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Wilmington NC Medical Spa. Dr. Odom has changed the way cosmetic medicine has been practiced by intr Through anti-aging medicine along with advanced cosmetic treatments, the staff at Metro Medispa is committed to bring the beauty of an improved appearance and an inner age defying wellness to all.

Motivated by the belief that health and wellness affects all areas of one's life and having the knowledge in safe and effective cosmetic treatments, the staff at Metro Medispa can help people correct imperfections that had become uncomfortably noticeable. We are here to help!

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“We have not seen this degree of weight loss with any previous medication.” ⁃ Dr. Timothy Garvey University of Alabama

Medical professionals are citing this combination as “the game changer” for weight loss.

If you are ready to lose weight and revitalize your body, call us today and book your appointment with Dr. Connie to learn more about the impact of this powerful injectable.

Benefits of Semaglutide + BCP-157 include:

⭐️ Curbing appetite and helping maintain low- calorie diet.
⭐️ Healing intestines and stomach ulcers
⭐️ Greater cellular regeneration
⭐️ Muscle development and Bone/Joint Healing

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You… Only Better. Inside and Out

At Metro MediSpa, We want you to feel more YOU! As we age, it is so common to feel less and less like ”ourselves” as our energy wanes and our looks change. Age management therapies help you to regain your vitality and rejuvenate the body both internally and externally! Being better each day starts with our physical body because, without it, nothing else happens. So give us a call and see how we can help you, be you... only better.


Knowing what is going on with your body is key for bringing balance into your life. Whether your mood is off, your energy is low, or your excitement for life is just not quite there, there may be a simple solution. The first step is understanding the hormone levels of your body! Knowledge is power, and Dr. Connie can empower you to know what’s going on inside and guide you back to balance. Click the link in bio, take the hormone test, and let’s begin the journey towards inner and outer harmony.


You may be getting older but it does not mean you have to lose your sense of self. There are revolutionary age management therapies that can help you regain your energy, joy, and passion for life! If you haven’t been feeling like “you” lately or if you’ve been lacking in drive, motivation, or overall vitality, then please reach out!

Take the hormone deficiency test here:

Because the solution may be simpler then you think, and we want to help you feel like you again!


You want to get a peel but have plans to be out in the sun for the next few days? 🌞

Try the PRX-T33 Peel!

This non-peeling facial peel has no downtime and it’s perfectly safe for the sun. 👍 Schedule an appointment with Dr. Odom to rejuvenate your skin in time for summer.


What Hormones Affect Low Libido?

A low s*x drive can be caused by a variety of factors. Sometimes medical conditions cause this condition, but at other times, psychological factors and the resulting hormonal changes make men and women disinterested in s*x.

The most common hormones that affect your libido are:
-Thyroid and Prolactin

The good news? Hormone replacement therapy can help boost s*x drive 👍



Today is Earth Day!

Get outside, wear sunscreen, and do something good for our planet. 🌎


It’s a beautiful day for Botox. 😍

DHEA and Brain Health | Metro MediSpa 04/18/2022

DHEA and Brain Health | Metro MediSpa

💥DHEA and Brain Health💥

DHEA stands for Dehydroepiandrosterone (😮) it is the prohormone of testosterone and estrogens, and together with the sulfated variation (DHEA-S), it is the most abundant steroid in the body.

Hormones are so crucial that even the nervous system and our brain health is compromised when some of them are lacking, especially DHEA. 🧠

As we get older, our bodies produce less and less of DHEA - which helps to counter cortisol, the stress hormone in our body. Too much cortisol can cause damage to our brain tissue, the hippocampus and may trigger neurodegenerative diseases.

HRT can help! Check out our blog to see how we can help. 👇

DHEA and Brain Health | Metro MediSpa Hormones are essential to the human body. They regulate body functions, protect our bodies from harm, and even improve digestion. Hormones are so crucial that


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The Top 3 Reasons Men Seek Testosterone Therapy:

1. Decreased Energy
2. Erectile Dysfunction
3. Decreased Libido

Take the Low T test to find out if testosterone therapy can help you 👇


“What do we all wish we had?”

📣More Energy!

“When do we wish we had it?”


This spring you’ll need the energy to plant and take care of your garden, and one side effect of menopause is the depletion of Vitamin B12 in the body which can affect one’s energy levels and moods.

Our bodies don’t make vitamin B12 on their own. Hormone replacement therapy can help keep your levels up and give you back the energy you need!

What else does Vitamin B12 do to help your body function? Read our full blog. here 👉


Small lifestyle changes can help with weight loss!

🥤Drink Water - always keep a cup near you with water to keep you motivated to drink it often.

