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TWW offers professional and mindful therapeutic massage, cupping and private + group yoga classes customized to each client’s unique goals and needs.

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This photo is from back in January when I participated in a 5 day human cadaver lab working with untreated tissue studying fascia and human anatomy with in Boulder, CO.

There are no words that fully encompass how deeply transformative, powerful, beautiful, and meaningful this experience was to me, especially considering that I got to do it along side some of my very favorite humans and fellow anatomy nerds.

I saved some reflections from the first 4 days of lab under a highlight titled “Cadaver Lab” in case you want to read more about it!

I’m already planning for my next lab! If you’re a Bodyworker or anyone interested in diving deeper in your understanding and experiencing of the human body - do it do it DO IT!!!!

If you have any questions drop them in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them! 🤍

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It’s been a while so I needed to check in! More detailed updates went out this morning to my email list.

If you’d like to become established as a client the link to schedule your first session is in my bio 📲

Feel free to comment below or reach out with any questions! Forever grateful for YOU 🤍🌊✨🪶


So grateful to be a part of this incredible and life changing program 💜 Part III begins in April!

Congratulations to our most recent graduates of Anatomy Trains Structural integration (ATSI) Structural Strategies/Part II. We are grateful to our inspiring teaching team of Kelly Chadwick, Cristy Harper, Michele Wren and Shannon Fallon, to our support team and outside models from the community, and most importantly to our intrepid students.

Thank you to everyone for carefully following all our Covid protocols and caring for each other with such kindness. We cannot wait to see you back in Maine for Part III!


Two years ago today this sweet little collective, Masonboro Massage + Wellness, was born.

My first private studio was an awkward little room nestled in the back corner of a much larger multi-use space. I’d found it on Craigslist - it was cheap, walking distance from my home, the landlord was a total as***le, and restrooms were shared with the employees of the bar next door (that part was downright awful, believe me 🤦🏼‍♀️)

I rented my first space for a year, signing the lease way before I was ready in January, and not officially working there full time until that September. When my time in that space reached its close, miraculously, the most perfect little studio in a building directly across the street opened up. I jumped in head first - amidst the self doubt of how I would even be able to afford moving from my little solo room to a space 4x it’s size, over 3x the rent, complete with 3 treatment rooms, a private bathroom, lobby, and break room.

The thing is, when something is meant for you - it just works. Even if you’re terrified, ESPECIALLY if you’re terrified. You just have to jump. You have to do the things that scare you.

I launched MMW as a full time pre-Med student with no start up capital, in the middle of processing debilitating trauma, zero business education, and with very little emotional support - yet here we are today, a lease signed for another two years and a million new opportunities for growth on the horizon.

If you’ve been dreaming of starting that thing - whether it be launching your business, committing to consistent Bodywork, or anything in between - let this be your sign. I’ll always be here, cheering you on 👏🏽✨🌾

To everyone who’s shared a piece of this journey, from the very bottom of my 🤍, thank you. I am so damn grateful.

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How does a Cupping session with me work?

During your intake, we will discuss your areas of discomfort, postural habits, health history, and goals for the session. I combine this information with visual assessments to create a treatment plan that is unique for YOU + your body.

Our session will follow the treatment plan we co-create during your intake process, and I will incorporate Cupping Therapy as needed or requested throughout the session.

For example, if your goals include a full body session but your areas of discomfort or restriction are limited to your neck and upper back, we may do a full body massage and just incorporate cupping in those extra “sticky” and painful regions discussed (for example, your neck and upper back, and any tissue that feeds into those specific pain patterns.)

I use Cupping therapy as a tool to synergize with manual Massage therapy techniques - bringing you more powerful + long lasting benefits from your treatment as compared with having received manual Massage therapy alone.

There are countless applications for Cupping therapy, which is why I’ll never know exactly which techniques, body locations, or even types of cups I’ll be using until we sit down and talk in person, and until I can get you on the table and feel what is going on in your body ✨

What questions do you have about Cupping Therapy? If you haven’t tried it yet, what’s holding you back?

P.S. The cups I’m using here are the Zen cup and the Edge cup from my friends . Use code TWW10 to save a little $$ on your own Zen and Edge sets! 💰


Hi friends! It’s been a while since I’ve shared some policy reminders, so here we go:

📲 SCHEDULING: Please book online! There’s a link for my scheduling page in my bio. You can always email, text, or DM (in that order, please!) with Qs or to request to get on my waitlist if I don’t have anything open that works for you. I do tend to fill up several weeks in advance, so please consider booking your appts ahead of time. I always post last minute openings in my IG stories and also send an email blast out with openings several times a month.

