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Serving Wilmington and Southport, NC (North Carolina) - Dr. Gregory L. Richardson is your orthodontic specialist, offering Invisalign® and braces for children, teens, and adults.

At the office of Dr. Gregory L. Richardson, we strive to make our patients feel as though they have known us for years. Our goal is to make each patient comfortable and welcome while offering them the highest quality treatment possible. We offer interceptive treatment for children, as well as traditional metal and ceramic braces for teens. Adults and teens can take advantage of Invisalign, a system of removable clear aligners. After treatment, our patients receive two sets of retainers to keep their smiles looking beautiful. Contact our office to schedule your free initial consultation. We offer convenient hours, including appointments before and after school.

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[04/08/21]   It is never too late to get that perfect smile. Although most associate braces with adolescents we believe that there should be nothing holding you back from a great smile. No matter what your age is we can help you with your teeth.

[04/05/21]   If you really detest the idea of having brackets on the front of your teeth, you can choose to have lingual braces instead. These are virtually the same as metal braces, but the brackets are placed on the back of the teeth.

[04/01/21]   The length of your teeth alignment treatment is determined by the type of braces you choose to wear. The fastest-oh you working braces are metal, while the slowest are clear braces, depending on the severity of your misalignment.

[03/29/21]   A century ago, braces looked very different than they do today. In the early 1900s, orthodontists used materials like gold, platinum, silver, and steel to form loops, hooks, spurs, and ligatures designed to move the teeth.

[03/25/21]   Orthodontic treatment leads to a more attractive appearance and healthier teeth. Teeth that are crooked or do not fit together correctly in your mouth are harder to clean and more susceptible to decay and periodontal disease.

[03/22/21]   Did you know that x-rays were not routinely used in orthodontic treatment until the 1950s? Today, diagnostic and monitoring x-rays are an instrumental part of any orthodontic treatment regimen.

[03/18/21]   Crooked teeth are not only not aesthetically pleasing but they can cause many different types of problems over the long term. This includes a higher risk for both tooth decay and periodontal disease.

[03/15/21]   Did you know that all of your expensive orthodontic work can be undermined by not wearing your retainer? In fact, some 25 percent of all people who have worn braces compromise their orthodontics treatment by not wearing their retainers afterward.

[03/12/21]   Did you know that American Edward H. Angle devised the first simple classification system for malocclusion (Class I, Class II, etc.) that is still in use today? Basically, this system enabled dentists to describe how crooked teeth are.

[03/09/21]   If you are undergoing orthodontic treatment, avoiding sugary and starchy foods and drinks is essential. These foods attract bacteria. This bacteria hardens and turns into plaque. As a result the plaque can remove the calcium on your teeth and cause permanent white spots on your teeth.

[03/05/21]   If you’ve always had digestive issues, you may simply assume that you just have a more sensitive digestive system than most. In many cases, it’s possible that getting braces to correct your alignment will allow you to chew your food more thoroughly, decreasing the stress on your digestive system.

[03/02/21]   Usually during orthodontic treatment, you will need to see your orthodontist about every month or so. This way, he or she can make sure that the braces are exerting steady pressure on the teeth in order to move them properly.

[02/26/21]   How do braces work? The wires are strung through brackets on the front of your child’s teeth. The wires are tightened or loosened over time to create the pressure needed to adjust the teeth or jaw to slowly move them into the proper position.

[02/23/21]   An orthodontic expander or fan-type expander is an orthodontic appliance that is used to widen the front upper arch without widening the back one. Fan-type expanders use metal bands placed over 6-year molars that are attached through metal bars to the body of the device, which is held together and adjusted by an expansion screw.

[02/19/21]   It’s not unusual for children to wear braces at a very young age, but parents should be thinking about them even earlier. Experts suggest that parents examine their child’s teeth when they are first coming in to evaluate for cross bites, teeth crowding, and other problems fixed with braces.

