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Haven't been to this in ages, I'm so looking forward to it. Such a wonderful gathering for people around the birth experience. Join us !

Save the date! The next community birth circle is next weekend, March 4th @ 10 AM. Add the event to your calendar, and plan to join us in this safe space.


We did our recent event, Not Your Mother's Menopause last weekend at this beautiful and supportive location. Such an opportunity to have space the way you need it, when you need it, to do the work you want to do. Oh...and I'm pretty sure there is childcare!!

This couch >>> your couch 😏😏​​​​​​​​
Remote work is here to stay. If you're tired of working from home, crowded coffee shops or small cafes with questionable wifi, join us for a month! ​​​​​​​​
The new member rate is only $145/mo if you join in Feb or March. ​​​​​​​​
Book a tour on our website today !​​​​​​​​!

Naomi Watts Recreates Her '80s Tampon Ad to Normalize Menopause, Using L**e: 'Let's Get Real' 02/02/2023

Naomi Watts Recreates Her '80s Tampon Ad to Normalize Menopause, Using L**e: 'Let's Get Real'

Naomi Watts is someone who entered menopause very early. She is making it her mission to educate and support women going through this transition. Just like us at the Not Your Mother's Menopause event. Check us out!

Naomi Watts Recreates Her '80s Tampon Ad to Normalize Menopause, Using L**e: 'Let's Get Real' The 54-year-old actress is challenging the stigma around menopause

What to Know About Menopause and Hormone Therapy 02/01/2023

What to Know About Menopause and Hormone Therapy

In the NY Times. As it should be. Of course, these are some basics published in a magazine essentially. Sign up for our event Not Your Mother's Menopause Feb 11 to learn a lot more about how to navigate this time!

What to Know About Menopause and Hormone Therapy There has long been an effective, F.D.A.-approved treatment for some menopausal symptoms, but too few women have a clear picture of its risks and benefits.

Moving Together on the Pregnancy Path: Prenatal Partner Yoga 01/31/2023

Moving Together on the Pregnancy Path: Prenatal Partner Yoga

This Saturday, join Kristen Nice Yoga for prenatal partner yoga! Bring your partner for some connection, yoga, comfort measures and laughs. Learn ways to support your birthing person before and during the big day. 💗

To register:

Moving Together on the Pregnancy Path: Prenatal Partner Yoga Join us for this wonderful experience!


As a physical therapist who has also spent a lot of time as a physical therapy patient, I deeply resonate with both parties pictured above 😬🫣 I laughed at this for a solid few minutes and wanted to spread the joy.

I also want to say that while you may feel shame and you’re entitled to feel what you feel, your provider should never contribute to the shame you feel.

A providers job is to support you, problem solve, game plan, have your back, cheerlead. No one knows your life better than you do and that’s why your PT needs to collaborate with you to create a program that fits your lifestyle rather than build a program of beauty you’ll never stick to.

So feel what you have to feel, dump any providers that make you feel worse, and enjoy the beautiful brain of .


Attention Wilmington community.
On November 28th and 29th, we will be hosting a Below the Belt virtual screening Watch Party! Below the Belt is the latest groundbreaking documentary from filmmaker Shannon Cohn, director and founder of . This film, executive produced by Hillary Clinton, explores the obstacles to care that so many with face, through the compelling stories of 4 patients. If you are an patient, have a loved one with endometriosis or treat endometriosis patients, this film is a must see. Access to an expert virtual panel, "An Integrative Approach to Endometriosis, from a Pelvic Floor PT Perspective," is included in the price of the ticket.  Purchase your ticket in my link in bio for the virtual screening and expert panel, available to view for 48 hours on the 28th and 29th, then make sure to reserve your limited seating for the free Wilmington watch party through the link in bio as well. Please message me if you have questions, we look forward to seeing you there.

Viral post thoughtfully reexamines Kerri Strug's iconic broken ankle vault at 1996 Olympics 11/07/2022

Viral post thoughtfully reexamines Kerri Strug's iconic broken ankle vault at 1996 Olympics

This came up last year, and it came up again. It should KEEP coming up, over and over again, until we get it right. This addresses elite gymnasts. But.

