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*Integrative Art Therapy in my ALL ONLINE, HIPPA compliant video TELEHEALTH office. Insurance client Diane M. She offers individual and group sessions.

McKnight, LCSW, LMSW, ATR has been involved professionally in the art community for over 35 years and a professional social worker and art therapist for 9 years. Diane's professional resume can be viewed (below), or as a pdf document that can be sent to you by sending a request to [email protected]. CALL NOW for a FREE 15 min personal consultation or to schedule a session. A

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Veterans struggle with a lot of very mixed emotions about the experiences that they have endured while they were involved in their military service. Often times, these sometimes horrific and terror ridden experiences haunt them and dramatically affect their lives once they are back in the civilian world. PTSD is a very complex and multi-layered diagnosis that can be very crippling for these vets both physically and emotionally. Art therapy has been proven to help with their symptoms and can allow them a visual language for the emotions and experiences that are too complex and painful to describe with only words. If you are a vet, a family member of a vet, or know a vet that could benefit from art therapy, please contact me! I would love to help them to heal and enjoy their lives again! 👩🏻‍🎨🎨🖌 👁👁👁👁👁👁👁👁https://www.fox32chicago.com/news/chicago-hospitals-art-therapy-lets-veterans-reveal-what-their-ptsd-looks-like.amp🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨 ……………………………



I’ve been playing around with new things to put art on. A few weeks ago I tie-dyed this canvas tote and I recently decided to paint an ocean graphic on the side. I’m planning on embellishing it later with some other colorful additions, but I’m letting it evolve. Sometimes art just leads me…and I have to allow it’s creative spontaneity to flow! Art is sometimes easier when you allow the natural flow to be unblocked. Life can be similar, often you will find that it is easier to lean into the “current of life” than it is to “fight the current” and be overwhelmed and possibly drowned in the “fight”! If you are finding yourself feeling overwhelmed and like you are drowning, try to stop, breath, and see which way life’s current is really going…could you ride that current and not try so hard to stop it? Sometimes reaching out to an art therapist can help you to “ride those waves” and feel more “at ease” in your life. Let’s create some art together and learn how to “lean into change” and reduce our stress level! Send me a DM/email or call me and let’s explore the river together! 🎨👩🏻‍🎨👁🏊‍♀️🎨👩🏻‍🎨


We had fun painting pumpkins the last couple nights! Spending time with the people that you live is one of the most valuable things in life! Social interaction and painting are both activities that slow your nervous system down and promotes “feel good” hormones! 🎃. Did you paint or carve pumpkins this year? Please share some photos of the ones that you created, let’s see how many variety of designs we can post. 👻💀👻💀🎃🍬🍫🍭. ———————————



My digital painting is progressing…I’m liking what’s going on but my artistic self is still working with it and discerning more of the artistic nuances that it still needs to be complete…still a work in progress! I’m having fun with it, and it’s a wonderful way to relax and Practice mindfulness skills. I’d love to hear what types of things that you have done this week for selfcare, mindfulness or other creative outlets! Drop a comment below to see if we can get some good ideas flowing for each other to try!


As I’m relaxing this Sunday, I was doing a little self reflection on two fortune cookie “fortunes” that I chose to keep. I personally believe that sometimes little messages come into our world for a reason…these seemed important and significant to me when I opened them up on the dates I wrote in. 🎨 Practicing self reflection, whether it’s things we choose to keep, moments that were significant in our lives, or actions we have taken (successful or unsuccessful)…are all about learning and contemplating life experiences and consequences that have come about. It requires sitting alone and taking time to think about what happened, what worked, what didn’t, what can STILL be done and what can’t. Significant COURAGE is needed for unbiased self reflection. Being thoughtful and insightful only comes when you can extract from your past how to engage in your future. What do you still want and need for your future to be happy and fulfilling? 👩🏻‍🎨Can you take time today to have some self reflection time? This is an excellent form of self care. 🫣👀“



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Another week at IKAGG networking, building good social contacts is good for the soul and our businesses! ’s


How Mandalas and Brain Scans Could Enhance Mindfulness! Go to https://www.verywellmind.com/how-mandalas-and-brain-scans-could-enhance-mindfulness-5219738 to read about this new study! The findings suggest that coloring mandalas induces self-reflection, focused attention and acceptance of imperfections while promoting emotional well-being and self-expression. I’m going to be starting an Online art therapy group called Mandala Mondays from 10:00 am to 11:30 am EDT starting at the end of October and running in 6 week sessions, this can be ongoing if you choose, it is just purchased in 6 week increments. If you are interested, please contact me for more information, pricing, and to reserve a spot before it is filled! (910) 772-8884 [email protected]

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It’s pool league night! We all need things in our life that help us reduce stress from the week and brings us happiness. Honor your need to have fun, laugh a little and enjoy friends! Good health is more than just eating nutritionally, working out, getting sufficient sleep, etc. 🎱 ❤️


I’m at the weekly IKAGG networking meeting! Come join us next week at 11:30 if you are a small business looking for referrals.


There are lots of different ways that people can access their creativity, these are just a few ideas that were in the news from my home state! What are some me varied ways that you could create art in your life? Found objects, leftover house projects paint, extra yarn, nuts and bolts, drawing in the sand, coffee grounds…ideas and materials are endless! Try something new and let your inspiration take you out of your comfort zone….you will be glad that you did!


Enjoying networking with IKAGG members today at waterman’s brewing company!

Photos from Diane M. McKnight InnerSpirit Art Therapy's post 08/22/2022

More photos from “Tribal Flow” class at Terra Sol Sanctuary here In Wilmington, NC, with Noelle Whittington and Justin Heter. It incorporated a flowing, tribal flavored, yoga to percussion and drums. Music, chanting and body movement can heighten your spiritual energy and creativity! ❤️


Sunday was a nice two hour self care treat for myself. I participated in the “Tribal Flow” class at Terra Sol Sanctuary here In Wilmington, NC, with Noelle Whittington and Justin Heter. It incorporated a flowing, tribal flavored, yoga to percussion and drums. Super fun and a good full body stretching experience! The spiritual energy that I receive every time that I have taken this particular workshop has been very intense! Music, chanting and body movement can heighten your spiritual energy and creativity! ❤️


Saturday mornings should be a relaxing time if your work week is done! Give yourself permission to not have anything planned right away and let the day evolve organically. What does that feel like to you? I finished my mandala and just enjoyed the morning without an agenda…this gives our mind and our body time to wind down from the week and reduce built up stress levels. Enjoy!

Photos from Diane M. McKnight InnerSpirit Art Therapy's post 08/11/2022

Having coffee on the balcony with my coworker (scroll for him next to me) and working on my Mandala. Work agenda for today…I’ve got art therapy clients to see and I see that my coworker has already dived into his work tasks for today…sleeping, relaxing, eating and wanting attention! He’s so proactive in his tasks and I’m lagging behind in starting my day, he always is more productive in that area…I have to adjust MY To Do List to be more cat-like! Life of a cat! 🤣


Starting to lay in some color on my new Mandala! Starting the day off sometimes with some kind of mindfulness practice can help to gain clarity, reflection and calmness before plunging into the demands of your day. Art is a great way to do this, just start making marks on a page and see where these marks take you…play with color and always remember it’s about having fun, relaxing and being playfully open to what comes…it doesn’t have to be a masterpiece to be important!


Started a new little Mandala drawing this morning over coffee!

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Sunday was a nice two hour self care treat for myself. I participated in the “Tribal Flow” class at Terra Sol Sanctuary ...
Venice, Tuesday 6/7 (I was a little delayed posting these photos due to spotty Internet in Venice). I just got off the t...




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