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In Season 2, Episode 20 of the "Positive Health Vibes" podcast, Christina Wood, LMBT at Harbour Salon and Spa was interviewed about the healing benefits of massage therapy and mentioned "acupressure", which is a form of treatment that stems from acupuncture. This calm, brief and informative Acupuncture Associates video describes what acupuncture is. So, for more information about โ€œacupressureโ€, you might want to consider asking โ€œWilmington's Best Acupuncturistโ€!
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We are thrilled to have our friends at Acupuncture Associates on board as an Evening Sponsor for Power of the Purse! Please join us on Tuesday, March 10th at 5:30 p.m. at the Country Club of Landfall. It promises to be a fabulous evening! You can purchase your tickets and sponsorships now at!
We are excited to announce that Acupuncture Associates in Monkey Junction now carries our syrup!

At Acupuncture Associates in Wilmington, NC Robert begins with a comprehensive analysis of your body

Robert is a national board certified Diplomate in Acupuncture and has a Master of Science degree in Oriental Medicine. He uses his knowledge and decades of experience to discover the root problems behind your condition and construct a custom care plan to address your concerns.

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Operating as usual


Happy Hanukkah to all our friends celebrating this season!

We hope you're having a wonderful holiday filled with light, love and peace.



You probably saw this coming, but we couldn't resist!

So many delicious options, topped with amazing health benefits: what's not to love about the ?

From Acorn, Buttercup and Butternut to Pumpkin and Delicata, regardless of which is your pick, you know you're in for a treat. Packed with nutrients and fiber, with fewer calories than the traditional potatoes, you have to try them roasted or stuffed this winter!



Start the new year with new ๐Ÿ™Œ

Book your first appointment and experience the wide range of benefits. From to stress reduction, can help you feel your best in 2023!



Kind reminder โœจ

We know this season of celebration can also become busy, crowded, and tiring.

Why not make a change this year and choose peace, rest, and harmony?

Have a happy Monday and a week! ๐Ÿ‘



Poor sleep has been linked with a wide array of health issues, including high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, heart failure, heart attacks, stroke, diabetes, and obesity.

is an effective for a wide array of , with no side effects like those seen in prescription or over-the-counter sleep aids.

Acupuncture treatments focus on the root disharmony within the body and assist it in achieving better sleep and an overall improvement of physical and .

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Today, we remember the men and women who sacrificed their lives for our country at Pearl Harbor ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

On December 7, 1941, the United States Navy base in Hawaii was attacked by Japanese bombers. More than 2,000 people were killed and more than 1,000 were wounded. It was one of the most devastating moments in American history.

Today, we commemorate those who perished and honor their memory.



As we slowly turn to colder days and longer nights, we enter into the time of Yin, as described by Chinese Medicine.

It is the best time to rest, introspect and nourish your body and your mind.

This is also the perfect opportunity to reconnect with yourself, your loved ones and nature.

Yin has no beginning or end. It comes in cycles just like everything else in nature, but unlike Yang where everything happens quickly, there is a slower pace to Yin.

The best way to embrace this time of year is by following your instincts on what you need to do for yourself so that you can feel better when spring comes around again!



Time and aging do not wait for anyone, but some help can be given ๐Ÿ™Œ

Less invasive and with no side effects, cosmetic facial acupuncture helps reduce wrinkles, dryness, undereye bags, sinking jowls, and lackluster skin.

Book your appointment on to learn more about our acupuncture services!



Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope you're having a wonderful holiday with your loved ones. We're grateful for your support throughout the years, dear clients, collaborators, colleagues and friends, and we can't wait to see what the future holds.



Thanksgiving is almost here!

But you don't have to wait until Thursday to be thankful. Living every day with a grateful heart not only helps you see the best in every situation, but studies also showed it helps improve your sleep, mood, and immunity.

There's no better day to start practicing gratitude than today ๐Ÿ™



Vitamin A and beta-carotene are just two of the many reasons that sweet potatoes are an excellent source of nutrients. They can help keep the immune system strong and promote healthy skin, as well as provide the body with potassium - even more than a banana!

It is a versatile root vegetable that can be used in a variety of ways. Baked, mashed, pureed into soups, or even used in baked goods. Why not try bake them into some healthy veggie chips?

However you prefer them, sweet potatoes are for sure an amazing superfood ๐Ÿ‘



Back pain is a common ailment that can make even simple tasks difficult. It can also lead to life-threatening conditions if left untreated. Fortunately, acupuncture is a safe and effective way to treat back pain and other related issues.