Every day mother's. Many mother's, especially those in the same age group as Kerri Strug, have been raised and groomed to ignore their own needs in order to serve the needs of their family, job and children. To the point that they break down. They need support.

Let's talk about birth. Let's talk about sending women into labor and birth without some basic knowledge of their body and how to control and manage it during, most likely (and hopefully), the most physically challenging event of their lives. Injuries occur and there is so often little follow-up much less support and rehab for them.

We are told it will just get better with time. It very often doesn't. Research has shown, if you are still having symptoms 8-12 weeks after birth? You're still gonna have them in five years.

It doesn't get better with time. It gets better with rehab. Just like any other injury. Anyone who tells you otherwise either doesn't know, or doesn't care. It's up to you. Reach out to a Pelvic Health Physical Therapist for a discussion and an assessment to make sure you are recovering optimally, and give you the help you need if you aren't.

Viral post thoughtfully reexamines Kerri Strug's iconic broken ankle vault at 1996 Olympics "Yesterday I was excited to show my daughters Kerri Strug's famous one-leg vault...But for some reason I wasn't as inspired watching it this time. In fact, I felt a little sick."

Timeline photos 08/09/2022

I have long been interested and passionate about the role of myofascial release (my first and foundational education as a physical therapist) as it applies to infertility. I'm taking this course on Saturday 8/13 and it requires I have someone to do manual abdominal techniques for the ovaries and uterus on. If anyone wants to be my model, it's between 3:45 and 6ish, and maybe we both can benefit. Please DM me, and share to anyone who might be interested.

This one-day continuing education course is targeted to practicing Pelvic Physical Therapists and covers the role of physical therapists in optimizing female fertility.

This course was written and will be instructed by Dr. Yeni Abraham, who is a Dallas-Ft.Worth-based Pelvic Physical Therapists specializing in the treatment of Gynecologic and Fertility related conditions.

Pre-recorded lectures to view before the course will cover medical infertility labs, pertinent information on charting cycles and assisted reproductive technologies, and their impact on treatment.

During the live, remote component, lectures will cover information on hormone regulation, the relationship between inflammation and infertility amongst other topics.

Lab activities/break-out sessions will include manual techniques to influence uterine and ovarian Mal-positions.

Visit to learn more!

Timeline photos 07/26/2022

Timeline photos

Attention all expecting mothers: We have another round of Prenatal Yoga Starting soon! This 4 week series will run on Sundays from 12:30-1:45 from August 7 to August 28th. Join Taylor Lawrence for a class designed for all pregnant bodies. No previous yoga experience is necessary. Your teacher will navigate you through asanas, breath work and meditations to build strength and ease in your body during pregnancy, labor,delivery and beyond.
Enroll Now:

Mobile uploads 07/26/2022

Mobile uploads

Mom Club, Inc. Fundraising Brunch and Silent Auction 04/20/2022

Mom Club, Inc. Fundraising Brunch and Silent Auction

Friends ✨

This is going to be such An amazing event and fundraiser for mom club inc this weekend.

Silent auction food and more. Come support a local non profit starting up. This is all to help postpartum moms and moms in general!

Hope to see you there!

Alex Richardson

Mom Club, Inc. Fundraising Brunch and Silent Auction You will be attending the first Mom Club, Inc fundraising brunch and silent auction. We are excited to partner with you to support mothers!


These groups and retreats are so powerful, check it out!

As Low As $6.10/Meal 12/04/2021

As Low As $6.10/Meal

Many of my clients struggle with eating healthy in the midst of all the chaos. Nutrition is the third most important thing we do to sustain life. And it can have a profound impact on gut and pelvic health. I love stopping by Clean Eatz if I need a quick, healthy, tasty meal. And I have clients who have benefited from their meal plans. They are also local. Go try them out for a single meal while you are out running around, and you will definitely be motivated to invest in yourself this holiday season and into the New Year!!

