Sheri Perbeck

Sheri Perbeck


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Sheri Perbeck Lorri Gifford

Tune into "INTERVIEW: Sheri Perbeck on Free Will, Angel Communication, and Transformational Healing" to learn more. Find it on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher and in our blog
Tune into "INTERVIEW: Sheri Perbeck on Free Will, Angel Communication, and Transformational Healing" to learn more. Find it on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher and in our blog
Welcome back to another Soul Driven interview! Today, I’m excited to introduce you to Sheri Perbeck, psychic, medium, angel practitioner, and healer who uses her abilities to heal in private or group settings, facilitate workshops, and run her own practice, Transitional Healing. She works very closely with the Angelic Realm and Archangel Metatron and has brought about Angel Speak, a gallery setting where she connects and channels information from the Angelic Realm.


Join Sheri and me as we discuss her spiritual background and story, hot topics such as free will and "cheating" within the psychic world, and dive deep into angels and their roles in our everyday.

In this episode:
- Sheri's awakening and how it changed her life
- Sheri's eye-opening experiences with fairies, angels, and spirit
- The differences between medium, psychic, and angel communication
- The Archangel Michael and other angels as Sheri's guides and teachers
- Sheri's perspective on free will while still asking for assistance or help from the different psychic channels
- Why some people are given spiritual information that is not true or doesn't come to pass
- The great responsibility a psychic has with their clients
- How Sheri got involved in working with the Angelic Realm
- What is Angel Speak and Angel Speak Candles?

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Sheri my wonderful friend and spirit, I went to Micky's today and start December 8th from 1 - 6 every Tuesday for the whole month. I am so happy to be able to start. I did a demo of my drawing for her and she seemed pleased
Want to invite your members to hear a guest speaker (online) who had a near-death experience and now sees and interacts with nature spirits, or fairies, as she refers to them… When Rebecca Austill-Clausen’s brother died, her life – and the therapy practice she’d dedicated her life to - changed dramatically. Her brother, visting her in spirit, woke her up to the unseen realities of human existence, including spirits imbued in nature (fairies), and a better way to practice healing. Her book, Change Maker, has won five national awards. Note: You do not need to purchase or read the book to join the ONLINE session:
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Sheri, I asked Kimberly if she could recommend a good medium for my daughter and she recommended you. My daughter and her husband lost their only child and my daughter is hurting so much. Do you do long distance readings?
Happy Birthday to one of the most beautiful souls, Sheri Perbeck! Love you!
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Hi Sheri see you at blue lagoon tomorrow!

Sheri Perbeck is a renowned psychic medium who provides hope, healing and peace with her talents. Sheri Perbeck grew up in the countryside of Connecticut and recognizes that the start of her spiritual growth began with the influence and guidance of her father, Lewis Franklin Ledoux.

Through the loving energy of her father, she was taught compassion, love, understanding, and to always remain lighthearted in all situations. He knew Sheri had a God-given gift and would someday be on the path to helping make a difference in people’s lives. Her true spiritual awakening came over a decade ago, when her father, 57, passed away from cancer within three weeks of diagnosis. The loss pr

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If your wanting to connect to your loved ones who have crossed over or wanting to receive messages from the angels and have family and friends who want to join you , the she shed holds up to 8 people comfortably. Private groups are more intimate and everyone gets a message . For special pricing call 910-477-7553, or book through my web at


Happiness is a journey, take care of you, begin a journey into health and well-being.A message from the Fairy’s #flowers


Precious, this little girl brings me such happiness.


If you missed out on this :(, but want to attend an intimate Gallery Reading event in my magical SHE-SHED, comment ME!

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Love and blessings!


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Stay blessed and remember - ASK, BELIEVE AND RECEIVE. It's really that simple.


Mark your calendar for my first LIVE event right here on my page! Invite everyone. I can't wait to see whose passed loved ones come through for messages that will bring hope, healing, and peace.


