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Great office and great staff. My daughter Leah had a pleasant experience of getting her " hardware " placed. My wife, Ava, and I were well treated and informed of Leah's orthodontic treatment. I without a doubt will continue to recommend you to my patients.
Trevor D. McDonald,RDH Brush Dental Care

Serving Wilmington and Southport, NC (North Carolina) - Dr. Gregory L. Richardson is your orthodonti At the office of Dr. Gregory L.

Richardson, we strive to make our patients feel as though they have known us for years. Our goal is to make each patient comfortable and welcome while offering them the highest quality treatment possible. We offer interceptive treatment for children, as well as traditional metal and ceramic braces for teens. Adults and teens can take advantage of Invisalign, a system of removable clear aligners. A

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We know it’s a pain but wear your retainer! Retainers preserve and stabilize your results from orthodontic treatment. They are the best way to control or limit changes in tooth position. You don’t want your perfect teeth and hard work to go to waste because you didn’t wear your retainer.


Did you know that in most cases straight teeth will collect less plaque than crooked ones? Untreated orthodontic issues can lead to a much higher risk of periodontal (gum) disease.


Basically, fixed braces include metal bands that are cemented to the molars and metal brackets that are directly bonded to the enamel of front teeth. A stainless steel archwire is then used to connect these bands and brackets and effectively move and straighten the teeth.


The main benefit of ceramic braces is that they blend into the teeth making them harder to detect. They do however stain more easily if not treated properly, and they cost more than standard metal braces.


In modern orthodontics, sometimes rubber bands are used to align the upper jaw, or maxilla, with the lower jaw, or mandible. In order to be effective, the rubber bands need to be worn at least 14 hours per day.


Did you know that, over time, crooked teeth can put extra pressure on certain parts of your mouth and can even lead to serious complications later on in life? Dental braces provide a permanent solution for fixing your teeth and giving you a healthy smile for years to come.


Why can’t braces be kept on longer so retainers aren’t necessary? No matter how long you wear braces, there is a period of time after they are removed when it is natural for your teeth to “reorganize” and move back in the opposite direction. Retainers often are invisible and behind the teeth, since the same amount of pressure needed to move your teeth in the first place isn’t required to keep them in place.


Your dentist or orthodontist will rely on a full examination that includes a plaster model of your teeth, X-rays and the dental history of your family to determine if any treatment is necessary.


The earliest braces in America in the early 1900s relied heavily on gold, along with platinum, silver and steel. Gold was popular because it was easy to shape and didn't sell for more than $1,000 an ounce in those days!


Did you know that braces can be used to treat TMJ? TMJ issues are usually caused by the lower jaw being positioned so far back that the blood vessels and nerves of the joint become compressed.


Do you know why it took dentists so long to invent the modern bonded orthodontic bracket? The bracket was actually invented earlier, but the formulation for the adhesive wasn’t perfected until the 1970s.


Why are braces used? After creating a bite mold and examining your child's teeth and jaws, we can explain what braces are necessary and how they slowly move the teeth into their proper location.


The science behind orthodontics has changed since the 1990s, when the average age of an orthodontic patient was between 23 and 26.


Although you may be most interested in getting braces as a way to correct a crooked smile, your smile isn’t always the primary concern. Instead, moving your teeth into their most functional position can help to correct your smile and protect your teeth from abnormal wear.


Are you following the recommended daily oral health maintenance? It is recommended that you brush your teeth twice a day and floss daily.


Orthodontists can address issues with your jaw. If your jaw cracks or shifts often, or if your teeth grind, we can help fix the problem.


Did you know that crooked, misaligned teeth can actually lead to headaches, TMJ syndrome, and neck, shoulder, and back pain? This is because the placement of the teeth can cause extra stress on the surrounding muscles.


It’s important to remember that the incorrect spacing between your teeth can do more than hinder your self-confidence when you smile. When your teeth are too close together, it can make it difficult to clean your teeth when brushing and flossing.


When should a child first see an orthodontist? Experts say a first exam when a child is 6 or 7 years can help to uncover issues that can be handled with early orthodontic care that can make later more traditional orthodontic treatment – when a child is 11 or 12 – easier and more successful.


