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Our light our true self our presence ❤️

Our light our true self our presence ❤️

Please join me at this up coming New EARTH Consciousness EXPO I will be offering pyramid healing sessions with Sound Cry...

Please join me at this up coming New EARTH Consciousness EXPO I will be offering pyramid healing sessions with Sound Crystal Healing


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Jupiter + Saturn in Aquarius- The Greatest Conjunction of Our Lifetime, The Individual Within the Collective.. The Collective Within the Individual, Expansion vs. Contraction Inside of Human Ideals

On December 21st, the powerful day of solstice, Jupiter, the planet of: expansion, abundance and wisdom and Saturn, the planet of: structures, karma and responsibility, meet each other at 0 degrees of Aquarius. Aquarius, the 11th sign, is known for: individuality, collective consciousness, invention, futuristic vision and enlightenment.

Get ready. This aspect will completely change the trajectory of our civilization as we know it. A major awakening connected to our earthly experience is now possible.

Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius is here to install a whole new level of understanding and enlightenment that beckons for our attention and awareness. If things have been stagnant or just blah... hold your horses. Change and massive invention on every level has come to greet us.

This once in a lifetime aspect is here to propel us into a new dawn of human consciousness. The last time this aspect occurred was in 1406 and we won't see it again for another 600+ years. Just when you thought 2020 couldn't produce anymore surprises, think again. This aspect will redefine what it means to be on earth together. Major and unavoidable change and progress is coming. We are being asked to hold a sacred space of love and understanding of our intentions.

This aspect happening at the anaretic 0 degree of Aquarius is a sign from the gods of the potency of such understanding and the need to unify our ideals and perspectives. All with be massively impacted by this aspect but the early (0-10 degree) fixed signs( Ta**us, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) as either your: Sun, Moon, Ascendant or IC=4th house cusp, DC=7th house cusp or MC=10th house cusp, will most effected. If you happen to have your placements within those fixed signs, you will be a leader who will bring these massive changes and enlightenment forth.

Being an early degree Aquarius Sun myself, I can feel the power and potency of a new era upon us. Everyone though, will be able to access this call. We are being divinely led to a new stratosphere of human understanding that hasn't existed within our lifetime. Invention requires patience. Invention requires curiosity. Invention requires holding a space for the great unknown.

Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius will be a wake up call for us to unite and build lasting structures that support not only the individual but the collective as a whole. These two coming together is...

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I am the hands of God.
I have come to set right the vibratory action of all energy and substance
in my world and in all of the world.
I am the sacred hands of God moving through this earth.
I am instantly re-establishing divinity where-ever the light of God is applied.
I invite/ invoke focus concentrate, manifest and sustain the light of God on earth
with every breath I take.
I am the director of God’s light.
I am humble before its magnificent presence.
I am grateful to unleash God’s power on earth.
I am the light of God flowing through my heart flame, loving all life free.
And so it is my beloved I am that I am.

✨ Urgent Call for 1 Million Meditators on April 4/5 🙏 🌍
✨ Urgent Call for 1 Million Meditators on April 4/5 🙏 🌍

✨ Urgent Call for 1 Million Meditators on April 4/5 🙏 🌍

URGENT CALL FOR 1 MILLION MEDITATORS TO LIBERATE AND RECLAIM OUR WORLD  ON APRIL 4, 2020 at precisely 10:45 pm EST WHEN A CELESTIAL STARGATE OPENS! An open letter and cosmic invitation to spiritual leaders and influencers around the globe (links and instructions within content of letter, so plea...


Huge Blue Phantom quartz crystal cluster from Brazil.

Photo: Ofquartz

Lol just for fun Happy Monday all!

Lol just for fun Happy Monday all!

Sacred geometry

Sacred geometry

“Music is liquid architecture; Architecture is frozen music.”
~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

📸: Gothic conservatory, Mexico, Architecture Art Nouveau,
photo by Adale Kolenovsky.

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Message from spirit

Message from spirit

Please join me at this wonderful expo I will be doing mini sessions again

Please join me at this wonderful expo I will be doing mini sessions again

Relax and renew with an energy clearing and healing session with Melanie at the Expo!
Melanie Palubicki
Sound Crystal Healing

Melanie has always loved crystals and gemstones and how their energies help the self and others to heal. She started her journey of awakening many years ago with the help of these precious stones to heal and overcome many obstacles. Over the years, she has developed a system to help others in their journey to heal and grow through education and her own intuition.
Relax and renew with a healing session with Melanie at the Expo!ations in Multidimensional Healing Shamballa Reiki, Star Healing Intergalactic Healing Energy, Qi Gong, The Mystery School teachings, Usui Reiki Master, Reflexology and is also ordained. Her healing modality” Sound Crystal Healing” is a combination of these modalities which includes sound therapy, crystals and gemstones, and the Swords of Light. Her offerings at this Expo will be mini healing sessions and Chaka (energy centers) clearings.

