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This is the official page of Felicia Grant Certified Medium, Holy Fire® Reiki Master & Trance Medium. Dragonfly Experience Healing Retreats for Women.

Call 919-523-8502 www.feliciagrant.com Born with natural intuitive abilities along with a curiosity for energy healing in 2008 I listened to the whispers of my soul to follow my true passions; teaching and leading women's retreats. Creating DragonflyExperience Healing Retreats for women has been a springboard for exploring all aspects of spirituality. Since that time I have Certified as a Soul Coa

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Next Dragonfly Experience April 19-22, 2023 09/30/2022

Next Dragonfly Experience April 19-22, 2023

Join our NEXT Dragonfly Experience Signature Women's Retreat
April 2023
Elohee Retreat Center - Sautee, GA


Next Dragonfly Experience April 19-22, 2023 Are you looking to disconnect, spend time in nature, make soul connections with like-minded women in a whole new way. While being in a safe supported environment you will begin to  release limiting beliefs, and energy that is holding you back from finding your bliss!


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My name is Felicia Grant, I am a medium, teacher and healer who's passionate about bringing healing and hope to all of you through my ability to communicate with those who have passed on to the other side.

You may be wondering, how did I become an intuitive and spirit medium? Where did my abilities come from? Well, I honestly feel I was born this way!
I first saw spirits when I was very young, and when I saw them I didn't realize they were actually dead. I thought they were simply friends and family (or an imaginary friend) that had come to visit.
It seemed as normal as breathing for me and I didn't realize that others could not see and feel what I saw and felt!

It was truly strange, especially when my parents believed it was all just an overactive imagination. I lived with this gift in secret for years, when I finally started telling people about my visions and spirits some accepted while others questioned it. But I didn't let anyone persuade me to stop. I knew what I was experiencing was real, and nothing was going to stop me from believing it.

I have had so many life-changing experiences which have helped me realize that my calling was to help others and change their lives, connecting those from this world to the next, giving readings with guidance and insight from the world of Spirit and bringing comfort and healing to those who are grieving.
I love the work that I do and feel so blessed to have this gift – and I am thankful that you are here following along on this journey with me! Welcome, new friends and old. 💜

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What you are thinking, feeling, imagining, YOU are creating your future for tomorrow…



Working as a medium I’ve had too many reminders recently that life is precious and should not be taken for granted, as Mother Teresa says…
“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”
Don’t waste time worrying about what has already happened and what might never happen in the future. The past has gone and the future hasn’t happened yet, all you can do is learn from the past and plan for the future, all of which you have to do in the present.
If you are not happy with something, or you’d like to change, or improve some area of your life, start today, take the first step and then keep going,
It’s great to set goals and plan for the future, but you should always enjoy the journey and enjoy what you have now, while in pursuit of achieving what you want in the future.






I borrowed this from a fellow medium that I love and respect Sherrie Dillard 🖤
"If you are struggling and feeling as if it is too difficult to go on with life here in the physical, please reconsider. when our passing over is self inflicted we don't go to hell. Instead we experience a kind of spiritual rehab and healing. Although we are aware of the love of our loved ones on the other side, we must heal and go through a more intense soul review. Once you come into a state of deeper soul understanding you will join your loved ones.
If you are in physical body there is a purpose for your being here. Even when it makes no sense and you are suffering, your soul is choosing to be here to accelerate your ascension into a higher state of being. The more our struggle, the more potential we have to advance into a state of profound enlightenment and joy.
When we leave here through our own doing we will return in another life with the same and usually more challenging circumstances. Whatever issues pushed us to make the decision to leave needs to be met again and again, until we find within ourselves the power and love to transform.
I wish for you the presence of pure love and angelic protection. Your physical life is a blessing and gift, even when it hurts and seems so so difficult. The divine is within and surrounding you, now and forever. Allow the higher presence of love to be the healing in every circumstance in your life and in your heart, mind and soul."


Count your blessings!


Hug those you love 💕



Raise your vibration!


Do it now!!!





Keep moving forward no matter what!


Sometimes there’s a RAINBOW at the end of your day!


It's NOT TOO LATE to purchase a gift certificate for mom 💜



I am so honored and blessed to be doing this work! I received this review today from a client 💚 Grateful and humbled for sure!


Sometimes you just gotta slow it down and play!


Cape Fear River @ Sunset = BLISS


Life has been VERY busy the past few weeks so I'm taking a day just to be......

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What have you decided for yourself?

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

The good thing is, if your don’t like where you’re currently heading you can make a new decision.

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Do it now!

A reminder for us…

“One day you will wake up & there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now.” Paulo Coelho

Is there anything you’ve always wanted to do?

Don’t wait for one day, make it happen!


