Shoreline Physical Therapy Sport and Spine Specialists

Shoreline Physical Therapy Sport and Spine Specialists


This was my third time using Shoreline Physical Therapy. Each time with different injuries, I've had superior help in getting mobility back. The staff is professional and pleasant to work with. I have continually told people about the group and wouldn't go anywhere else at this point.
Making sure that our clients are always happy with our service is always the way to go! 🐐

Thanks for the review Stephen of Shoreline Physical Therapy Sport and Spine Specialists!

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Hey guys! You are not going to believe this.. guess who tore their other rotator cuff?? Yep, this girl!! Surgery in a week, see you soon! 😩😩😩
Great instructors
I cannot speak highly enough of this practice as a whole...from those who greet you at the front desk to the PTs who provide treatment...they’re all a fabulous and fun team! Having a degree in exercise and a background in physical therapy (and having been a patient at different practices) I am picky about the practices I go to as I want knowledgeable and honest people working with me. Shoreline definitely fits the bill! They are patient, willing to try different approaches when something doesn’t work, they’re friendly and fun to work with!!!
I had been limping w/terrible knee & leg pain for a month.
Doug assessed my issues and had me start stretches to help relieve a pinched nerve.
He walked me through each stretch and encouraged me to do my homework.
In a few short weeks I was walking straighter and my pain is gone!

Thx Doug & Shoreline PT for all that you do!!!
Many of you know and love, Juvenal Junior Zarate Quezada our former beloved #15 Hammerheads Player. He is a loyal father, husband, son, brother, friend, teammate, and member of our El Cerro Grande Family. On May 3rd, after several medical tests, Junior learned from his doctor that he has Stage 4 Colon Cancer that has spread to his liver.

Junior and his beautiful wife Bessy are ready to fight this dreaded disease in every way possible. Junior is the father of 3 little girls, Polette (age 8), Athena (age 5), and Antonella who was just born on April 12th.

Junior currently does not have insurance. We wanted to reach out on behalf of the Zarate family and seek your prayers for his healing and invite you to join El Cerro Grande at 5120 S. College Rd. in Junction next MONDAY, JUNE 11, when Junior and his Family will receive 50% OF ALL SALES and any monetary donation you may wish to give Junior and his family to help with medical costs and any future needs he and his family may encounter while he undergoes treatment. Junior has been the “giver” in helping others for many years and now we have an opportunity to give back and show our support to him.

We appreciate your prayers and support! 🙏

Also, We appreciate the help from local companies supporting this cause Dr. Richard Butler, DDS & Associates, Shoreline Physical Therapy Sport and Spine Specialists, Carolina Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Specialists, Forever Vinyl Inc. and AmeriSpec Inspection Services
Good evening! Are y'all going to be open tomorrow (Friday)? Would appreciate verification of my appointment time, though that's not critical, and/or if it's gong to be delayed possibly? Thanks!
You are an awesome team...thanks so much when I needed your assistance..
2 of my friends at Shoreline Physical Therapy.
10lbs down!
Great accomplishment today! Touching the floor! With what I learned about proper back mechanics I am still pain free and living life to the fullest!! And 10 lbs Down looks pretty good too!!!
Love you guys!!!
Congratulations to Gabby and her husband Bobby on their wedding day. The bride was stunning!

Shoreline Physical Therapy Sport and Spine Specialists (SPT) officially formed August 1, 2011. SPT is co-owned by Doug Miller PT, MSPT, SCS, Cert. MDT.

MDT, Jai Isear PT, MS, LAT, ATC, and Steve Bright LAT, ATC, Cert. Along with Sue Butler PT, this clinical staff has been together as Carolina Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy for the past 3 years. SPT is a leader in evidence-based physical therapy practice. Some of our program highlights include Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy for treatment of spinal and extremity pain, lower extremity biomec

Operating as usual

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If you’re in pain, your first instinct is probably to rest. 🛌 Though this may feel good, it’s actually not the best answer when dealing with persistent pain. In fact, it's vital to your recovery to move your body if you want to get better. 🏃🏻‍♀️ If you’re ready to unlock the benefits of a customized therapeutic exercise plan, contact Shoreline Physical Therapy today. ⚡️


We will be closed to celebrate Christmas today and on December 26. We will be open December 27 bright and early at 7:00 am. Merry Christmas everyone!

