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🤦‍♀️what a hamster wheel!

🤦‍♀️what a hamster wheel!



Amother good one.

Amother good one.

My friend Mary Kelly posted this on her page. what a gift He gives us.  🎁

My friend Mary Kelly posted this on her page. what a gift He gives us. 🎁

This is spot on!

This is spot on!


This is the best post I’ve heard in a long time. It’s king, but short if that makes sense. Worth the read!

my brain and
heart divorced
a decade ago

over who was
to blame about
how big of a mess
I have become.

they couldn't be
in the same room
with each other.

now my head and heart
share custody of me,

I stay with my brain
during the week,

and my heart
gets me on weekends.

they never speak to one another,

- instead, they give me
the same note to pass
to each other every week,

and the notes they
send to one another always
says the same thing:

"This is all your fault.”

on Sundays
my heart complains
about how my
head has let me down
in the past,

and on Wednesday
my head lists all
of the times my
heart has screwed
things up for me
in the future.

they blame each
other for the
state of my life.

there's been a lot
of yelling - and crying

so lately,

I've been
spending a lot of
time with my gut

who serves as my
unofficial therapist.

most nights, I sneak out of the
window in my ribcage

and slide down my spine
and collapse on my
gut's plush leather chair
that's always open for me.

~ and I just sit sit sit sit
until the sun comes up.

last evening,
my gut asked me
if I was having a hard
time being caught
between my heart
and my head.

I nodded.

I said I didn't know
if I could live with
either of them anymore;

"my heart is always sad about
something that happened yesterday
while my head is always worried
about something that may happen tomorrow," I lamented.

my gut squeezed my hand;

"I just can't live with
my mistakes of the past
or my anxiety about the future,"
I sighed.

my gut smiled and said:

"in that case,
you should
go stay with your
lungs for a while,"

I was confused
- the look on my face gave it away.

"if you are exhausted about
your heart's obsession with
the fixed past and your mind's focus
on the uncertain future
your lungs are the perfect place for you,

there is no yesterday in your lungs
there is no tomorrow there either

there is only now
there is only inhale
there is only exhale
there is only this moment-

there is only breath-

and in that breath
you can rest while your
heart and head work
their relationship out."

this morning,
while my brain
was busy reading
tea leaves,

and while my
heart was staring
at old photographs,

I packed a little
bag and walked
to the door of
my lungs.

before I could even knock,
she opened the door
with a smile and as
a gust of air embraced me
she said,

"what took you so long?"



Merriam-Webster announced “Gaslighting” as the 2022 Word of the Year, citing a 1,740% rise in lookups with high interest throughout the year (11/28)

I follow this guy on Instagram.  He’s amazing!

I follow this guy on Instagram. He’s amazing!

Matthias James Barker, LMHC shared a post on Instagram: "🎵 Sketching the Sunrise by On Earth ". Follow their account to see 1633 posts.


The rate of alcohol-induced deaths, including liver disease and mental disorders, rose 26% in 2020 (the first year of the pandemic) marking the fastest jump in 40 years, per new data published by the CDC

You’ve got this!💕

You’ve got this!💕


Today’s Gift

There is no healing without forgiveness. I love the peace I feel with forgiveness.

~Helen Casey

The program is helping us understand that when we feel resentful or angry, we are hindering our own recovery as well as our Higher Power’s plan for us. We cannot receive God’s full message if we are trapped by our hateful feelings.

Why would we want to continue our agitation toward someone else, particularly when it means we can feel no peace? The answer lies in our struggle to be “right” in every situation. Being right rather than peaceful remains too important to us. But observing women who are serene will enlighten us about the possibilities for change the program promises. These possibilities can be ours if we change our attitude, develop the willingness to let go of past hurts, and live in a forgiving present.

It may sound difficult to live in a forgiving present, but it’s not. We make the decision and then ask God to help us. Our hearts will heal and our resentments will be gone. Peace can become our permanent companion.

Serenity is my goal today; forgiveness of others is the way I can achieve my goal.

Today's reading is from the book A Woman's Spirit: More meditations for Women*

I have this in a frame in my l office!

I have this in a frame in my l office!


This can be difficult, but it’s doable!

Letting go

If addiction is about control, recovery is about letting go. If addiction is about denial, recovery is about accepting what is.

As we spend time in the program, we learn something unexpected and amazing: life is so full of twists and turns, it’s easier to follow along than to try to straighten them out. It’s easier to have fewer expectations because, after all, we have no control over the future or the present.

Can I practice letting go?

Higher Power, help me to be open, flexible, and accepting in my recovery.