[02/16/21]   Did you know that there are braces out there that are virtually invisible? Not only do these braces offer aesthetic benefits, but they allow the wearer to eat and drink almost anything that they like, as they are more like a mouth-guard made of plastic than traditional braces.

[02/12/21]   In the 1950s and 1960s, orthodontics was seen as something that was only cosmetic in purpose. However, experts now know that orthodontic treatment can have a tremendous impact on issues related to chewing and speaking.

[02/09/21]   Did you know that the very first braces in the early 20th century were made out of gold? The valuable metal wasn’t as expensive as it is today, and the malleability of gold made it a good choice for the brackets and arch wires that are part of traditional braces.

[02/05/21]   If you are wondering how long you will need to use your braces, understand that the time required for braces varies, depending on several factors. This includes the severity of the problem, the amount of room available, the distance the teeth must travel, the health of the gum and supporting bone, and how closely the patient follows instructions.

[02/02/21]   Did you know that braces actually alter the bone tissue in your mouth? Unfortunately, this treatment typically takes many months or even years, since your teeth must be moved into their new positions slowly and carefully.

[01/29/21]   An overbite occurs when your upper teeth overlap with your lower teeth. Conversely, an underbite occurs when your lower teeth jut out you’re your front teeth. Both conditions can cause jaw problems. These bite issues can be treated with orthodontic care.

[01/26/21]   Although children and teenagers may worry about getting teased for wearing braces or a retainer, they'll be glad they did once their braces are off and their teeth are straight.

[01/22/21]   When is the best time to see an orthodontist? The American Association of Orthodontics says the average age is 10, which is quite a change from decades ago when the average age to get orthodontic care was the mid 20s.

[01/19/21]   Despite how thin dental floss is, it can still have trouble getting between teeth that are too close together. Since this can allow bacteria to build up on the gums and cause periodontal disease, getting braces could provide the extra space you need between your teeth.

[01/15/21]   If one of the wires from your braces breaks, it's possible to develop a mouth sore from where it rubs. When this happens, rinsing your mouth with warm salt water can help.

[01/12/21]   Depending on the severity of the crooked teeth in your mouth, braces may not be your only option. In some cases, wearing a special retainer can do the same thing as braces do.

[01/08/21]   Teeth that have not been straightened with braces can be so crooked or close together that it is almost impossible to keep them clean and prevent cavities and gum infections. Braces help promote teeth that are healthy and properly cared for over the long term.

[01/05/21]   When you eat, you will need to take out your retainer. However, put it in a safe place so that it does not accidently get thrown away with a lunch tray or lunch bag. Retainers can be expensive to replace!

[01/01/21]   One type of braces that has become popular in recent years is Invisalign braces. Zia Chishti invented these to provide patients with the option of removable braces. These transparent, removable, and moldable braces can be taken out for teeth cleaning.

[12/29/20]   Orthodontic treatment is tailored to include a variety of options that garner the best results for each patient. For example, the orthodontist may choose to only treat the maxillary or mandibular teeth, use various appliances throughout your treatment, or perform extractions to make your treatment most successful.

[12/25/20]   Braces seem like they would be a fairly modern invention, but you might be surprised to learn how long braces have been around. While very primitive compared to today’s orthodontic technology, the first set of braces were installed in 1728 by French doctor Pierre Fauchard.

[12/22/20]   If an orthodontist had a nickel for every retainer their patients lose, they could probably retire pretty early. It’s very important to carry your retainer case with your wherever you go. People might accidentally throw away a napkin with your retainer on it, but not many people will throw away a brightly colored case.

[12/18/20]   You may think of braces as something for teens, pre-teens, or both. But adults are a mainstay of national market for braces. Several studies have indicated that about one out of every five new sets of braces in 2012 was placed on the teeth of an adult.


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[12/15/20]   A child should first visit an orthodontist no later than the age of 7. Early intervention frequently makes the completion of treatment at a later age easier and less time-consuming. Our goal is to get your pearly whites to a perfect smile in as little time as possible and visiting with your child early will help make this possible.





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