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Dr. Lois Beard Martin is a board-certified medical & cosmetic dermatologist with over 25 years of experience. She is a dermatologic surgeon expert in diseases & surgery of the skin, veins, hair, & nails, as well as skin care, cosmetic services & fillers.

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One of our favorite products and a must have for a topical antioxidant!✨ The award winningπŸ₯‡ Alto Defense Serum by Skin Better Science should be used daily to protect your skin from from the harmful effects of environmental damage caused by free radical scavengers. This powerful antioxidant not only protects the skin, but it also improves the appearance of uneven skin tone and redness.πŸ™Œ Available at Carolina Skin & Vein Center. πŸ’œ


The days are getting warmer which means we all will be spending more time outside!😎 Make sure to protect your face from the sun with the DOC MARTIN MINERAL MAGIC!😎 This is an easy to apply SPF 50 mineral sunscreen powder that is small enough to keep in your purse! πŸ‘œ Sold exclusively at Carolina Skin & Vein Center.


Retinol is so beneficial for all skin types and comes in a variety of strengths. However, Retinol is weaker than Retin-A (Tretinoin), which can be prescribed by your dermatologist. πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€βš•οΈ
Tretinoin is a derivative of Vitamin A, and tends to be a bit more aggressive than retinol. Those who are oily or have tolerant skin are best suited for tretinoin. Retinol is also a derivative of Vitamin A and may be more suitable for those with sensitive skin. Both are great for anti-aging & can help prevent wrinkles! ✨
Call us ☎️ (910) 509-4116 & make an appointment to see which one is best for your skin. 🧐


When's the last time you had a full body scan to check your moles? πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ 🀷🏽 It's important to monitor previous moles, and the ones that have recently appeared. We recommend a full screening at least once a year. Make an appointment to have Dr. Lois Beard Martin give you a thorough body scan from head to toe!πŸ§πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€βš•οΈ


As the days get warmerβ˜€οΈ this is your friendly reminder that there is NO such thing as a healthy tan.😎 Please remember to wear sunscreen daily if you are outside for an extended period of time. Our # 1 goal is to keep your skin healthy and looking it's best! πŸ₯°


Have you ever wondered how much filler you need?πŸ’‰πŸ€” Or wondered when it comes to filler dosing what does it look like in ml amounts?πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ This chart is a good visualization that can help put it in perspective.
When it comes to injectables and fillersπŸ’‰, Dr. Lois Beard Martin has a LESS IS MORE approach. Her goal is to achieve beautiful results that look natural and not "overdone". If your goal is to look younger while looking natural at the same time, then Dr. Martin is the doctor for you!πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€βš•οΈπŸ‘


Happy TWOSDAY! πŸ€—
In celebration of 2-22-22 we are having a FLASH SALE ✨ to beautify and tighten your Face & Neck!

Purchase this awesome package of services that includes a FACE & NECK CHEMICAL PEEL with our amazing aesthetician Gina ,and receive the Lois Beard Martin NECK & TUCK CREAM ...all for ONLY $222! πŸŽ‰


Dermatologists have extensive training in diagnosing and treating more than 3,000 diseases of the skin, hair, and nails as well as cosmetic concerns. This photo shows just a few conditions that we treat at Carolina Skin & Vein Center, and the list goes on. If you have any concerns that need to be diagnosed, please give us a call to make an appointment. We are here to keep you healthy and loving the skin you are in! πŸ₯°


Your skin is thirsty for Vitamin C! Quench it with the Doc Martin Super C Serum.🍊 With 20% Vitamin C Active Complex, this time released serum will help BUILD collagen, BRIGHTEN the skin, and PROTECT it by fighting free radicals. πŸ’ͺVitamin C serum is a must have in your skincare arsenal and we have the very best at Carolina Skin & Vein Center.✨


Looking for a skincare regimen that actually TRANSFORMS the skin! πŸ™‹πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ™‹πŸ» We've got you covered with the Skinbetter Science Even Tone Correcting Serum and AlphaRet Overnight Cream. Achieve amplified improvement of skin discoloration by pairing this powerful duo together. Just check out the amazing before and after results seen here!🀩