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Your physical therapist can assist you in improving your performance by advising you on specific forms and techniques. Physical therapy aids in the recovery of injuries. Keep reading:

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At Shoreline Physical Therapy, our physical therapists can help you find ways to stay active no matter the season!

Learn more in our December newsletter:

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Are you experiencing shooting pain radiating down your leg? 🦵🏼Chances are, you may have sciatica. Sciatica can be painful and disruptive, but it is entirely treatable. ✅ Call one of our physical therapists today to make an appointment to have your sciatica treated once and for all. 📞

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Opioids create dependency as they do not solve painful issues. This is a frightening time, but there is a solution i.e. Physical Therapy. Physical therapy is a pain-relieving treatment that is natural, safe, and effective. Keep reading:

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As we age, we may find that it’s harder for us to keep our balance. This puts us at a risk of falling and injuring ourselves. Physical therapy can help with balance and gait issues.

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You’re not alone if you’ve been suffering from back pain. Physical therapy can help you manage your pain in a natural, quick, and efficient way. Read to know more:

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If you’ve recently gotten injured while on the job, you’re probably in recovery mode. Not knowing how long you’ll be unable to work can be quite stressful. A licensed physical therapist will be able assess your condition and help you heal quickly and safely.

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At Shoreline Physical Therapy, our physical therapists can help you find relief for your neck pain once and for all!

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Testimonial Tuesday:

Went to Shoreline for hip pain thinking it was age/arthritis related but after my consult with Jai he determined it was actually my back. So after prescribing some stretching exercises my hip felt extremely better in such a short time. Also had the opportunity to work with Steve & Doug. These folks know their stuff and make therapy a pleasant experience.
-Pam T

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Are your joints are painful, achy, or weak? Physical therapy can help gout patients restore their range of motion and provides arthritis pain relief. Read to learn more:

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Happy belated Halloween from the Shoreline crew! The Black Panther even paid us a visit.

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Is your arthritis pain making it difficult to complete simple tasks? Physical therapy can provide relief. Contact us today to learn more about our personalized treatment plans and to get started on the road to pain relief.

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Have you been suffering from debilitating headaches? Headaches are some of the most commonly treated headaches by a physical therapist. Read to know more:

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Are you looking for ways to help your child prevent sports injuries this season? Physical therapy is a great way to do that! A physical therapy conditioning program can increase an athlete’s fitness level, prepare them to transition back into playing games regularly, and help them make the most of this season.

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At Shoreline Physical Therapy, we can help relieve your sciatica pains so you can get back to living your life comfortably!

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Do you stretch regularly? Stretching is beneficial to everyone, from athletes aiming to improve their technique to seniors seeking relief from chronic aches and pains. Targeted stretches are incorporated into practically every physical therapy treatment plan. Learn to know more.

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Did you get hurt while participating in activity or sport? If you've suffered a sports injury, make an appointment with a physical therapist. Our team can help with sports injury treatment!

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It can be difficult to determine where your injury is, and it can also be difficult to determine if the injury you sustained is a sprain or a strain. Read to learn more

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Is knee pain preventing you from going about your daily routine? Our physical therapists can help you find knee pain relief naturally. Turn to physical therapy for relief! ☎️

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Are you living with arthritis? Arthritis can be extremely limiting to a person’s life, it is a disorder of the joints that millions of people live with. Continue reading

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Read our August newsletter to learn how to live a healthier life with physical therapy!