🍩Low-Calorie Desserts - when it comes to dessert there are plenty of low-calorie options or bakeries that bake healthier alternatives to your favorite treats.

If you want to kickstart your weight loss journey, call the spa today to learn more about our weight loss options.



It’s normal to lose about 100 hair strands a day as a part of your regular hair growth cycle. 👩 Losing any more than that might be a sign to talk to a doctor.

One treatment for hair loss is platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP).

❓How Do PRP Hair Treatments Work?

👉PRP hair treatments are minimally invasive and work by stimulating the body’s natural hair growth process. This treatment is based on the idea that the body has many properties to heal itself if given the right environment.

Click to learn how to regain that headful of thick, luxurious hair.


Are those hot flashes interfering with your daily schedule? Are night sweats preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep? Maybe bio-identical hormones can help…

“Ok, but what is that??”

It’s a molecule that happens to be identical to a hormone that is produced by the human body.

“… And they can help me how?”

✔Minimize night sweats and hot flashes
✔More restful, restorative sleep
✔Enhance memory, mood and concentration

Take our online Hormone Deficiency Test to see if this may be right for you (and finally get some SLEEP!😴)


Happy hump day, halfway to the weekend!


Need help to shed those last extra pounds?

Hormone imbalance can make losing weight hard. Hormone testing helps to pinpoint if you are deficient or have too much of a hormone, and a plan can be developed. You’ll be on the road to lower weight and better health in no time. 👍

Click to learn a few factors that can make weight loss hard 👉


Men, are you struggling to lose weight? Maybe it’s time to try some other options besides diet and exercise…

Take the Low T test to see if you could benefit from testosterone therapy!



Heal your skin from within with a PRP facial! 😍

This type of facial uses your own blood to help promote the healthy activity of your skin cells. The PRP Facial uses a specific technique of microneedling and PRP (blood-derived growth factors) to help restore color and texture, leaving you with beautiful, glowing skin. 👏

Schedule your appointment today!


❓“What is PRP and why do I keep hearing about it?”

Blood is also called plasma and contains small solid components - platelets. The platelets are best known for clotting blood because they contain hundreds of proteins called growth factors, which are very important in the healing process in our bodies.

PRP is plasma with a concentrated amount of platelets, or growth factors, that are 5 to 10 times greater than normal blood.❗

The PRP treatments that we offer:

✔PRP for Hair Loss
✔Skin Rejuvenation – PRP Facial
✔Skin Rejuvenation – PRP Liquid Facelift
✔Priapus-Shot for Men

Interested? Head to our website for more info or fill out the contact form on our website!

Photos from Metro MediSpa's post 03/18/2022

You know when your body feels off. If you're consistently feeling overly tired that the only thing keeping you standing is 4 cups of coffee per day. ☕ Or if you're rapidly losing or gaining weight, something is going on…

Is it your thyroid? Swipe through below to see how an unbalanced thyroid can affect your body. 👇

Read the full blog here:


Would you rather get…

A. Facial Peel
B. Botox
C. IV Therapy / IV Vitamin Infusions
D. All of the above 😉

Let us know your answer in the comments!


Have you been losing more hair than normal?

Take our free online Hormone Deficiency Test in the comfort of your home. It’s easy to do and only takes a few minutes to fill out. Find out if your hormones are the culprit.


Photos from Metro MediSpa's post 03/11/2022

Wait, my fillers can migrate? 😦

Filler migration is where dermal fillers move from the injection site to another part of the body.

“With the rise in popularity of face fillers in recent years, there have never been more clinics offering cosmetic injectables; nevertheless, this has resulted in an influx of poorly educated, unprofessional injectors.”

💥How can you prevent this?

✔Select an experienced provider to do the injections and strictly adhere to their directions.
✖Do not push on your treated area for a full day following your filler injection unless directed otherwise.
✖Do not overdo your facial motions; regular facial movements will assist your fillers in settling into position and smoothing out.
✖Do not exercise on the day of your filler injections.

Why does it happen at all? Check this out for a few explanations…


Fasting? Have we heard of her? 🙅

Who wants to fast and restrict yourself from everything to eat when food tastes so good?

Introducing Prolon: The Fasting Plan that Lets You Eat. 😮

❓What is it?

👉It’s a meal kit that comes to you with 5 days worth of food, specifically developed to help fight hunger and lose weight while protecting lean body mass.

Trim down your waistline without changing your routine. 👍

Call the spa today for more information. 📞910-685-6968


“Hop in, we’re going to the spa!” 🚗

If you’re in need of a little pampering, schedule an appointment with Dr. Odom!



Have you ever wanted to know if you’re deficient in any hormones, without going to the doctors and spending money on extensive lab panels?