As Low As $6.10/Meal No Subscription Weekly Meal Plans

Photos from Clinic for Special Children's post 12/01/2021

If anyone is looking for a quiet Santa experience for a child who might enjoy that !


Here is that class you were looking for! How to manage your bladder during workouts! Join me and Amy at CFCB for an informative and encouraging get together on Wednesday. Follow the link in the post to sign up!!


Sign up for the "Stop the Drop" Bladder Control Workshop ✅⁠

💪🏼 Learn how to CONTROL your bladder and STOP leaks with sneezes, coughs, laughs, jumps, running, squats, deadlifts, toes to bar, or double-unders! ⁠

THIS WEDNESDAY, November 10th from 7-8:30pm⁠

At CrossFit Carolina Beach ⁠
5651 Carolina Beach Rd, Wilmington, NC 28412⁠

(also link is in my bio for quick access!)⁠

DM me if you have any questions! 🖥️

Pelvic Prescription: Physical Therapy & Wellness 10/30/2021

Pelvic Prescription: Physical Therapy & Wellness

Hey there! You know how you have wanted me to run a class on all things Pelvic Health?

Well, all things would take days. Especially if you've ever heard me talk about it 🤣.

Here's your chance to learn some gems about bladder health and wellness, and tips for managing control during fitness activities!

On invitation from Joel at CrossFit Carolina Beach, Amy and I will be presenting this workshop, with questions and answers after. Information and strategies may help you begin to develop control in your workouts, and you will learn about Pelvic Health Physical Therapy treatment options as well.

Make some time for yourself, change the rest of your life! Come out and learn how to Stop the Drop!!

Pelvic Prescription: Physical Therapy & Wellness


MIDWIVES MAKE A DIFFERENCE! We will let the data speak for itself!

Distraught Simone Biles pulls out of Olympics team final: 'I was still struggling with some things' 07/27/2021

Distraught Simone Biles pulls out of Olympics team final: 'I was still struggling with some things'

"This Olympic Games I wanted it to be for myself," Biles said fighting back tears. "I came in and felt like I was still doing it for other people. That just hurts my heart that doing what I love has been kind of taken away from me to please other people."

I'm sure everyone has something to say about this. If I have learned anything in my practice of helping women use the limited resources they have to recover from pregnancy, childbirth, the fourth trimester, heck...from being a woman in our culture, it's this.

We spend so much of our energy putting on a face. Of beauty, of strength, of confidence, of productivity. When inside, we are shaking. Cowering. Terrified we aren't going to be "good enough." For who?

Much of my approach is grounded in helping women find the strength to prioritize their own health in the midst of all the demands of their children, partners, families, jobs, and society itself. It is probably the hardest, and yet most rewarding part of my job. When it works.

Once again, Simone Biles is changing lives. Being an inspiration. Showing us that, yes, mental health is as, if not more important than, and definitely intrinsically linked to, physical health. That a sprained heart must be treated with the same care and support that a sprained ankle should be.

And that sometimes. It's ok to rest. To quit. To quit taking care of everyone else's needs, and take care of yours.

Go be good enough. For you.

Distraught Simone Biles pulls out of Olympics team final: 'I was still struggling with some things' U.S. gymnastics star Simone Biles left the team competition on Tuesday at the Tokyo Olympics after struggling to land a vault.

It’s time to recognize the damage of childbirth, doctors and mothers say 05/08/2021

It’s time to recognize the damage of childbirth, doctors and mothers say

Exactly! I've been saying this for years. If any other part of your body underwent the actual physical changes that your pelvic floor does during childbirth, you would autoMATICally get physical therapy!! Let's start advocating for Pelvic Health Physical Therapy as a standard prenatal and post partum approach!!

It’s time to recognize the damage of childbirth, doctors and mothers say The health care system often neglects women’s postpartum concerns, from physical pain to psychological anguish. Many women assume this is what you get when you have a baby. But experts say it doesn’t have to be this way.


Amanda says it best!!



Inside Out Physical Therapy Third Year Anniversary Special Offer!!