Happy birthday my sweet son. The day you were born I knew you would make me proud, not just today but every step of the way. You are my sunshine , my friend , my protector and my teacher . I love you


Look at these beautiful cards I pulled for you. All about manifesting, wish wisely, transformation, manifesting. Keep your thoughts positive today and see your own magic come alive. I’m doing half hour angel readings this Saturday the 16th, by phone zoom or in person. Book through my web site , or email me @ [email protected]


The Arch Angel Rapheal , one of the most inner acting angels , loves to be a part of our lives, literally. He’s known as the healing angel , but what people might not know is how fun and funny he is. Did you know the one consistent thing between heaven and earth that’s the same, laughter! Give yourself a blessing today, call upon this amazing angel today. If you want to step out of anxiety, torment of one’s own mind set, Rapheal loves to help! Give it a try and please share your experience with me and others through the day . [email protected]#laughter .com


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What are praying for yourself today?


If we didn’t have tough times we would not fully realize joy and happiness. Remember to be grateful through it all … through every breath and experience.


So many of you are walking through hard things - loss of people and relationships, health issues, depression. Remember this.....

Sheri Perbeck 03/18/2022

Sheri Perbeck

Don’t forget my special intimate Mediumship event in the She-Shed tomorrow! Come and receive messages from your passed loved ones! See you soon!

Sheri Perbeck Schedule your appointment online Sheri Perbeck


I'm feeling especially grateful today. Thanks so much to everyone who has spent time to give me a review. I appreciate it so much! Blessings!


Hey everyone. We are FULL for this weekend for the Mediumship Gallery event. Look for another event soon. I love you all! Have a magical day.


February Angel Speak is scheduled! I’m so excited to share all of the amazing encounters with new Angels! Sign up at


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Sheri Perbeck 01/28/2022

Sheri Perbeck

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Sheri Perbeck Wilmington North Carolina Psychic Medium and Transitional Healer


Hey everyone! I’m canceling our event tomorrow given the anticipated weather. Love you and see you In February!


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Love is love. Be love. Feel love. LOVE


Let go. Forgive and have peace. It feels amazing!


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Woke up to an amazing message sent through my beautiful sister-in-law from the other side. 2022 is a birthing of something that will bring immense fulfillment. What a blessing to start this new week! How is your Monday starting? #2022


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Live in the moment and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.


Stay tuned for an exciting announcement about our virtual mentoring program on Angelic Communication starting after the New Year!


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As I meditate and pray for our Angel Speak Holiday Gratitude Celebration this Saturday I’m hearing from Sophia. This affirmation is for YOU!


It’s that time of magical but busy holiday season. Remember self-care. Meditate daily. Say positive affirmations repeatedly. Breathe and know your Angels are always there to help.


This message and affirmation is for you!


Planning a holiday party for your company, team, or friends? Forget the same old venue and activities. Let me do a holiday reading party for you! It’s always a rich and memorable experience for everyone. Call today and let’s plan your holiday reading party!! 910.477.7553

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Sheri Perbeck 12/07/2021

Sheri Perbeck

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Have you ever felt the presence of a passed love one? Do you want to hear from someone who passed? I would love to help you by channeling them for you. Who would you want to connect with?


Transitional healings , mediumship and angel readings in the she shed. For more information, or email at [email protected]#angel


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What a wonderful Angel Speak in the she-shed today! I love making food for our special events!


Angel and Mediumship readings in the she shed can be booked now through , Gift Certificates are also available

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🤷‍♀️ What is spiritual shorthand? 👍 Learn more and craft your own in our 5-month virtual program.  Hurry!  ❤️Launches 1/...
Your Personal Invitation
Gift the Gift of a Reading
What a wonderful Angel Speak in the she-shed today!  I love making food for our special events!  #angel #foodlover #spir...
Happy 11/11!
Believe it and be it. Remove the negative thoughts. Step into and be the magnificent being you are!
In-Home Group Readings with Sheri Perbeck
Learn about Mediumship Practice Group with Spiritual Medium Sheri Perbeck
🌺Consider this your personal invite! 🙋‍♀️ Come and explore the special gifts you have in a safe and loving ❤️ environmen...
Experiencing Angel Speak




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