At Acupuncture Associates, we believe that acupuncture can help you get back on your feet and keep them moving. Our licensed acupuncturist uses this ancient practice to treat many different kinds of pain, including back pain.

If you've been struggling with back issues for a while, give us a call today at 910.798.8181 or schedule your appointment on!

We'll be happy to talk with you about how we can help get your life moving again.



On Veterans Day, we remember the incredible service and sacrifices of those who have served our country ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

We also honor the families of veterans, who have made sacrifices of their own to support their loved ones.

We are grateful for these brave men and women and all they do!


We're excited to join your health journey โœจ

Give us a call at 910.798.8181 or book your first appointment on to learn more about how can help you.



It's coming up, friends: time to set your clocks back one hour โฐ

While we love the extra hour of daylight and the opportunity to catch up on sleep, we don't want you to be caught off guard.

Make sure you set all of your clocks ahead one hour before you go to bed tonight. That way, when you wake up tomorrow morning, everything will already be adjusted and you won't have to worry about it!


Acupuncture is a safe, effective way to support your health and well-being!

It can help improve circulation, decrease inflammation, increase strength and flexibility in muscles, joints and ligaments; reduce anxiety or depression; improve digestion; boost immunity; alleviate allergies; prevent headaches - and so much more ๐Ÿ‘

To learn more, schedule your first appointment on or give us a call at 910.798.8181 ๐Ÿ™Œ



Want to know how to curb your cravings?

The answer lies in the five tastes.

The flavors that inspire our most intense cravingsโ€”sweet, sour, bitter, salty, pungentโ€”correspond to different organs in and .

By understanding their connection, you can move toward maintaining a healthy appetite.

For example: if you're craving sweet and salty foods, this implicates the spleen and stomach. Or if you're into rich fats, this implicates the liver and gallbladder.

Our can help you pinpoint which system is out of balance and treat it accordingly.

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The United States Navy: A history of honor and sacrifice ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

Established in 1775, the US Navy has served as a vital force for freedom around the world. It's also been a strong source of pride for America's sailors and their families.

Happy Birthday, U.S. Navy!



Happy Monday! If you're headed into a busy week, here are a few quick snacks to boost your energy throughout the day ๐Ÿ‘

1. ๐†๐ซ๐ž๐ž๐ค ๐˜๐จ๐ ๐ก๐ฎ๐ซ๐ญ - a great source of protein in a small pack, so make sure you pay attention to nutrition labels. A single-serve Greek yogurt will give you 15 grams of yummy protein to help you keep up with your day.

2. ๐€๐ฉ๐ฉ๐ฅ๐ž & ๐€๐ฅ๐ฆ๐จ๐ง๐ ๐๐ฎ๐ญ๐ญ๐ž๐ซ - can't find a better combo of sweet, savory AND protein. Just chop a regular apple and dip it in unsweetened almond butter. 2 tablespoons of butter will offer you 7 grams of protein!

3. ๐๐ฎ๐ฆ๐ฉ๐ค๐ข๐ง ๐’๐ž๐ž๐๐ฌ - packed with protein, a generous portion of 2/3 cup of roasted pumpkin seeds will pack you up with 8 grams of protein! Pro tip: add a little salt or chili powder for extra spice.

4. ๐‘๐จ๐š๐ฌ๐ญ๐ž๐ ๐‚๐ก๐ข๐œ๐ค๐ฉ๐ž๐š๐ฌ - less known as a snack, 1/2 cup of roasted chickpeas boast an impressive 25 grams of protein! Not to mention the added healthy fiber & carbs, both so necessary to keep you active on a busy day.

5. ๐„๐๐š๐ฆ๐š๐ฆ๐ž - Another innovation for your snack pack, a cup of edamame will serve you 17 grams of protein to keep you going all day!

Happy snacking! What other quick snacks do you use on a busy day? Let us know in the comments below ๐Ÿ‘‡



After a great week filled with , we know what's our plan for the weekend ๐Ÿ˜ด

Wishing you all a restful day!



We all know that can help with all kinds of ailments. But did you know that it's also a great treatment for Chron's disease?

Chron's disease is an that affects the large intestine. It causes inflammation and ulceration, which can lead to some serious complications.

If you've been diagnosed with this condition, don't let it get you down. The good news is that acupuncture can help reduce symptoms and improve your .