Claim your spot in our circle at this upcoming
Dragonfly Experience Signature Women's Retreat 💚
April 13-16th

**Retreat Spotlight** Dragonfly Experience Awaken and Transform, April 13-16. Join Felicia Grant for her signature Dragonfly Experience Women’s Retreat. elohee.org


Whoever needs this message today, this is for you.


Copied this from a friend 💚
" The healing energy of our prayers for the people of Ukraine is powerful and what is also crucial is that we as a humanity continue to expose and shine light on the extreme darkness that is right now rising to be seen and still yet to be seen. Many don’t like to face this but the truth is that some humans are capable of unspeakable deeds and this is present even within our own countries. Be aware. We may feel helpless with regards to what is occurring but I am sure of this: if you continue to be a person of integrity and compassion and love, one who doesn’t hesitate to call out those who seek to control, dominate, manipulate and injure when and where you see it, our world will continue to heal and will begin to flourish again. Breathe deep, pray for our sisters and brothers in Ukraine and radiate Love and kindness in your community. The power of this can never, ever be underestimated."


Happy 22/2/22 🙏🏼

The angel number 2 brings in the energy of unity, healing and forgiveness.

When we see this number it’s a reminder that every room you enter you have the opportunity to bring healing.

If 222 or 22:22 shows up as a sign for you — it’s a call to action to be the light you were born to be.

If you see 222 it’s your angels reminding you that wherever there is darkness — there is also light and it is YOU.

In spirituality these dates that line up with angel numbers are portals and windows of opportunity for humanity to align with a higher purpose. Right now, the Universe is calling us to begin uniting as a human race to look after planet Earth and all of her children. It’s important that no one is forgotten.

For me this is about reaching our light and love wherever we have never allowed it to reach before. It’s about lifting up the voices of the marginalised, children and animals. It’s about being an anchor for goodness for those who face adversity, segregation and separation. It’s about being an angel on Earth.

222 is about coming 2gether 🌈😚


REMINDER: Don't use your energy to worry. Use your energy to believe, create, trust, grow, manifest, and heal.

5 Reasons Why I’d Rather Go On a Women’s Retreat Than a Vacation - Felicia Grant - Certified Medium 02/18/2022

5 Reasons Why I’d Rather Go On a Women’s Retreat Than a Vacation - Felicia Grant - Certified Medium


5 Reasons Why I’d Rather Go On a Women’s Retreat Than a Vacation - Felicia Grant - Certified Medium By: Felicia Grant, Owner of Dragonfly Experience Retreats I think it is essential sometimes to go into retreat, to stop everything that you have been doing, to stop your beliefs and experiences completely and look at them anew, not keep on repeating like machines whether you believe or don’t belie...


Women's Retreat October 2021 - Elohee Retreat Center 01/22/2022

Women's Retreat October 2021 - Elohee Retreat Center

Who's coming to Georgia with me!?


Women's Retreat October 2021 - Elohee Retreat Center Women's Retreat North Georgia at Beautiful Elohee Retreat Center. October 2021 Check out a Life Changing Dragonfly Experience Retreat today!


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Hi my friend!

It's Manifesting Monday, and a great day to create new blessings into our lives!

Magical things happen when 2 or more people come together to vision in this way with each other.

Please let our community know what you'd like for us to envision for you by sharing your desired manifestations that you'd like to create more of in your life.

By letting us know, our community of friends from around the world, and I will see your desired manifestations show up for you with greater ease.

Also, please take moment to read what others are asking for as well, and hold the space of "YES, I see this for you too."

Here's an effective way to manifest:

Step 1: Open up with an affirmative/empowered statement such as "I am, I have, I create, I affirm, I choose, I now step into, may, etc..."

These statements immediately begin anchoring our desired manifestations into the present moment because we are in our power when saying them.

Some phrases we want to stay away from are: "I want or I need," because they come from a victim space.

Step 2: Write your desired manifestation.

Step 3: Expand the statement with "This or something greater & so it is!"

This final statement opens us up to receiving our blessings without having to be limited to the specifics of the how, where, when, who, why's that usually block us from actually attracting what we'd like to experience.

My desired manifestation for this week:

May we all be showered with awesome new blessings with ease and grace. This or something greater. and so it is!

Now, it's your turn to share my friend. What would you like thousands of amazing friends across the world, including myself to envision with you?

Give yourself permission to receive this kind of love and support.

In the coming days and weeks ahead, begin to notice how the Universe brings into your life your desired manifestation.


Felicia Grant Spirit Medium

★www.feliciagrant.com★Holy Fire Reiki Master ★Intuitive Soul Coach ★Women's Retreats★[email protected]★Certified Spirit Medium

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