Please Share

It's been a very interesting, challenging, growth filled three years. Full of fits and starts and dead stops. Two hurricanes, two ice storms, two bad flu seasons, and heading into year two of a global pandemic. Many times, where, if you know me, you know I was SERIOUSLY considering throwing in the towel and going to drive a truck. Ask me about that some time if you don't know the story 😉.

BUT! I kept going. Inside Out PT kept going. All the people that came to me for help healing their bodies kept going. And all my fellow businesswomen in the birth and self care fields kept going, sending me their clients in hopes that we could make this amazing thing, BIRTH, and the amazing mothers that come from birth, even better. And it's been incredible. It keeps growing. My business. My patients. Community awareness of the fact that you don't have to suffer just because you are pregnant, gave birth, or just happen to have a female pelvic floor. So much gratitude for all of us who are shedding the light on this as IOPT reaches it's third year anniversary!

Pelvic Health PT can be a weird, sometimes scary unknown to people. It addresses very primal issues that can be very uncomfortable to talk about and hope for healing in. I know there are women out there, feeling like they need to get in to see me, but unsure about what it entails. l also know, that first step is always the hardest. It sure was for me, quitting my job and leaping into this. I understand.

SO! This month, National Physical Therapy Month, is for all of you, struggling to take that FIRST STEP in healing your pelvic floors. Recovering your power in these primal areas. To celebrate Inside Out PT's third anniversary in conjunct with this, we are offering a get started special. You choose. Half off your first session, a very comprehensive two hour evaluation, to give you a very clear idea on what's going on with you and how PT can help. Or, pay for your first two sessions and get your third free. Both of these specials are in effect for the month of October, and time flies quickly this time of year, so take advantage of this opportunity while you can. Use it as an incentive to take the first step. You will be grateful you did.

First option available (and my only one this week!) for an evaluation is tomorrow between 1-3pm. Contact me today to schedule that and there will also be a bonus gift when you arrive!!

If you refer someone for this special and they tell me it was from you, there is also a special gift involved for you!

Be well everyone, looking forward to your first step!


Original post, Lorena TheDoula A Natural Minded Mama

Check out Inside Out Physical Therapy. 09/02/2020

Check out Inside Out Physical Therapy.

Look who got nominated for best Physical Therapy Clinic! Thanks to all of you for your support, this is a goal of mine, both for the business AND for the whole concept of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy. IOPT is the only Pelvic Health clinic listed, so I hope you can support my mission to increase awareness and accessibility of Pelvic Health PT by voting, sharing on your page, and encouraging others to vote. Remember you can vote every day until September 11!! Also remember to vote for other businesses you support as well, and thank you again!!

Check out Inside Out Physical Therapy. Check it out now!


Please note changed summer hours :)

Midwives Explain What a Home Birth Really Means 04/18/2020

Midwives Explain What a Home Birth Really Means

When hospitals felt like the safest places for people, many wouldn't even consider a homebirth. Now in the days while we are facing possible COVID exposure while in hospital, home birth is becoming a more attractive option for some. This is a silver lining in this tragedy, in that people can be more educated about their options.

Take a read.

Midwives Explain What a Home Birth Really Means As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to provoke uncertainty and fear for pregnant women, midwives answer some common questions around at-home birthing.

Calm and Ease - WILMA magazine 04/15/2020

Calm and Ease - WILMA magazine

One of my favorite people, as well as practitioners in the amazing birth community here in Wilmington.
Great insight into getting through this challenging time with

Calm and Ease - WILMA magazine Currently, yoga classes at Heather Till Yoga are being offered via livestream through Zoom or Facebook.

Why You Should Ignore All That Coronavirus-Inspired Productivity Pressure 03/30/2020

Why You Should Ignore All That Coronavirus-Inspired Productivity Pressure

Anyone else feel like they haven't been as productive as they could have been this last two weeks? Feel like you are swimming through mud, as I like to say. Navigating an entirely new state without a map OR your phone? Me too. I am not one of those people who launches into a flurry of activity and accomplishment at the first sign of adversity. I tend to hole up, ponder, process, and gear up and come out swinging. Sometimes, the fight is already over once I come out! Which is probably better. I don't think this "fight" is anywhere near over.

