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Elderberry Tribe


Boost your immune system ALL YEAR!! Have you tried Elderberry Tribe Elderberry Syrup ? We have it available inside at The Market at Cedar Point.
🫐The berries and flowers of elderberry are packed with antioxidants and vitamins that may boost your immune system, help with inflammation and stress.
Thank you Holly for restocking us this week!
Made with Organic Elderberry, Raw Honey, Organic Ceylon Cinnamon, Organic Tumeric, Organic Ginger, Organic Cloves and Organic Elderflower.
Three Powerhouse Women Owned businesses from Wilmington, NC will be at our SATURDAY Farmer's Market tomorrow! Find Elderberry Tribe with their Elderberry wellness syrup and lozenges, RAW salsa with their Tomato OR Pineapple FRESH Salsa, and Kind Cultures Vegan Cheezes and dips (try the spicy pimento) will be available inside our Organic Market Store. We'll see you tomorrow at 9am!
Do your customers know that you ship gummies in from China, and re-label them as yours? What about the chocolates that allegedly contain NO ELDERBERRY? Are they aware? They should be. What a shame.
Our Organic Market Store is OPEN 9am-6pm TODAY, Wednesday the 22nd.
- RAW salsa QUESO, tomato salsa and pineapple salsa
- Elderberry Tribe wellness syrup
-Local Honey
-Fresh breads from White Oak Bakery. Jalapeno Cheddar, Sourdough and Italian.
-Glass bottle Egg Nog, Simply Natural Creamery & Jersey Farm Egg Nog and dairy free Nog.
-Cucumbers from The Farm at Bogue
- Ladyfingers Caterers Ham Rolls and Cinnamon Biscuits.
- Kind Cultures Vegan Cheeze spreads and dips! (Smoked Cheddar, Dill, Spicy Pimento!)
- Whispering Dove Ranch and Apiary Goat cheeses and eggs
Great Local stocking stuffers and gift basket items!
Our first two day market, and boy are we wiped out!

We spent the weekend in good company at Goosebumps in the Grove at Poplar Grove Plantation/Farmers Market at Poplar Grove and got quite the market haul!

Pork skins from Better Batch Porkskins LLC
Apple Pie Loaf from Breadsmith of Wilmington
Pearl Trio earrings from B Murrell Jewelry
Ethiopian Opal Bracelet from Golden Arrow
Pineapple Salsa from RAW salsa
Cake Pops from an unknown vendor who surprised us on the last day!
Lozenges from Elderberry Tribe
Soap, Wax Melts, Face Scrubbies, and Washcloth from Ginger Lily Shoppe
Socks from Alpacas of the Crystal Coast
Wine from Noni Bacca Winery
Bumblebee leash & bandana for June from Kritter Couture & More

Remember to shop local this holiday season ❤

Hey Wilmington NC! Our famous paired with Elderberry Tribe and a strawberry edible straw 😳
Oh yeah we are open until 6pm 🤙🏽🤙🏻
Elderberry Tribe these drinks were oh so delicious and amazing. It was great meeting you today and your energy was awesome. Can't wait to chat with you again.

Make sure that you guess find her products, they are everywhere even at African Caribbean Market and More the elderberry lemonade can be found at Eagle Island Fruit & Seafood

Do you have your Elderberry Syrup? We have been restocked by Elderberry Tribe this week! Grab your wellness syrup or Elderberry Gummies. Holly also delivered Elderberry Lollipops and Honey Suckers that are popular with kids...and adults! Did you know that taking just 1 tablespoon a day will help boost your immune system?
RESTOCKED! So grateful to Holly at Elderberry Tribe for getting the cheese delivered to The Market at Cedar Point today! It’s because of our good friends that we are able to share the cheese in farther places!
RAW salsa is also always taking our products to Cedar point on her travels to the farmer’s market and we are so thankful for our small business community. Love these women, they’ve become some of my best friends! THANK YOU to Mary and Jeff at the market and to all of you who support us!
Thanks to Holly with Elderberry Tribe who made a special trip today from Wilmington we have Kind Cultures cheeses restocked!
We picked up some Elderberry Tribe
𝓣𝓻𝓲𝓹𝓵𝓮 𝓑𝓮𝓻𝓻𝔂 𝓛𝓮𝓶𝓸𝓶𝓭𝓮 for our 3rd day of and it’s 💣
Come and get it 🤙🏽🤙🏻
We picked up some Elderberry Tribe
𝓣𝓻𝓲𝓹𝓵𝓮 𝓑𝓮𝓻𝓻𝔂 𝓛𝓮𝓶𝓸𝓶𝓭𝓮 for our 3rd day of and it’s 💣
Come and get it 🤙🏽🤙🏻

Join my journey in keeping holistic remedies alive. We offer an array of elderberry products:


Operating as usual


Tonight I'll be set up at Castle Hayne Baptist Church 💜

Come out and support a beautiful non-profit!