🦠 COVID: As the momma of it’s my job to help keep not only my clients, but the clients of my coworkers safe + healthy as well. Before your first visit you will receive a text with our Covid procedures. But simply put: text to check in when you arrive, wait in your car until your therapist tells you to come in, wear a damn mask 😷, wash your hands upon entering, and please - if you’re feeling funky, stay home!

⏰ CANCELLATION: I require a 24 hour notice for all cancellations and reschedules. Failure to notify me outside of this window will result in a fee equal to the value of the session scheduled. Online scheduling requires a card on file to help safeguard my business against last minute cancels + no shows.

Thanks, as always, for your continued love + support. Navigating small business ownership in a global pandemic is no freaking joke but thanks to y’all I’m thriving + only continuing to grow 💕

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What are your go-to tools for self care and self massage? 👐🏽🔥❄️🎾

Massage Therapists - what tools do you recommend to your clients in your practice?

Everyone: is there anything else YOU would add to this list? I’m curious! 👇🏽👇🏽

👉🏽 Check out the link in my bio to save 💸 on my fave Cups from ! And also check out my self care shopping list under the “Self Care Shop - Amazon faves” tab!


When I was younger, I always had this vision of myself working in a space of my own creation. I could see the bright natural light, an abundance of plants, the ocean-colored hues I’ve always been drawn to. I could see myself as a facilitator of some sort of healing modality (even way back before I knew what that modality was.) I saw myself wearing clothes that made me feel comfortable and beautiful, uncovered tattoos and the option to go make-up free without having to feel like I looked “unprofessional.”

Most of all, I envisioned a space where I could bring my dogs with me to work every day (long before I even had dogs of my own.)

Sometimes, in between clients, I’ll lay with my pups on the floor of the sweet little studio of this beautiful business that I singlehandedly built from scratch, and I’ll think to myself - how is this real? This vision I’ve seen in my head for longer than I can remember, and it’s here - it is the very sustenance of my life.

I’m a firm believer in the ability to manifest our realities. Sometimes, we manifest our dreams so subtly and for so long that before we even realize it, we’re living them. Finding myself here, thriving, in this space - it’s a dream come true.

I’m calling in big things for myself in 2021, and I’m sure in your own ways you are, too. So here’s a gentle reminder: may we never forget to give gratitude for the magic that’s brought us here, and along this journey, may we never stop pursuing our dreams 💫✨


Gua sha, or scraping, is a form of - or, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization.

I use scraping tools in conjunction with manual massage, cupping therapy, heat, stretching, and other modalities to impact lasting change in the tissue, leading to long term pain relief for my clients.

Scraping helps to break up “tight” adhered tissues, coaxes healthy blood flow back into a region that subsequently was under restriction, encourages mobility, and in turn helps the body heal from destructive + restrictive muscular and myofasical pain patterns.

Like many Bodywork techniques, the region being worked may feel tender or sore the next day, but adequate water intake, rest, and gentle stretching helps to minimize this very short term side effect.

What questions do you have about Scraping? Let me know!! 👇🏽👇🏽


Cupping is a vacuum therapy, utilizing negative pressure (pulling up on the tissue) instead of the positive pressure (pushing down) that we’re used to in most traditional Bodywork modalities. Cupping is like deep tissue massage in reverse; when used in conjunction with therapeutic massage, Cupping can help to greatly maximize the therapeutic effects of your Bodywork session, so results last longer + are more profound. ⠀

When applied, Cups create space in dense layers of tissue by lifting and separating, additionally helping to pull fresh blood into the tissue, which carries in oxygen + nutrients and carries out metabolic waste products, in effect “detoxifying” the muscle. ⠀

Generally Cups are applied anywhere the tissue feels “tight,” restricted, or tender, or along various muscular landmarks when addressing a specific issue or pain pattern. Cupping may feel a little intense or strange at first, but should never be painful and sensations typically subside altogether within 30-60 seconds of Cup application. ⠀

What questions do you have about Cupping Therapy? Let me know here 👇🏽 or in a DM 📲+ I’ll do my best to answer in future Cup FAQ posts!

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