I see this as an amazing time to figure some things out. To learn. To maybe change my response to adversity. Or own it.

In this last week, I have been digging in to learning the logistics, legalities and technology of telehealth Pelvic Health Physical Therapy. Getting ready to launch this week. I am glad I have waited until this week. For myself AND my patients. I know I felt a little overwhelmed last week, and am not sure if, as a patient, I would have welcomed my PT asking me to do one more thing in a new way.

So here I am this week. Beginning again. In a new way, that won't remain the ONLY way when this is all over, but will afford my patients new possibilities for accessing care now, and in the future. I am grateful for this opportunity to better serve.

If you are a current patient, I will be sending out emails with instructions for continuing your plan of care with me so you can continue your pursuit of your goals.

If you are a new patient, or a person who has been thinking of starting Pelvic Health PT, this can be a perfect time. Much of the initial education and therapy CAN be done easily over telehealth, so contact me and let's get that part finished, so when this is all over you can get down to living the rest of your life without incontinence, pelvic/back pain, pain with in*******se, a dysfunctional core, and bowel/bladder dysfunction.

Why You Should Ignore All That Coronavirus-Inspired Productivity Pressure In the early weeks of a global catastrophe like Covid-19, it’s best to accept that the world has changed and reimagine yourself and your work within it.


For all my expectant mamas out there, in this new way of doing things we never expected 7, 8 , 9 months ago when you chose to bring your baby earthside this summer. Some good information in here while you are making new plans.

In order to support expecting parents during this pandemic, we are streaming "The Business of Being Born" and the "More Business of Being Born" series FOR FREE from our website:

As we all struggle to adapt to our changing circumstances during the Covid-19 pandemic, we are looking for ways to empower and support women virtually through "The Business of..." platforms. The new hospital restrictions banning partners and doulas during labor broke our hearts. For women birthing in hospitals, the idea of not having any labor support is frightening and unprecedented. Equally unimaginable is the fact that nurses and care givers lack adequate personal protection equipment, putting their own health at risk.

In order to support expecting parents during this pandemic, we are streaming "The Business of Being Born" and the "More Business of Being Born" series FOR FREE from our website:

Timeline photos 03/26/2020

This just lends proof to where I talk about stress up-regulating the pelvic floor. It isn't about the Kegels!


Follow me on Twitter here: ():

The Science behind Yoga and Stress 02/28/2020

The Science behind Yoga and Stress

We know yoga is so impactful. Here's the why.

The Science behind Yoga and Stress This is what bending your body into yoga poses does to your brain chemistry and nerve connections.


Hey Mamas! Stephanie at The Bump and Beyond is providing yet another valuable service to Wilmington parents. Check out her post about the latest, The Nest @ The Bump, to see what they have to offer for drop in childcare, play time, classes!

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy - How can it promote healing during the Fourth Trimester? 02/09/2020

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy - How can it promote healing during the Fourth Trimester?

What does Physical Therapy have to do with pregnancy, post-partum, and what does it involve? A great article published by our professional association gives a pretty clear and basic idea. Call me with your questions about how this can help you!

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy - How can it promote healing during the Fourth Trimester? Written by Sarah Blecher, SPT For decades, the medical field has normalized the after effects


The Best at The Bump...a fun experience for the kiddos while you shop at Target, Costco, Plato's Closet, go out to eat, or...go to your appointment with me!

The Mysterious Connection Between Your Pelvis and Jaw 02/07/2020

The Mysterious Connection Between Your Pelvis and Jaw

I say this all the time. It's the top and the bottom, and they work together. Read this article by Align PT to see the multiple connections between the jaw and the pelvis. SO FASCINATING!!

The Mysterious Connection Between Your Pelvis and Jaw Education, Healing Journey, Hip Pain, Jaw Pain, Pelvic Dysfunction, Pelvic Pain, Pelvic PT, TMJ The Mysterious Connection Between Your Pelvis and Jaw 01 Dec by Michele Forsberg PT, MS ~ Countless times while working with my pelvic dysfunction patients, I have witnessed that while releasing their fas...