Who's ready for HALLOWEEN 🎃💜
We have Triple Berry Candy Corn exclusively with

We will have this available Saturdays at for the October markets starting on the 8th. Then also available at by the ounces or pounds 😊

If any other of our locations want to carry this treat give us a shout.




Tons of triple berry lemonade being bottled and elderberry syrup to be delivered on friday 🎉

Come and see me Saturday from 8-1pm at the market ♡





We are set up at Poplar Grove today from 8-1pm!

See you soon 💜


No downtown market. But you can find an array of our products in towards Ogden area in Leland, The African Caribbean market on Oleander before the mall on market st. on hwy 421 and headed towards Carolina beach 🎉💜

Stay safe in this weather today!


now carries our elderberry syrup, elderberry gummies and our pure NC honey lollies. More to come 💜


DOWNTOWN WILMINGTON at from 8-1pm today come out and bring an umbrella ☔☔


The restaurant is OPEN 💥 Come grab some triple berry lemonade at today from 11-2:30PM and 5-8:30PM we will also have baked goods as well ♡ Next week tacos will be in full swing!





Attention DOWNTOWN Wilmington!

.wilmington now carries our elderberry extract and elderberry loose leaf tea blends 💜



Come and get some wellness!


Come and see us TOMORROW at for the NEW strawberry blast elderberry lemonade debut 🍓🍋💜



Making it's debut on Wednesday at Poplar Grove farmers market from 8-1pm.

Photos from Elderberry Tribe's post 05/29/2022




These locations all carry elderberry syrup or extract and some also carry an array of elderberry wellness products.

Eagle Island Fruit & Seafood
Lovey's Natural Foods & Cafe
Carolina Green Provisions
Biggers Market
Kalethy Living Smoothies and Açaí (triple berry lemonade)
African Caribbean Market and More
Salt Marsh Market
Lanier Hardware & Rental
Southern Chic's Treasures
Legends Seafood & Produce
Rocky Point Hardware and Equipment Rental
Rocky Point Pavilion Pharmacy
Farmacy on Main
Community Drug (atkinson drug)
Sweeter Things Bakery Cafe
Sweeter Things Ice Cream Shack
Hollands Shelter Restaurant & Bar
Milk Road Coffee (emerald isle)
The Market at Cedar Point
The Brew House (ocean isle beach)
Sandalwood Shoppes

Photos from Elderberry Tribe's post 05/15/2022


They carry our:

💜 Elderberry Extract
💜Elderberry Lozenges
💜Elderberry Gummies
💜Elderberry Lollipops

Thank you 😘


We will see everyone tomorrow!

on Wednesdays from 8-1pm ♡


Celebrating Mexico 🇲🇽


Remember to recycle 💜

Photos from Elderberry Tribe's post 04/21/2022

Bringing you the freshest strawberries for our yummy elderberry/strawberry jelly! 🍓

The girls had fun 💜


Stocking up on all of the essentials to make the elderberry products you LOVE 💜


Thankful and Blessed ♡

Photos from Elderberry Tribe's post 04/06/2022


IF you have not tried our elderberry salves you are missing out! This past Saturday I was at the Herb and Garden Fair at Farmers Market at Poplar Grove (starting April 13 we will be there every Wednesday from 8-1PM)

I saw a family whose son had chapped lips and beyond the lips while I was passing out samples. I have seen this on many children the past 2-3 months in my own daughter's school and with her as well (being part of the PTO I see them more often).

I knew how good the salve worked on my child so I decided to give the family one FREE ELDERBERRY SALVE to try. I asked them to take photos of the progress as I didn't with mine. But I told them to apply during the day and at night apply right before bed.

