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Wonderfully competent office ! Thanks Ellis.
Great Dr. Great staff
Great Legs
Today was procedure day...all went very well Amy drew the map to guide the route.. Dr. T told jokes and Luke rubbed my arm every time a bee stung me. Home resting and going back next week for the 2nd leg. Thanks to all you were wonderful.
This practice has to be the best in Wilmington. Dr Tinsley has all his patients best interest at heart and strives to make sure all is well with them at all times. He is a Godly man who prays for Gods guidance and direction and he will pray for you at any given time. This kind of doctor is few and far between. The staff is amazing with such friendly greetings and always willing to help you in anyway possible. This office and surgeon is definitely a God send and our family feels extremely blessed to have him as our family surgeon. God Bless all of you at this office and May his Grace forever shine upon all of you.
Had a very nice visit today all the staff is just wonderful and the doctor did a wonderful job on me set up for cardiac rehab to get the blood moving in the legs would recommend this office to anyone who needs great caretaking of them
Awesome experience with Dr Tinsley & his staff. Luke was very informative and great mannerism.
Dr. Tinsley and his Staff are Just Outstanding, Fast , very friendly and do Great work ! Thank all of you very much, Stan Register.
Praising God for his relaxation along with your supportive Team they were so nice didn't wanna leave their comforting awesome it was man i loved it the most i have seen of positive vibes bless yall i heard how awesome yall are and it is verifiable with me as of first day..🙂🙂🙂
Awesome Doctor and staff! Could not ask for a better experience than what I receive with Dr Tinsley and his entire staff.
Dr. Tinsley was super friendly and easy to talk and listen to. The staff is phenomenal. I can't say enough about how easy my appointment was as I was a little apprehensive not knowing what was wrong. They were all super. The customer service is great!
Had surgery on right leg 2 weeks ago with this amazing team and back today for surgery on left leg. This team is so awesome and acknowledgable. I am so fortunate they were referred to me. Dr. Tensely is a wonderful Doctor and will take time to answer any questions. I highly recommend Dr. Tinsley and his team 100%!

Vascular Surgeon & General Surgeon located in Wilmington, NC

Operating as usual


Today, we reflect on the life and legacy of MLK Jr.


Meet George! Our new Operations Manager, George Anderson, joined the team this past Fall and can be found all over the office making sure things are running smoothly to make sure your appointment goes as efficiently as possible!



Do you have leg pain while walking distances? Can’t walk far or need to take frequent breaks when on your feet for long? Wounds on your leg not healing? These symptoms are all associated with PAD!

What is PAD? Peripheral Arterial Disease occurs when blood vessels in the leg clog with plaque and blood flow is reduced which can result in a painful cramping or burning sensation in the legs and feet due to the lack of oxygen reaching your lower extremities.

When fatty plaque builds up in these tiny vessels, the lack of blood flow correlates with the lack of oxygen reaching your lower extremities, causing pain and discomfort. Untreated, this can lead to serious pain and permanent damage to your legs which could lead to amputation.

How can Tinsley Surgical help? Using advanced vascular ultrasound technology, we are able to provide a non-invasive evaluation before coming up with a treatment approach for each individual patient. If it's not PAD, we can direct you to a different specialist. We work hard to do everything from diagnosis to treatment here in house!

Are you worried you might be suffering from PAD? Contact us today to learn more and to schedule a visit!


If your New Year's resolution involves feeling better and looking your best, now is the time to address circulation and vein issues so you can be ready to rock 'n' roll when it comes Springtime!

Visit our website today to learn more and give us a call when you're ready to schedule your appointment to start your journey to pain relief! www.tinsleysurgical.com


From our team to you,
For your best heath in 2023!


With today marking the last day of Hanukkah, we hope all of our neighbors who celebrate enjoyed spending time with family and friends!


Merry Christmas to all! 🎄☃️🎁


Whether you are out attending church service, or staying cozy at home, we hope you have a lovely Christmas Eve!



"Winter Weather and Varicose Veins"

Vein care is a year-round struggle for some, but the winter months can be a great time to attend to your vein issues. Warmer weather results in more swelling of varicose veins, so the cold weather can actually reduce swelling. However, winter is the best time to get rid of your spider veins and varicose veins in preparation for the outdoor season!

You may notice that swelling is comparatively better than in the summertime, but the lower atmospheric pressure of Winter, being less active in the cold months, and additional weight gain from the holidays could be working against you, resulting in increased discomfort when Spring rolls around.

Less pressure in the atmosphere means your body isn’t pumping blood as quickly, and in turn, blood can pool up in the veins despite general swelling not being as prominent. It’s no surprise that we tend to stay put when it’s colder, so it’s extra important to stay hydrated, regularly exercise, and elevate your legs when not walking to keep your circulatory system pumping and compensating for this drop in atmospheric pressure. Diet is another key factor driving the health of your circulatory system, so being wary of overeating around the holidays is something to keep in mind in order to feel your best!

As always, our friendly healthcare professionals here at Tinsley Surgical are ready to answer any questions you have and come up with a holistic care plan to make sure you are staying comfortable and healthy through these frigid months! But if you don't like the way your legs feel or look, call us today and let's get ready for spring and summer in shorts and skirts!


Today marks the start of Winter! We hope everyone is preparing for the cold front this weekend!

Stay tuned for a blog post later this week where we discuss vein care specific to the colder weather!


Our laser facial treatment leaves you with healthier skin and a beautiful, natural glow. This could be the perfect last-minute gift for yourself or someone close to you this holiday season! Interested in learning more? Call our front desk to setup your consultation! 910-769-2583


All smiles going into the weekend! What do you have planned for your few days off?