Medicare wants to pay physical therapists 8% less. That’s a concern if you need their help. | Opinion 02/06/2020

Medicare wants to pay physical therapists 8% less. That’s a concern if you need their help. | Opinion

Research shows that PT can create a 35% reduction in falls in the elderly. To be harsh and concise, a fall and fracture can accelerate the end of life DRASTICALLY. And EXPENSIVELY. THINK of all the money our barely paid as it is PT is saving Medicare in costs for surgeries and hospitalizations as a result of falls. And yet. Eight percent reduction in an already tiny reimbursement rate. The REALLY ugly thing? For those of us who choose to provide services outside of insurance limitations? People with Medicare are not allowed to come see us for PT services. The only insurance that has that restriction. Yes.

Medicare wants to pay physical therapists 8% less. That’s a concern if you need their help. | Opinion The cut will force physical therapists across the country to consider whether they can continue seeing Medicare patients at all


Right down the street from my office, check this out Mama's! Fabulous opportunity!

We finally have a new US maternal mortality estimate. It’s still terrible. 02/02/2020

We finally have a new US maternal mortality estimate. It’s still terrible.

The newest maternal mortality rate estimates are out. It's beyond ridiculous. So many women go into pregnancy without true knowledge of their body. We are raised to ignore "down there," and to place our health in hands of providers who "know better." It's not working. I fully believe that many of the problems I see in my office - pelvic girdle pain, urinary incontinence, f***l incontinence, constipation, pain with sexual in*******se, could be avoided if we had a better understanding of our pelvic floor. Educate yourself. Educate your daughters. My mission is that THEIR daughters will have a knowledge of their pelvic floor that is commonplace.

They will know as much about the workings of their bladder and their bowel and their uterus and their cl****is and their va**na as we were raised to know about our hearts and lungs and brains and bones and eyeballs and ears (remember learning all those little bones in the ear you can't see or feel or control?). Be part of this change. Let it start with you. Give me a call or send me a message and give me the opportunity to teach you about your own pelvic health. Decrease your chances of being one of these statistics. Knowledge is power. Get healthy!

Please share this. Stop letting the silence that surrounds this most important part of our body dictate these outcomes.

"If you compare the CDC figure to other countries in the World Health Organization’s latest maternal mortality ranking, the US would rank 55th, just behind Russia (17 per 100,000) and just ahead of Ukraine (19 per 100,000)."

We finally have a new US maternal mortality estimate. It’s still terrible. Among 10 similarly wealthy countries, "the US would rank 10th."

Our Story

Inside Out PT is a specialized physical therapy service offering a wholistic approach to address pelvic floor dysfunction in a private and individualized setting.

Caroline earned her BS in Physical Therapy from Wayne State University in 1991, and began her education in the Pelvic Heath specialty in 1994. Her post-graduate education has consisted of multiple pelvic health courses primarily through Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute, focusing on pre-natal, post-partum, and reproductive health, as well as male and female incontinence, bowel conditions and pelvic pain. This specialty skill-set is supported by an extensive foundation of manual skills and functional movement training which she now integrates into a wholistic approach in her Pelvic Health practice.

Caroline has experience treating multiple diagnoses including but not limited to pelvic girdle dysfunction with and without pregnancy, dyspareunia (pain with in*******se), vulvodynia, dysmenorrhea (painful menstrual symptoms), urinary urge and frequency, urinary urge and stress incontinence, bowel conditions which may involve incontinence and/or constipation, interstitial cystitis, pelvic organ prolapse, prostatitis and other male related conditions. Additionally, she is able to address post-surgical concerns after C-section, vasectomy, as well as various gynecological surgeries.





311 Judges Road, #11e
Wilmington, NC

Opening Hours

Monday 10am - 7:30pm
Tuesday 12:30pm - 7:30pm
Wednesday 12pm - 7:30pm
Thursday 12:30pm - 7:30pm
Friday 10am - 7:30pm
Saturday 9am - 5pm

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