The proof is in this review and the photos this is a period of 3 days. Our salve is made with at least a 6 week infusion of organic elderberries in organic jojoba oil. The rest of the ingredients are listed organic as well. We take pride in our products and use them with our family daily. So happy that this kiddo is not worrying about chapped lips anymore!


Here's our FEATURE in by ♡

The collaboration of Elderberry Tribe and Tacos El Jefe (food is 💥) will tie together sweet and savory with a kick of wellness to bring Burgaw Alimente into Burgaw soon 🎉 stay tuned friends.

In the meantime our updated location list is on this post to find elderberry syrup and other goodies near you.


Photos from Elderberry Tribe's post 03/25/2022


Elderberry Tribe has a NEW KITCHEN

Right in the HEART of our sweet town of BURGAW.

So we will be featuring elderberry and elderflower beverages in this space.

There will also be sweet and savory foods offered here as well.

Stay tuned for more information we push out in the coming weeks 🤗

Very thankful for this new journey and continued love and support from our community.


Big News coming soon 😍

Stay tuned tribe ♡

Photos from Elderberry Tribe's post 03/12/2022

So the Pineapple Sage Sparkler Shrub from pairs perfectly with sparkling water and our Elderberry Syrup ♡

My girls all loved it!


is restocked with 5 gallons of TRIPLE BERRY LEMONADE ♡


We have new elderberry lozenges as well as our original ones.

The new "Mother Earth ACV" elderberry lozenges are amazing! Very tasty 💜

Ingredients: organic elderberry extract, raw honey, organic apple cider vinegar and organic purpurea echinacea.

Image is copyrighted to Elderberry Tribe

Photos from Elderberry Tribe's post 02/22/2022

in Leland is RESTOCKED 💜

They carry our: elderberry syrup
(honey and agave version)
Elderberry lozenges
Elderberry capsules
Elderberry gummies
Elderberry teas
Elderberry chai
Elderberry extract

Skincare collection:
Elderflower face oil
Elderberry soap
Elderberry salve

Photos from Elderberry Tribe's post 02/06/2022

now carries our:

Elderberry syrup (honey version)
Elderberry lollipops
Elderberry extract (zero sweeteners, no spices)

They are open daily from 8am-8pm

Come out and see this cute store and grab some wellness!


Have you tried ELDERBERRY HONEY before?

If not it's a must! These are delicious, healthy and made with local honey.

They are now available at Lanier Hardware & Rental in BURGAW and will be available in Sandalwood Shoppes and Eagle Island Fruit & Seafood next week!

Images are copyrighted to Elderberry Tribe please advise do not reproduce or publish.


Elderberry shampoo bars are now here! All natural and organic ingredients make for this wonderful product!

Clean your hair with a combination of fresh ginger grapefruit and the sweet scent of elderberry.

No more dealing with those plastic bottles


Wishing Everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year! Thank you for a wonderful 2nd year as "Elderberry Tribe".

We are doing a giveaway soon so stay tuned.

Here's to 2022 🙌


Back to the daily grind ♡

Making all the elderberry wellness syrup for our Tribe 🤗


now carries our:

⭐Elderberry syrup
⭐Hot Cocoa Bombs
⭐Elderberry Lollipops/Lozenges
⭐Elderberry Gummies
⭐Triple Berry Lemonade

Plus their shop is super cute, showcasing many small local NC businesses!



now offers GROWLER refills as well as by the cup of course 😉 for our infamous TRIPLE BERRY LEMONADE 🍋

So when you need some in your life and you didn't catch me at an event or market this will be available here year around!

Big growlers and mini growlers available still to purchase from myself stay tuned for our schedule for December ♡


Wishing our tribe a Happy Thanksgiving! We are so very thankful and grateful for the amount of love and support we have from the community and nationwide. This photo definitely shows not everyone is perfect, especially when you have 3 little ones looking everywhere but the camera 😆
Many laughs while trying to snap a memory.

This Thankgiving hug the ones you love, call those who live far. Remember to be happy and show kindness to those around you not only today but daily. Always be sure to take time for family and friends.

Side note:
I have been insanely busy lately so please forgive us not being at Wrightsville Beach farmers market on mondays. We are resuming this upcoming week on 12.06.21 so we will see our regulars soon 🤗 and I'll have the infamous triple berry lemonade as well as warm elderberry hot cocoa, elderberry coffee and our elderberry chai on tap. See you there!