Try out our Online Hormone Deficiency Test to see if your levels are lower than normal. It’s easy to fill out PLUS it only takes a few minutes to complete!



What are the Benefits of PRP Facial?

✔The procedure is minimally-invasive and non-surgical
✔There is little to no recovery time. Little time may be needed for redness and soreness from the injection to disappear.
✔The treatment can also smooth out lines and wrinkles to rejuvenate skin appearance and youthfulness

Intrested in learning more? Head to our website:


Skin tip: Sleep! 😴


Let's be honest, menopause kinda stinks… There's the hot flashes, mood swings or depression, discomfort during s*x, insomnia, and more but we won't take up your time listing them all.

But what if we told you that you could treat the symptoms of menopause with hormone replacement therapy? 🙎😮

Going through menopause, your ovaries produce less estrogen and progesterone, and these changes in your hormone levels cause uncomfortable symptoms.

HRT helps lessen the symptoms of menopause, so you can get back to feeling like your usual self. 👍

Take our online hormone deficiency test to see if HRT would be right for you!



For Our Men →💥Testosterone injections💥

These are the most traditional and inexpensive delivery methods for hormone replacement therapy. The injections are intramuscular, meaning they are administered directly into the muscle to be promptly absorbed into the bloodstream.

Each dose is given between 2 and 10 weeks apart, depending on the custom treatment plan with Dr. Odom!

Ready to start feeling like your old self again? Schedule an appointment today!


💋LIP FILLER💋⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
A little dermal filler in the lips can give you a subtle transformation that will have your friends wondering - what's your secret! Injectables should always highlight your natural features, not distract from them. ⠀⠀⠀

Get the plump, kissable lips that you’ve been waiting for. 😚


Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️ Treat yourself to our monthly special.

👉Get the VI peel for $150 (1/2 off) with the purchase of any other service!


Hair loss can be frustrating, especially when you’ve tried every new shampoo or trend and nothing has worked to fix it.

Your hair thrives on the nutrition it gets from your blood supply in your hair follicles. Healthy hair follicles = healthy hair.

PRP helps to generate more healthy hair follicles, stimulating hair growth! 💁

Get the details here 👉


One Signature Peel We Offer: The VI Peel ✨

👉The VI Peel is a medium-depth chemical peel and one of the esthetic industry's latest and greatest peel options because it works quickly without prolonged post-treatment recovery time.
This chemical peel by Vitality Institute Medical Products works to even out fine lines and wrinkles, resurface pockmarks and large pores, lighten sunspots, and stimulate the natural production of collagen with a powerhouse potion of TCA, phenol, salicylic acid, vitamin C, and tretinoin.

⏳The VI Peel usually only takes 30 minutes or so to complete and should be gently washed off a few hours later per your esthetician's timeframe recommendation. Your skin will begin to peel three days post-treatment.



Benefits of botox… need we say more?

📆Get an appointment with us today.


February: The month of loving your skin! 🌸

👉This month, get a VI peel for $150 (1/2 off) with the purchase of any other service!

📆Get an appointment with us today.


Winter is the time to hibernate and relax, so it can be hard to find the motivation to move your body when it’s cold outside and the sun sets early.

A few ideas to stay warm inside and still get some exercise:

✔Yoga in a studio
✔Going to the gym
✔Consider trying a dance class!

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You… Only Better. Inside and Out
Our procedures are performed by a Board Certified Doctor. Dr. Odom knows how to get the BEST results for her clients wit...
Chemical peels can help or reduce…✔ Discoloration from sun damage✔ Fine lines and wrinkles✔ Acne Scars✔ Pre-cancerous le...
Here are 6 benefits to IV Therapy. If you are curious to learn more, give us a call.
Happy New Years!
Video #7 of PRP Liquid Facelift. Dr Odom is again just adding the PRP to the areas that had filler and need improvement,...
Video #6 of the PRP Liquid Facelift. Dr Odom is now injecting the PRP in the same location as the filler to aid in the r...
Video #6 of the PRP Liquid Facelift. Dr Odom is now injecting the PRP in the same location as the filler to aid in the r...
Video #4 of the PRP Liquid Facelift. Here Dr. Odom is adding lyft to those lines you get around your mouth from smiling ...
Video #5 of PRP Liquid Facelift. Here  Dr Odom is working on the tear trough, by adding PRP you could expect to see an i...
Video #4 of the PRP Liquid Facelift. Here Dr. Odom is adding lyft to those lines you get around your mouth from smiling ...
Video #3 of the PRP Liquid Facelift. At this point Dr Odom is working on his jawline, an area that really keeps a man lo...





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