anyone who feels like their current situation is a manifesto on of something from their past . It will outline what theme is still active from the past , how the past still hinders your progres , how the past aids your process and what actions you should take in order to release your past so that you can move forward .

Both options come with oracle cards for advice on the situation. Both options will also come with a card on what goddess energy you are currently embodying the most .

💰 Payment is required beforehand and can be sent via cash app , PayPal , Venmo , Apple Pay or zelle . However you sent the payment just include in the description which option you’d like to have done .

I look forward to delivering your messages & thank you for allowing me to me your conduit .


✨I am doing tarot readings today . I have time to do 2 tarot readings . My readings are $30 . Payment is required before hand and can be made via cash app , pay pal , Venmo , Apple Pay or zelle . 🔮


I have time to do 1 reading today 🔮 payment through cash app , pay pal , Venmo & zelle . Payment is required beforehand to secure your appt


The Lap of Luxury Ritual will be held on Friday (9/9) just in time for the Full Moon in Pisces ♓️ ✨

The admission fee is $77.77 and I will need your full name and date of birth to include you in the ritual.

A petition is not required, but you may send over your intentions and what you would like to see come into your life or how you would like to embody luxury.

I will be utilizing planetary (Venusian) and lunar energy to harness and welcome in our “dream lives”.

The ritual itself will focus deeply on clearing any blockages related to money, abundance and prosperity and calling in luxury on all levels. 💎




From left to right : garnet bracelet(1) , tigers eye bracelet (2) & rose quartz with hemitite & black obsidian (3)

PILE 1 : garnet bracelet
- you can expect either some sort of disagreement over money / the job/ over some sort of currency ( money or energy ) . You may have to cut someone off but they are hanging onto you for dear life BABYYYY ! This is someone that you may have been back and forth with for a WHILE but they really aren’t doing anything for you except draining you tbh . Choose YOU , choose healing . Put some boundaries up with this person because truthfully this person is nothing but an energy vampire and is pretty egotistical . This person keeps you mentally foggy and seems to be holding you back , there’s always some promise of happiness at least they make it seem so but it never happens . Let this person or situation GO and focus on you . You are strong enough no matter how hard it feels . You’ve learned the lessons and now it’s time to be strong and move forward . You are more than worthy of love , so stop choosing these people that you’re basically settling for .

What your soul wants you to know :
- you keep searching for answers outside of yourself or searching for a place to fit in , #1 the answers are within you , go deep . Listen to your intuition and start meditating , your own soul keeps giving you these answers that you keep asking out loud and internally but you’re ignoring them . You keep going through all these hardships because you are not listening . You’re like a flower that is ready and wants to bloom but you won’t allow yourself to because you keep putting yourself in environments that won’t allow you to fully . WORK ON THE SACRAL CHAKRA . This includes womb healing as well for the ladies - some of you have shared your wombs with some toxic men and that energy is stuck in your womb rn , hence why your ph balance is off ( maybe not always but you know it happens ) and why your periods are so bad . ** oracle cards in the comments ( the great severing & star brothers )

FEEL FREE TO MESSAGE ME FOR A PERSONAL READING , they are $30 and I accept cash app , Venmo , paypal & zelle for payment.

PILE 2 : tigers eye bracelet :
How will mercury retrograde effect you :
This Mercury retrograde is going to be giving you some sort of upgrade psychic ability wise , pay attention to what you’re picking up on because it will be more than just to help you , you may pick up on something intuitively for a friend or a family member , please share it because it will be something that they need to hear . Birds will be significant somehow during this time . You may get something that you’ve been waiting for during this time , this could have to do with love . Some will be getting proposed to or finding out that they are pregnant . This is going to be a rest time for self reflection , see what comes up for you to work on so that you can be the best version of yourself and try not to take things so personally . Not everyone is out to get you or hurt you , some people are truly giving you constructive criticism. There is really a lot of opportunity for growth during this time .