What is a "malocclusion?" That’s the medical term that orthodontists use to describe a bad bite. That can be the result of too many teeth, gaps between teeth, or jaw issues. Two of the most common issues are underbites and overbites.


While wearing braces will keep you from eating some of your favorite foods, there are ways to enjoy some foods that are usually considered off limits. Hard fruits like apples and pears can be eaten after being peeled and cooked. You can even eat small slices of raw apple if you carefully use only your back teeth.


Orthodontia can be a smart investment, as the early preventative measures can be less costly than the dental care required to treat more serious issues that can develop in later years. Untreated orthodontic problems can lead to everything from periodontal disease to abnormal wear of tooth surfaces.


Did you know that the first official use of the word “braces” began in the early 1900s? For early braces, dentists used a variety of materials depending on what they had on hand, including ivory, wood, copper, zinc, and gold.


Depending on the type of dental insurance you have, getting braces may still be fairly expensive for your family. Let’s talk about the total cost of your child’s orthodontic care and what kind of payment arrangements we might be able to extend to you.


It’s important to remember that the functional position of your teeth within your mouth can make or break your ability to properly chew your food. If improper chewing is wreaking havoc on your digestive system, it’s smart to consider braces to correct your bite.


Are you an adult considering visiting us for an orthodontic evaluation? You aren't alone, according to statistics from the American Association of Orthodontics. The percentage of adults getting orthodontic treatment increased 24 percent between 1982 and 2008.


Both Aristotle and Hippocrates included thoughts in their writings about straightening teeth and correcting dental problems that apparently were common in ancient times.


Did you know that today’s braces can be made out of a variety of materials that can either make them less noticeable or give you your own sense of style? Individuals can choose braces in various colors or even clear braces that are virtually unnoticeable.


Training your teeth to stay in their newly straightened position isn't the only reason to wear a retainer after braces come off. Your jaw and gums still need to stabilize around the new teeth positioning.


Did you know that braces in the early 1900s used to wrap around each tooth? Today, orthodontic brackets are affixed to the teeth using a very specialized form of chemical glue, which acts more like Velcro.


The easiest and safest way to eat changes just a little when you get braces. Your orthodontist will offer specific advice, but in general, the idea is not to take big bites of food. Get into the habit of cutting foods into smaller servings and stay away from hard, sticky candy that can cause all sorts of problems!


Invisalign braces are transparent, removable and moldable braces. Instead of wearing just one pair, unlike regular metal braces, a series or braces are worn in succession, each set created by a computer. Aside from being transparent, another benefit is that they can be removed for teeth cleaning.


Orthodontic bands can be made of stainless steel, clear, or tooth-colored materials that are cemented to the teeth with dental bonding agents. They are designed to wrap around each tooth to provide an anchor for the brackets.


Crude metals have been used in order to make crooked teeth straight for thousands of years. Even the ancient Greeks used dental appliances to maintain proper teeth space and alignment. These same dental appliances were used quite successfully to prevent the collapsing of teeth also.


No matter what your oral hygiene was like prior to having braces, it's a good idea to carry a toothbrush with you once you get them. You may find it necessary to brush after every meal.


The extended use of a pacifier can create orthodontic problems later on for a young person. This can cause the upper teeth to extend beyond the lower teeth, creating an improper bite.


Did you know that braces can be traced all the way back to the ancient Egyptians? In fact, it’s believed that the Egyptians were the first to wear braces. Mummies from as far back as 1,000 BC have been found with crude metal braces and even gold ones.


Do I have to change what I eat at all while I’m wearing braces? Your orthodontist will provide specific advice, but in general, avoiding food that has plenty of sugar is a smart idea. Sugar in foods can increase your chances of getting cavities and other dental problems.


My child has a gap between his front teeth. Will that require braces? Your orthodontist can offer a definitive answer; but in many cases, gaps create problems and should be addressed. Many people do not like the look of their smile with gaps between their teeth, which can make it appear that a tooth is missing.


Many concerns about braces are simply longstanding myths. For example, with today’s braces, it is virtually impossible for a pair of amorous teens or adults with braces to lock together while kissing. People with braces also don’t have to worry about air travel, because braces will not set off metal detectors.





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