It does this by balancing your energy levels and strengthening your immune system. And because it doesn't treat the symptoms but rather the root cause of your symptoms, acupuncture treatment is safe for most people with Chron's disease (and many other conditions).

So if you're dealing with chronic pain or from Chron's disease, reach out to us today! We'll work with you to create a custom plan that meets your needs.

๐Ÿ“ฃ Book your appointment on



It's October - the month of .

Every year we honor those who have battled this disease, remember those who have lost their battle against it, and raise awareness of how early detection can save lives!


What's so special about cauliflower?

It's the superfood that keeps on giving! Not only is it an amazing source of and minerals, but it's also packed with nutrients like and anti-inflammatory elements that can help improve blood pressure, kidney function, and even help prevent cancer.

And there's more: cauliflower also contains fiber and vitamins B, C & Kโ€” one cup of this superfood boosts you up to 70% of the recommended daily Vitamin C intake!

So this autumn, why not experiment with a few yummy cauliflower recipes? ๐Ÿ™Œ



Today we celebrate the 75th Birthday of both the United States Air Force and the Air National Guard.

We appreciate all that you do to keep our country safe, and we're grateful for your service and commitment ๐Ÿ™



The autumn season is a time of change. As the weather cools, leaves fall from trees and we begin to prepare for winter. But nature is more than just a metaphor for the seasons - it's an inspiration for how we can live our lives.

Explore how you can draw inspiration from nature to help you navigate your own life's changes. Here are three ways to do so:

๐Ÿ Take your time to relax, recharge and rest - let go of what doesn't serve you to make space for the good.

๐Ÿ Take time to reflect on what truly matters most in your life so that you can focus on those things during this changing season.

๐Ÿ Be present in your surroundings, rather than rushing through your day without noticing anything around you at all (and missing out on beautiful moments along the way).



Happy Labor Day!

We hope you're enjoying the last day of summer. We're so grateful for the opportunities we have at Acupuncture Associates, and we couldn't do it without the dedication of our employees.

We hope you get to enjoy some time off this holiday! ๐Ÿ‘


In , a practitioner can garner quite a bit of information about you and your condition, simply by taking a look at your tongue.

When your practitioner looks at your tongue, they are looking at the shape, color, size, coating and positioning or its movement.

The shape and size of the tongue tend to address the status of fluids in the body, whereas tongue color is a good indicator of the overall nature of what is going on in the body.

A coating on the tongue also provides valuable information to your practitioner. The thickness of a coating is an indicator of the severity of the condition being treated.

Learn more about how our experienced Acupuncturist can help on your on



Autumn is a beautiful season of change, a time when we can see new beginnings and opportunities.

Here are a few tips to keep this fall:

1. Moisturize your skin. When the temperature drops, our skin tends to get drier. Make sure to moisturize your skin often to prevent those painful cracks and other possible skin conditions.

2. Make a plan. During colder months we tend to become more isolated and less active. Making a schedule of staying active and sticking to it before it gets cold might help you be persistent when the weather changes.

3. Give your immune system a boost. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine are a great way of helping your body cope with the upcoming changes in weather. If you'd like to know more, please reach out - our Acupuncturist is happy to discuss personalized options that would best fit your needs.

Schedule your appointment on



Honey is an amazing substance, and has been used in for centuries.

A study published in Pharmacognosy Research in 2017 called ๐‡๐จ๐ง๐ž๐ฒ ๐š๐ง๐ ๐‡๐ž๐š๐ฅ๐ญ๐ก: ๐€ ๐‘๐ž๐ฏ๐ข๐ž๐ฐ ๐จ๐Ÿ ๐‘๐ž๐œ๐ž๐ง๐ญ, ๐‚๐ฅ๐ข๐ง๐ข๐œ๐š๐ฅ ๐‘๐ž๐ฌ๐ž๐š๐ซ๐œ๐ก highlights the many reasons why honey is a valuable medicinal substance that should be used in clinical settings today.

According to the authors of the study, honey displays antioxidant, antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, antiproliferative (inhibits the growth of tumorous cells), and antimetastatic properties.

What is more, previous scientific studies demonstrated that honey helps treat diabetes, eye disorders, asthma, throat problems, parasitic infections, wounds, hepatitis, lethargy, dizziness, and ulcers.

And on top of all these great benefits, it is incredibly tasty and never goes bad! ๐Ÿฏ



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