What your soul wants you to know :
You carry a whole world inside of you & that’s part of the reason why you see things so differently . You’re so intuitive that it can be intimidating for people sometimes . You may have been the “weird “ kid but that’s because your third eye was so open from a young age , im “ hearing “ since birth that it caused you to choose different toys or activities or even people than what was “ popular “ . You’ve always walked to the beat of your own drum . This may have caused some harm to the ego growing up tho , know that you are destined for greater things . One of your psychic abilities is clairaudience so you may “ hear “ things that people done such as words , phrases , songs or you may even be able to pick up psychic messages in songs / the tv or even conversations. As funny as this sounds In a past life you were some sort of aquatic creature or if you’re into this , the planet you’re really from is some sort of water planet , similar to earth but likely covered completely in liquid 👀👀 take a much deeper look into yourself , there’s a lot more there than you realize 👀
** oracle cards in the comments ( trust the timing & star ancestors )

FEEL FREE TO MESSAGE ME FOR A PERSONAL READING , they are $30 and I accept cash app , Venmo , paypal & zelle for payment.

PILE 3 : rose quarts with the Hemitite and black obsidian:

How will mercury retrograde effect you :
Some of you are going to be meeting someone that you feel like is the ONE, they are going to treat you like a queen and spoil you but you may be afraid to let them in 👀 try not to sabotage this by playing TOO hard to get , they are not your ex or the last situationship you just dealt with lol , they are the real deal and this is something you’ve been waiting for , for a long time . You kept telling yourself when the time is right , you will meet that person . You’ve been through so much That you didn’t deserve ( a lot of heart break ) but you’ve done the work to heal and become the best version of yourself and yo learn to be strong / grounded but still express yourself and now your person is here . They could have started off as a friend / best friend and you felt that instant connection , this relationship isn’t something you have to work on at all, it just is . Truly . BUT I see some of you are very hard headed and take a lot of pride in being that independent woman which there’s nothing wrong with but allow people to be there for you and take care of you , this is one of your blockages .

What does your soul want you to know :
Don’t use your words as weapons , I’m not trying be funny at all but some of you have extremely big mouths and use your words to hurt people at times esp when you’re scared of being hurt . All those words but some of you still can’t express what you truly need from a person or what you want . This keeps you trapped in these toxic cycles and pushed people away that could actually be really good for you . You’re beautiful people inside and out but allow people to get close . You are a good Judge of character so use that ability to see who you should let in . Trust yourself . Also don’t allow all the emotional ups and downs that you have been on to stop you from sharing your heart , it’s very big and beautiful and whoever didn’t appreciate it in the past just wasn’t worthy of you and they knew it .
*** oracle cards in the comments :
(Star bathing & portal )

FEEL FREE TO MESSAGE ME FOR A PERSONAL READING , they are $30 and I accept cash app , Venmo , paypal & zelle for payment.


I have availability for 1 reading today . My readings are $30 and you can pay via cash app , pay pall , Venmo or Apple Pay. First come first serve ✨



Photos from Spells, Herbs, Stones, And Oils: Witchcraft 101's post 09/07/2022

Photos from Spells, Herbs, Stones, And Oils: Witchcraft 101's post

Photos from Chaylin Chrysalis's post 09/07/2022

Photos from Chaylin Chrysalis's post


KNOW your WORTH 👸 and never settle . Have the ULTIMATE glow up ✨






Grand rising 🌞 I am offering one free card pull for up to 3 people . Comment below if you’re interested. Choosing who I feel drawn to 🌀






Change your mind; change your life ✨


Doing 1 free reading today for anyone who
SHARES THIS POST & can intuitively guess the color I’m thinking of 🧘‍♀️.
I am asking for a review left on my page in return - we do an equal exchange of energy around here ⚡️.



I NEVER do this but I’m doing $5 questions until 10pm tonight 8/25/22 . Message me if you are interested . Payment is through cash app , pay pal , Venmo , Apple Pay and zelle . Payment is required FIRST


Doing readings today , they are $30 , message me or comment below if you’re interested


I will be starting to offer 1 free reading a week and doing weekly collective readings for all of the signs . Stay tuned 📻


Doing readings today for $30 , I have 2 spots open . Message me if you’re interested 🔮


Now is the time to listen to your intuition, if you feel called to do certain things then listen to that . If you need to ground them ground , if you need to rest then rest or if you feel like you need to be active or journal then listen to yourself . You know best 🌈


Quick collective reading :
Start going after what you are passionate about & trying new things . How will you know who you truly are if you keep holding yourself back by limiting yourself and staying within your comfort zone ?




New moon 🌚 readings today $15 . How will the new moon in cancer effect me ? How can I get more in touch and express my emotions ?


I’m doing readings today for $25 . Comment below if you’re interested or message me 🔮


Doing readings today for $30 . Message me if you’re interested 🔮


Limited spaces in this week’s abundance ritual 🧚🏽‍♀️✨

Details in comments below 👇🏼

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