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Testimonial Tuesday:
I was introduced to Shoreline via Dr. Yeargan before I underwent stem cell therapy. Dr. Yeargan highly suggested a visit to Shoreline to have my gait checked out. Since my left knee replacement, I was having a lot of pelvic pain. After a visit with Jai, he advised me about the difference between the length of each of my legs, and how that affected my gait. Jai fitted me with custom orthotics. He has been working in this area for 20 years and it was quite apparent he knew what he was doing. Within a day of wearing the orthotics, my pelvic pain had diminished greatly. That was approximately a month ago. To date, no pain in my pelvic area! Truly a miracle for me! :)

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Is acute or chronic pain affecting your life? 🤕 Whatever condition you might be facing, our clinic doors are open. Our physical therapists are movement experts who possess the tools to get to the root cause of your pain. Call us today!

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When you wake up in the morning, do you feel achy? While aches and pains are common from time to time, waking up every morning with them can indicate a more serious problem.

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If you've been hurt while playing sports, don't ignore the pain and hope it goes away on its own! 🚴🏼‍♀️ It may worsen over time, keeping you out of the game for an even longer period of time. ⚽️ Instead, contact us to find relief.📱

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You know how limiting pain can be if you have been living with it for some time. Chronic pain is defined as pain that lasts three months or longer and it usually indicates the presence of an underlying illness that requires treatment.

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Back pain is common and if left untreated can radiate to the shoulders, arms, and legs. If you’re dealing with back pain take action by contacting our physical therapy clinic today.

Pain relief can be only a phone call away! 📲

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If you have been struggling with hip and knee pain for very long, it may feel like your pain is here to stay. After all, can you really get any lasting relief from serious joint pain?

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Do you suffer from pain when walking your dog or getting the mail? 🚶🏽‍♀️If you cannot walk without feeling discomfort, physical therapy may benefit you.

Contact us today to learn more!

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If you do have a herniated disc, what can you do about it? These questions don't have to add confusion and frustration to your physical woes.

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Tired of dealing with aches and pains? Learn more about how physical therapy can help you get the most out of your vacation in our newsletter! ☀️

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Is a sports injury keeping you on the bench? Physical therapy can help treat your recurring injuries and ensure you’re ready to get back in the game.

Contact us today to get started!

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Physical therapy is effective for avoiding unnecessary surgery and for developing a dependence on opioids. This is why physical therapy is often the first point of entry in the healthcare system for pain management.

Read more here!

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Are aches and pains getting the better of you? If so, you need to hear about manual therapy. This approach encompasses stretching, massage, and strengthening exercises to return the body to its proper mechanics.

Contact us today!

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When a person suffers from arthritis, particularly in a weight-bearing joint like the knee or hip, taking an opioid painkiller for relief can be a powerful temptation.

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Are you living with painful arthritis in your hands? It can be really hard to write, drive, or hold utensils with this condition. Physical therapists are experts at helping to relieve arthritis pain and discomfort.

Contact us today!

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If you spend your days hobbling painfully from your bed to your reclining chair and back, the notion of pursuing any kind of vigorous activity may be the furthest thing from your mind.

Read more here!

Our Story

Shoreline Physical Therapy Sport and Spine Specialists (SPT) officially formed August 1, 2011. SPT is co-owned by Doug Miller PT, MSPT, Cert. MDT, Jai Isear PT, MS, LAT, ATC, and Steve Bright LAT, ATC, Cert. MDT. Along with Sue Butler PT, this clinical staff had previously been together as Carolina Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy since 2008.
SPT is a leader in evidence-based physical therapy practice. Some of our program highlights include Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy for treatment of spinal and extremity pain, lower extremity biomechanical screening, on site custom foot orthotic fabrication, and injury treatment for the overhead throwing athlete.
SPT provides a variety of outreach programs to the Wilmington, NC area. We support and sponsor youth and club sports as well as several popular running events in Wilmington. SPT also provides clinical instruction to students in the Sports Medicine and Exercise Science curriculums at UNCW.
We view each patient as a unique individual, with individual needs. Whether you run, jump, lift, throw, golf, swim, walk, get the idea. We love to help people do what they do best, and do it well.

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