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I found you on you tube when I googled Quercetin. I'm so excited to follow you! Thank you!!!
I've only found out about your utube channel 2 or 3 days ago and I've lost 4 lbs and am super excited for this jorney I'm on it have hoshimoto and not been able to lose only gain I've started NP Thyroid 5 months ago and I've only gained since then . I'm a runner I have done two Half marathon this year and lots of 10ks but no weight loss only gain so thank you so much for your help ! It's life changing !
HAPPY MOTHER’S to all you beautiful moms! Love & Blessings
HAPPY MOTHER’S to all you beautiful moms! Love & Blessings. #lindyford
You can’t beat this cabbage mix from Trader Joe’s! I use it in salads, soups, cole slaw and to sauté. Check out that price! #lindyford #healthytasty #rocksolidnutrition
You can’t beat this cabbage mix from Trader Joe’s! I use it in salads, soups, cole slaw and to sauté. Check out that price! #lindyford #healthytasty #rocksolidnutrition
Hi Lindy, I just found you a few days ago on Youtube and watched your video on Berberine. Great information!
Lindy Ford check out this recipe. I just made it today and it’s was great! I left out the brown sugar and sage ( I didn’t have either ingredient)
Hi I love listening to your videos. I am curious though why all your photos are head shot only? sorry if this question offends.
So I'm cleaning out the crisper drawer and decide to roast up broccoli, asparagus and green beans. When asked which he'd like, a certain 11-year-old boy responded "all 3" (and he ate almost every bite of them). My first thought? "Lindy would be so proud!"
Do you know anyone that would like to become a certified Labor Doula? - we have a training coming to your area next month
Well it has arrived. I have no idea what I’m doing with it but here’s to something.

Lindy Ford, RD, LDN, Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Detective who believes you can live free Lindy Ford, RD, LDN, Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Detective who believes optimal wellness is for everyone.

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Operating as usual

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Wipe off that sweat, Beautiful Person . . . you can do this!!

Make this a Masterpiece day.


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I now have my own line of high quality, pharmaceutical grade supplements. This makes me

There are more to come . . . adding Quercetin and B Complex.

The prices are also amazing! Please email at [email protected] for more info.

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Ruh roh!

NOTHING can get in the way of that bottom line profit . . . Nothing.

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Mistakes are okay, but we should stop calling a "decision" a mistake, Beautiful Person.

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YES, you should change your diet.

NO, it's not easy.

YES, it is worth every ounce of effort and will reward you 100 fold.

That's all I have today, Beautiful People.

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Do you know about it? You should. It's a natural nutrient the body recognizes. It does everything listed and more . . .

I now have my own supplement line. You can get Berberine directly from me for a discounted price. Email me: [email protected]

If you would like more info about BERBERINE, watch my video:

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I know personally how strong a carb (sugar) craving can be. Overwhelmed me at one time. Here are 4 steps that I've used to gain power over carb cravings--proven by research. Yes, YOU can gain control.


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Are you ready for a change?

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This is not about being "fake," but faking it til you make it.

Exude confidence, Beautiful Person. It will catch up with you in time. We need more brave, quietly confident people in this world.

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I know, Beautiful People. We are hooked on our sweet drinks. They don't have to even be a soda. They can be that "healthy" smoothie from the corner smoothie place. Check out the carbs in those . . .

These drinks also increase our risk of diabetes. More than half of us present with diabetes or pre diabetes.

This is sobering. Even a 10% increase in overweight isn't good. Sweetened beverages for kids? They should be a once in a awhile special treat.

Of course, we need to drink more purified water, but for flavor, I sometimes add Zero Calorie Steaz (green tea and non artificial sweeteners). There are alternatives to sweeten your day . . . anyway, you're sweet enough. You don't need these beverages!

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I will also be getting Berberine, Quercetin, Methyl Folate, Methylated B Complex and already have GI Fiber (which so many of you love, but is on backorder).

I will be running a May Special on all of them. Stay tuned. These are high quality, medical grade, whole food supplements. The manufacturer operates a quality controlled facility.


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Hoping you have been sparkling ALL week, Beautiful Person, but Fridays are great. Aren't they?



Know your number . . . what number is that you ask? Watch and see.

Your life really does depend on this.

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This is a hard one to view. I know.

We can't fix what we don't acknowledge. The fact is that Fentanyl is pouring over our border. It has to stop. The addictive nature is way beyond mere "self discipline." Anyone can be addicted.

This is a major heath crises.



So often diets fail us because we are hungry all the time. What foods and techniques help us to feel satisfied and get our appetite and cravings in control so we can enjoy successful weight loss? Watch and find out!


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In my private practice, I ask for blood work. Oftentimes, I'm the first medical professional to ask for an A1C, which is a definitive diabetic marker.

Oftentimes, I'm the first one to tell a patient they are pre diabetic (and some cases diabetic) or close to it. This should not be the case.

Be your own health advocate. If a health care provider doesn't order an A1C, you request one. Oftentimes, they don't order because of insurance company restraints. You get one any way.

It's a baseline and if it's normal, you need to have one done yearly to make sure it stays there.


Diabetes and excess insulin is damaging to every cell of your body and is linked to all major diseases like heart disease, Alzheimer's and even some cancers.

Be proactive, Beautiful Person. Advocate for your health.

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Facebook, Instagram or whatever your preferred social media is . . .

I've heard people ask for prayer for conditions that are in THEIR control. Diabetes and almost every major disease including some types of cancers ARE in your control.

Perhaps we need to start asking for prayer for God's help in making wiser decisions. Yes, we need DIVINE help at times, but that help needs to start with us.

Yes, I'll lose followers over this . . . so be it. I LOVE my patients dearly, but I'm tired of seeing the epidemic of preventable diseases day in and day out.

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