I am pleased to announce that I will be doing mini sessions again at this event.  Lots to learn, experience, and love of...

I am pleased to announce that I will be doing mini sessions again at this event. Lots to learn, experience, and love of oneness.


Lunar Eclipse in Cancer- Nurturing the Soul, Healing of the Distorted Feminine and Masculine, Massive Wake Up Calls

On January 10/11th, the Moon, which rules: our emotions, soul and inner compass, becomes Full at 20 degrees of Cancer. Cancer, the 4th zodiac sign, represents: the home, the mother, comfort, security and nourishment. We have now entered into another eclipse cycle. Lunar Eclipses, are full moons with 10x the intensity and power of regular full moons. They herald: massive completions, endings and manifestations. This is even stronger as the Moon is at home, as she is the natural ruler of the sign of Cancer. Brace yourself;this baby is going to be the most emotional Lunar event of the year!

The Lunar Eclipse in Cancer is here to awaken a desire to bring nourishment and comfort to our lives. There is a softening that wants to be established, and this could feel rather emotional and full of intensity. Our soul is wanting connection to source and the themes of: security, mothering and safety are huge with this Lunar eclipse. Major dynamics around the home and family are highlighted with La Luna in the sign of the crab. Due to the fact that this is an Eclipse, which signals: changes and shifts, we could feel that some aspect of our soul and emotional states must alter and transform. Endings and final chapters are being acknowledged with this moon. We might want to hide from the depth of our emotions but the lesson of this Lunar Eclipse is to face our feelings and step forward with integrity and honor. Embracing our feminine and masculine polarities with peace and reverence will be major themes at this time.

The magnitude of energy of this Lunar Eclipse is also being felt by the aspects La Luna is making to her other planetary friends. Both Saturn and Pluto are opposing this moon at 22 degrees of Capricorn. Saturn, is the planet of: karma, restriction, obligation and the patriarch. Pluto, is the planet of: transformation, power, death/rebirth. Capricorn, the 10th zodiac sign, deals with: order, structure, destiny, responsibility and mastery. The Lunar Eclipse opposing Saturn will create a push and pull between our emotions and obligations. Its as though we want to go to the depths, but our inner masculine wants to resist the pull to be too emotionally driven. The Lunar Eclipse opposing Pluto, will set up a power struggle between our security vs. our evolution to change. The dynamic between both will set us up for some extremely emotional and karmic situations to play out, perhaps with much struggle and intensity. The healing of the feminine and masculine sides of our identity is huge with this moon cycle. We will need to deal with the distortion of both if we are to bring such healing to both sides. Surrender is a huge theme and something must be faced once and for all. We can't hide from the disconnect; we must walk towards both sides with: humility, honesty and courage.

The Lunar Eclipse in Cancer is here to honor the depth of our feelings and the beauty of our deepest emotions. No other sign can be in the depths of their feelings as a Moon in Cancer ( I know as I am one). There is an opportunity with this Lunar Eclipse to place old traumas connected to our mother or inner feminine to rest. The yearning to embrace and accept our divine nature will be strong at this time. Remember if things are falling apart, it is essential to still care and protect yourself with the love of your inner momma.

The Lunar Eclipse in Cancer is here to bring finality and endings to our inner struggles of neglect and lack. La Luna home in her sign of the crab is here to: awaken our inner nourishment, balance out the feminine and masculine polarity and create a sense of inner peace and hope. If you have any inner planets or points/angles in/or around 20 degrees of Cancer, then this Lunar Eclipse will be particularly powerful and life altering for you.

For this intense and trans-formative Lunar Eclipse in Cancer, I have created extended horoscopes for each sign over on Patreon: These extended horoscopes provide practical and tangible guidance on how to navigate this huge planetary event. All messages are channeled directly from spirit. I appreciate your love and feedback on these Patreon extended horoscopes!

Image: "Moon Howl" by Erica Wexler


Any takers?


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Melanie is an amazing and beautiful woman who truly has your best at heart. She is thorough in her technique and follows through in all areas of her work. I would highly recommend her to those that have an interest in her expertise as she is knowledgeable, insightful and has a deep rooted passion for the modality she has created.
Hi Melanie I hope you are doing great
busy here last week before traveling
next week for thanksgiving week! Have a happy
and a healthy thanksgiving!