For best results: Twice daily application of Even Tone Correcting Serum and evening application of AlphaRet Overnight Cream.


to keep you looking your best! πŸ€—


Looking for the perfect gift for your Valentine?πŸ™‹πŸ» We've got you covered with a gift certificate for a plumped pout!πŸ’‹


It's the best time of year to peel! ✨ Although you can choose to get a chemical peel any time of the year, the best time to book your appointment is fall and winter. WHY? Because the sun is weaker then, so after the dead skin peels off and you have that beautiful fresh new glowing skin underneath, it won’t be injured by the sun as easily. Chemical peels are designed to remove dry, summer-damaged skin to reveal smoother, more hydrated skin underneath. πŸ’«πŸ€—
Book an appointment with our master esthetician, Gina and let's get your skin glowing!


STILL YOU...with fewer lines and less wrinkles.πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ™‹πŸ½πŸ‘Schedule your Botox appointment with us today.


Did you know the same filler that is used on your face is also a treatment for stretched earlobes?πŸ‘‚πŸ»πŸ’‰ It's a thing- and it's becoming increasingly popular around the country. All you need is a drop or 2 of Restylane or JuvΓ©derm hyaluronic acid to plump up the area & lift stretched lobes. The results are immediate, and the filler can last up to 18 months. πŸ‘
So now the damage from years of wearing heavy earrings can be repaired without surgery... if the lobe isn't too far gone. The injections will also prevent delicate lobes from ripping, and provide extra cushioning for heavy jewelry! πŸ’Žβœ¨
If you suffer from sagging earlobes, & you need some extra lift, give us a call to schedule an appointment! (910) 509-4116 ☎️ We are here to help!πŸ˜‰


Valentine's Day is just around the corner. We have gift certificates available that can be used for services and skincare that would be perfect for your Valentine.πŸ₯°


Do you have a skin concern that needs to be treated or diagnosed? Give us a call to schedule an appointment! (910) 509-4116☎️ Your "healthy" skin is our top priority. πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€βš•οΈ


Lets talk about bruising with injections...
Bruising is the most common side-effect associated with fillers, especially when injected into the lips or tear troughs. Bruising is a perfectly NORMAL RESPONSE to injections of any kind, not just fillers. πŸ’‰There is no need to be alarmed when a small amount of bruising occurs. If you are at all worried about bruising with an injection chat with us and we can give you tips and recommendations on how to prevent and reduce bruising for best results.πŸ€—


Get kissable lips just in time for Valentine's Day!πŸ‘„β€οΈ Our collection of JuvΓ¨derm fillers can help you achieve natural looking, plumper lips that will have you ready for your Valentine.πŸ₯° Give us a call to schedule an appointment!

Medical Services

Dr. Lois Beard Martin is a board certified medical and cosmetic dermatologist with over 20 years’ experience in the field. She is a dermatologic surgeon who is an expert in diseases and surgery of the skin, veins, hair, and nails. She specializes all dermatologic conditions of the skin, hair, nails, as well as extensive cosmetic services. Skin cancers, moles, acne, rashes, rosacea, warts, eczema, psoriasis, and spider and varicose veins, wrinkles, age spots, and scars are just a few of Dr. Martin’s areas of expertise and anti-aging procedures.

Dr. Martin is a holistic osteopathic physician who believes in assisting the body in its own ability to heal itself, both from the outside in and the inside out. She obtained her medical degree from the Ohio University College of Osteopathic medicine in Athens, Ohio. She graduated from the Dermatology Residency program at Pontiac Osteopathic Hospital in Pontiac, Michigan. Dr. Martin holds a B.A. in Chemistry from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

Dr. Martin’s years of experience and attention to detail are evident in her cosmetic procedures. She offers a full range of cosmetic services including injectables, fillers, peels, vein treatments, and numerous rejuvenation procedures.

We specialize in providing quality dermatological care for all ages from pediatric to geriatric conditions. Offering skin cancer screenings, biopsies, surgical excisions and removals. Our accessible staff will care for your entire family from the routine to most complex procedures. Our priority is to honor a deep commitment to provide quality medical expertise and patient education with compassion.

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