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A treasured gem, this project is my absolute favorite work my kiddos do at school in Kindergarten. My feral sweet Mama girl Maple Jean is growing and full force trying my patience as a gentle parent. I have to work hard to recognize my triggers and show empathy when she comes at me like a bat outta hell. Her teacher mentioned the other day how delicate and feral she is at any given moment. I’m lucky to have these educators in my children’s lives. She’s a force to be reckoned with and I wouldn’t change the human she is blossoming into for anything in the world. My fierce, independent, kind, Mama bear, baby Maple is no longer that little squishy baby. She grown and she will remind you of her capabilities in a split second. May the people who cross paths with this incredible human know that she will change the world one day. I’m so lucky to be her Mom.


This is Flying Cowgirl (can we rename this please?! siiiiiiigh) Anyway- this position opens the brim or top of the pelvis from front to back. The p***c bone shifts when tilted away from the spine, creating more room for baby to drop into the pelvis and progress descent + dilation. This position is usually used in bed with a peanut ball between the laboring person’s legs, but you can adapt it to work in the water too! (If you’ve got a wide enough birthing tub to work with- sans peanut ball of course 🤪) Go Birther, go!!

✨ It’s all about that space ✨

📸: 💛

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Cherishing This Holiday Season and snuggling my girls and my new little Niece.

Back In Office Jan. 5th





Walk into a room while I am supporting a birth and you might think that I am just sitting there doing nothing. I won’t be talking. I won’t be touching the client. I won’t be using anything in my bag.

So what am I doing exactly?

🪑 Watching mom’s breathing and sometimes breathing loudly alongside her to remind her to slow down her breath

🪑 Scanning mom’s body during the contraction to make sure that she isn’t holding any tension

🪑 Monitoring the temperature and lighting to create the peaceful environment that she desires

🪑 Calculating how long it has been since she emptied her bladder

🪑 Thinking about how long she has been in her current position and thinking about the next position that she might try

🪑 Timing contractions to see if they are longer, stronger and closer together

🪑 Thinking about when mom and her partner last had a snack

🪑 Reviewing her preferences to make sure that everything is going according to her plan

🪑 Giving the couple space to connect on an intimate level (allowing for oxytocin) and/or guiding the partner to be the lead support

🪑 Updating notes and capturing labor flow

Sometimes just being fully present is enough. Sometimes just knowing I am there in close proximity is all mom needs to be able to relax and focus on what she needs to do. Sometimes just holding space for them in an unbiased manner allows for a noticeable shift in the energy of the room.

And the list goes on….



I don’t know who needs to read this today

Shop my natural milk-boosting superfoods 👇🏻


💭Did you know that your breasts are never empty?

▫️Even after a successful feeding, a baby tends to remove only 70% of the available milk.

▫️Your body is constantly producing milk. In fact, after you pump or feed, it just takes about 30 minutes to an hour for your breasts to refill. (Exactly how long it takes to refill will be unique to your body as well as how often you’re feeding your little one).

▫️Also: the more frequently you drain your breasts, the more milk you make!

“Your breasts are like a river, always flowing”. -Unknown

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My First Homebirth Story

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is the culprit. Get yourself a best friend that is a birth photographer… not only will she be your ultimate hype girl but she will remain an important person in your life forever! Just look at her work! She’s waited on me for many many weeks to birth most of my babies. She seemed this mug fitting for my “birthy timelines” 43 weeker! I love you to pieces girl! and **kYoInduction

Kendra Doula Bentley on TikTok 10/18/2022

Kendra Doula Bentley on TikTok

Kendra Doula Bentley on TikTok Hiring a Doula for your birth experience can empower your children on a level unbeknownst to most. They learn to value space, honor their birthing mother, and see the strength in this beautiful binding experience. As a childcare doula I help educate your children in what to expect day of arrival, th...


Today is pregnancy and infant loss remembrance. In honor and love, we remember and hold space for the families we care for. ❤️


Congratulations Kendra Bentley, Doula & Breastfeeding Peer Counselor at Port City Milk Fairy & Kendra The Doula, on being a finalist in the HEALTH category for the 2022 Women To Watch Awards!

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Sending love and appreciation to all the hardworking midwives and student midwives out there this
Midwifery Week 2022.

Resonating with this 🤍🥹



Join us for the next birth circle, a free event and a safe space for those who are pregnant, thinking about becoming pregnant, or are postpartum to gather and share about pregnancy or birth experiences and support one another.

Event page:

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Photos from NC for CPMs's post


Congratulations Kendra Bentley, Doula & Breastfeeding Peer Counselor at Port City Milk Fairy & Kendra The Doula, on being a finalist in the HEALTH category for the 2022 Women To Watch Awards!

Photo by Lightbloom Photography

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Love a birth that happens the day before a “required” induction.

Love what you Do!

I have some October and November Availability 💓


La Leche Meeting Today!

Join us at our fall meetings for breastfeeding, chestfeeding, and pumping support & community!

*please note the Saturday meeting on 9/10 will start at 10am

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Today; we walk for midwives. For the opportunity to legally practice the art of heathy homebirth. Did you know NC does not legally allow for CPMs to practice!!? This is my birth; I deserve to have the provider of my choice!

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When Grandpa from Australia comes to town for the first time since covid. You get up extra early to do a bit of beach time before the crowds!


Taking a Facebook hiatus; I’ll be around because Instagram is connected but I’m deleting the app off my phone!

Follow me on Instagram to keep up with My business updates!

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Photos from BBC London's post


Walk for your Midwife, Walk for your Baby

Washington State data found the care of CPMs resulted in fewer low-birth-weight babies.

📸: 😍😍😍

Link in stories to support our efforts to license CPMs in NC.

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See You all there in September for 2 in person support groups!


Y’all have been warned 🤷🏼‍♀️

Helping you reach your BREASTFEEDING GOALS ⬇️


Sharing this great advice from a wonderful lady who offers beautiful positive birth classes as well as an amazing mama circle group. Such a wonderful service 💗

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Breastfeeding is a learnt skill between you and your baby. It takes A LOT of time and practice.

Find a lactation consultant that you connect with in your final weeks of pregnancy so that you can simply call them when your ready to see them.

Lower your expectations on everything else in life. Surrender to a messy house and endless laundry.

Ask your family to make meals for you as you won't have time to cook.

Be prepared to spend the first 6 - 8 weeks on the coach with your b***s out.


More thoughts on being overdue.


Ask Me Your Nursing Questions; I would love to support you and be your biggest cheerleader, then make proper recommendations for support if you need more than I can give! Breastfeeding is for everyone who wants to breastfeed; it’s only possible with support and education BEFORE the baby comes.

I have been nursing for 6 years and 8 months. I have not stopped in between children. I have given my body and energy and time for this bond. I am so thankful for the breastfeeding relationship I have been able to have with my children even AFTER A BREAST REDUCTION AT 16! I am thankful to have been able to tandem nurse, pump and nurse after tongue tie revisions, and jump through MANY hurtles along the way.


Port City Milk Fairy
Badass Breast & Chestfeeders of the Port City
Human Milk 4 Human Babies - North Carolina


I am accepting scholarship doula opportunities for the October/November months through CFAD!

I look forward to supporting you

*~* It's the last day to apply for this round of doula support scholarships! *~*

Local to the Wilmington area?

Pregnant and due October-December 2022?

If so, you are invited to apply for this needs-based scholarship. Preference for awards for professional doula support will be given to low-income families, single parents, and birthing people facing hardships.

Applications accepted through 8/18/2022.

Apply here:

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