Merry Christmas to all,
And to all good health!


Your time is valuable, that's why we strive to keep wait times down so your visit is efficient as possible!

Visit our website to find out more on our services and our contact info to book your appointment! https://tinsleysurgical.com


Today, we honor those who lost their lives at Pearl Harbor 81 years ago and thank those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect this great country! 🇺🇸


Happy Monday! Give our front desk a call at 910-769-2583 to schedule an appointment so you can start feeling your best going into the holidays!


At Tinsley Surgical, we strive to stand out from other healthcare providers by giving you the personalized attention that you deserve. That starts with respecting your time and always working on minimizing wait times in our lobby so you can get in and out, and back to what you do best!


We’d like to introduce our newest team member, English Bordeaux, RN! You can find her smiling face in the office supervising team members and keeping things running smoothly to reduce the wait time during your visit!


We wanted to take a break from posting about our own services to remind you to buy local this weekend and support the small businesses that make this community so special!


You're used to hearing what we have to say, but today we want to hear what YOU are thankful for!

From everyone here at Tinsley Surgical, have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃🍁🍗


All smiles in the office going into the holiday weekend. Safe travels to everyone visiting friends and families. We will be closed Thursday and Friday, but back ready to serve your needs on Monday!


PAD is no joke, and that's why we take it very seriously here at Tinsley Surgical: Ellis A. Tinsley, MD. We have all the tools, technology, and talented physicians to come up with a comprehensive wellness plan to best treat YOU! We will get you back on your feet feeling great in no time!


Tinsley Surgical is the only provider in the area who offers vein, vascular, AND general surgery. Being a hybrid practice allows us to bring more value to our patients by fulfilling their healthcare needs under one roof! Visit our website to learn more! https://tinsleysurgical.com


Happy 247th birthday United States Marine Corps!
Thank you!

Photos from Tinsley Surgical, P.A.'s post 11/11/2022

Our COO, Mary Floyd, RN, MSN, BSW, showing that healthcare executives can daily touch patients, advance their own education and still "find a way to say yes!"


General “Mattis” says thank you vets!


Did you know that Tinsley Surgical: Ellis A. Tinsley, MD also offers cosmetic solutions like laser light therapy to keep your skin looking young and beautiful? Contact us if you'd like to learn more!


Our staff is ready to greet you with a smile! Tired of poor circulation issues causing you pain? Contact us today to setup an appointment to get you back on track!


Yesterday was the last day of , so we wanted to share some clips of how simple getting an ultrasound is here at Tinsley Surgical! Completely noninvasive and painless, this test helps spot circulation issues that allow us to come up with solutions for your discomfort!


We hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween! There are no 'tricks' when it comes to 'treat'-ing our patients, contact us today to setup an appointment!


Did you know that Tinsley Surgical: Ellis A. Tinsley, MD also offers a number of cosmetic solutions including noninvasive laser therapy for the skin? Find out more by contacting us at [email protected] or by calling 910-769-2583 today!


October is Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month, so it is the perfect time to educate our patients about this technology which we utilize every day at Tinsley Surgical. Everyone knows someone who has partaken in an ultrasound, but what exactly do these machines do and why are they so important? Put simply, a diagnostic ultrasound uses sound waves to construct images of structures within the human body to allow medical professionals to look into the body and troubleshoot areas of pain to determine if additional surgery is needed to fix a number of ailments.

Why ultrasound? The imaging made possible by these machines provides us with a noninvasive solution to view the details of soft tissue, veins, organs, and more within your body. Unlike X-Rays, these diagnostic tests do not use any radiation which is harmful to the human body when exposed over a long period of time, allowing thorough examinations without the need for multiple shortened sessions. While mostly associated with pregnancies, this technology has many other applications that help us diagnose and properly treat our vein and vascular patients.

Ultrasounds can detect potentially life-threatening blood clots by imaging arteries and veins to identify areas of the circulatory system with backflow or stoppages of the blood that build up and cause discomfort or pain. Patients with varicose or spider vein issues will find this noninvasive procedure to be the most beneficial way to determine areas of pain before their medical professional helps them determine what action is needed next to get them on the road to recovery!

So next time you meet an ultrasound technician, thank them for all that they do to help improve the quality of life for everyone they treat!


Our practice would be nothing without the main man himself! Dr. Tinsley’s care for his patients is what makes him stand out from all of the rest!


Did you know that Tinsley Surgical has a state-of-the-art operating room? Interested in learning more? A full list of procedures that we provide can be found here: https://tinsleysurgical.com/services/

Our Story

Ellis A. Tinsley, MD, FACS, is a highly experienced and accomplished vascular surgeon providing outstanding services for patients in the Wilmington area of North Carolina at his practice, Tinsley Surgical.

Dr. Tinsley earned his undergraduate degree from Davidson College in Davidson, North Carolina, before receiving his medical degree at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After graduating, he performed his residency in general surgery at North Carolina Hospitals in Chapel Hill and stayed on for his fellowship in vascular surgery.

Dr. Tinsley is board certified in both vascular and general surgery and is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons and the Society of Vascular Surgery. Among his previous positions, he was a clinical professor of surgery at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine and on the clinical faculty for the physician assistant studies program at Gardner-Webb University in Boiling Springs, North Carolina.

Dr. Tinsley has a profound love for surgery and medicine and believes he uses his surgical and medical skills to reveal God’s love in the world. He’s passionate about going on his patients’ health care journeys with them and helping them achieve the best possible outcomes.

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