If you have not tried our TRIPLE BERRY LEMONADE this SATURDAY we will be at . Come out and support local ♡


for putting on such a great 2 DAY event "Goosebumps in the Grove" this past weekend.

We had RECORD sales 🙌💜

Thankful for all of our TRIBE that showed up and grabbed all the WELLNESS we had to offer!

SOLD OUT of so much that we had to revisit the kitchen in between days, thank you again. We appreciate each and every one of you!

Wanted to share a photos of our girls all dressed up for HALLOWEEN too. We had a Zombie Cheerleader, Baby Shark and a Busy Bee 🧟‍♀️🦈🐝

See everyone Saturday November 6, 2021

Location: Old Yacht Basin

Address: Old Yacht Basin, Southport, NC 28461

Phone: (910) 477-2787

Time: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Price: Free


Come and see us this SATURDAY (10-4PM) AND SUNDAY (10-5PM) at the Goosebumps in the Grove 👻🎃😻

We will also have FRESH Elderberry Beverages on tap!

Come out and support local and enjoy all the fun things happening at Farmers Market at Poplar Grove


I've been a busy 🐝
Just half of what was made at the kitchen today! We will be ready to serve up all the wellness for the ANNUAL FALL SHOW at Calabash Trading and Consignment from 10-5PM this Friday and Saturday (10.22.21 and 10.23.21) 🤗


Come out and support local there will be many other small businesses out at this 2 day event!


We will NOT be at wrightsville beach market today but you can find our elderberry products at these locations!

Looking 👀 for our COCOA BOMBS? You can find them at located at 6250 Market St, Wilmington, NC 28405 ♡

They also carry our elderberry syrups (honey and agave version)

it's available by the cup (you can add dragon fruit 🙌) at located at 4719 new Centre dr D Unit D, Wilmington, NC 28405

Or if you are looking for pre-filled bottles you can find those lemonades at EAGLE ISLAND SEAFOOD located at 2500 US-421, Wilmington, NC 28401.

🌿 Your Wellness Provider

Photos from Elderberry Tribe's post 10/16/2021


NEW LOCATION Right off of 53 LEGENDS SEAFOOD AND PRODUCE now carries our elderberry syrup!



They will be carrying our COCOA BOMBS too!

Your Health Matters

Welcome to our wellness page :)

My name is Holly and I started this business to provide natural, effective elderberry products. The first time I tried elderberry syrup was in 2013, initially I took it for cold/flu preventative and allergies. I wanted a natural holistic approach, while avoiding mainstream drugs while pregnant. I definitely did my share of research on elderberry as I wanted to be sure of what I was putting in my body with my first born on the way.

My nursing and business management background have helped me tremendously during this journey, it’s honestly the best of both worlds. Providing wellness and being able to manage it on my own is what I love. I have always had a passion for helping others and I get to do that everyday and it’s magical. In 2018, I made canned elderberry tea come to life in North Carolina. From there the ideas kept flowing - coming up with ideas for making elderberry jams, jellies, lollipops, lozenges, coffee, tea blends, gummies and more. We offer a variety for people to choose from, so you don’t have to stick with just one method of wellness.

We are a fun-loving family of four with a 3rd baby on the way!! We enjoy all aspects of staying healthy. Our smallest “elder-baby” is Laken who is ONE and is a complete joy. Laken is the most chill baby you’ll ever meet. Our oldest is Maya who is SIX she’s just a ball of giggles, sweetness and will. My other half in this life is Ronnie, I have known him since coming to North Carolina in 2003. He is the man I prayed for to raise children together and the perfect soulmate, I cannot give him enough praise for the love and knowledge he shows our girls. Ronnie also owns and operates “Lawless Studios Dioramas
and more” helping with all of the logos we pump out here. As a family we enjoy dancing, kayaking, hiking at Pilot Mountain, swimming, reading and eating yummy food!

Videos (show all)

Elderberry syrup, elderberry coffee and more!
Hot Cocoa Bombs
Elderberry Syrup & Hot Cocoa Bombs!
Get your elderberry products  :)
Elderberry shipment
Elderberry syrup agave version - vegan approved




Wilmington, NC

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