Feel free to share if you know if anyone that could benefit from this.

Feel free to share if you know if anyone that could benefit from this.

Have you lost someone to COVID-19? Learn about the FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency COVID-19 Funeral Assistance program:

Whenever you fall, pick something up.~Oswald AveryThere was once a very active boy who fell and broke his leg. He could ...

Whenever you fall, pick something up.

~Oswald Avery

There was once a very active boy who fell and broke his leg. He could run again in the spring, the doctors said, but only if he stayed in bed for an entire month and kept his leg still. At first the boy fought the rule, but he found that the more he thought about things he couldn't do, the more tired and angry he felt.

His parents put in a phone by his bed and friends called every day. He'd never much liked talking on the phone, but he felt better when they called. He wrote letters and got replies, and was surprised at what fun it was. Usually, he didn't have time to write letters.

He learned to play chess and began to enjoy reading. His days were slower and quieter than he'd been used to, but he learned a month really isn't a very long time. When spring came, he was running again, a little more joyfully than before.

When we can learn to accept our troubles, we find, like the boy, that they are just packages in which new growth and discoveries are wrapped.

If something unexpected slows me down today, what joys might I find at the slower pace?

Today's reading is from the book Today's Gift: Daily Meditations for Families



AA Thought for the Day

“There was nothing left for us but to pick up the simple kit of spiritual tools laid at our feet by Alcoholics Anonymous. By doing so, we have a spiritual experience which revolutionizes our whole attitude toward life, toward others, and toward God’s universe. The central fact of our lives today is the absolute certainty that our Creator has entered into our hearts and lives there in a way which is indeed miraculous. He has commenced to accomplish those things for us that we could never do for ourselves.” Have I let God come into my life?

Meditation for the Day

The moment a thing seems wrong to you or a person’s actions to be not what you think they should be, at that moment begins your obligation and responsibility to pray for those wrongs to be righted or that person to be changed. What is wrong in your surroundings or in the people you know? Think about these things and make these matters your responsibility. Not to interfere or be a busybody, but to pray that a change may come through your influence. You may see lives altered and evils banished in time. You can become a force for good wherever you are.

Prayer for the Day

I pray that I may be a co-worker with God. I pray that I may help people by my example.

Today's reading is from the book Twenty-Four Hours a Day: A Spiritual Resource with Practical Applications for Daily Life*
*Meditations can be specific, but themes are universal: apply as needed on your personal journey.


Todays Gift:

Prayer enlarges the heart until it is capable of containing God’s gift to himself.

~Mother Teresa

In praying, some of us depend on the traditions of our religion, others on the instructions of spiritual leaders. Some of us just strike out on our own, not knowing what to say or what to do, yet believing that form is not as important as intent. We only know that when we do pray, something happens.

And each time we lift our thoughts to God, it is easier the next time. Then, as we keep praying, we discover that we have begun to establish a familiarity. Our heart is opening to God without our realizing it. When we are willing, God fills our heart. And even though we can leave God, and often do, God never leaves us.

I am grateful that God is in my heart. My prayer is one of thanks.

Today's reading is from the book In God's Care: Daily Meditations on Spirituality in Recovery

Perfect! 🫶

Perfect! 🫶

UNIVERSITY STUDENT BRAIN DAMAGED FROM ALCOHOL POISONING . Danny Santulli 19, was a freshman at the University of Missour...


Danny Santulli 19, was a freshman at the University of Missouri. The freshman suffered acute alcohol poisoning during a hazing ceremony, in October 2021 at the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity house on the university campus, known as Fiji.

Prior to the hazing pledge night, Mr Santulli had endured a “month of abuse” at the hands of the fraternity, according to the lawsuit.
In one incident, he was allegedly ordered to climb into a trash can with broken glass. The 19-year-old badly cut his foot in that incident and needed stitches and crutches. “He was ordered to be at the beck and call of senior fraternity members at all hours, which eventually led to him abandoning his paid-for dorm and sleeping at the chapter house.”
His duties allegedly included getting food, alcohol and ma*****na for the older boys on command, cleaning the bedrooms in the house and being forced to buy things for the fraternity members with his own money.

At the initiation ceremony, he was allegedly force-fed beer through a tube and ordered to down a bottle of vodka taped to his hand which resulted in a severe case of alcohol poisoning. He is still unable to see, walk, or communicate in any manner.

Found unresponsive, Santulli was later taken to MU Hospital in one of the frat brothers' cars, but he was already in cardiac arrest by then. Hospital staff performed CPR and was able to restart Santulli's heart, but he remained "unresponsive, unaware of his surroundings, unable to communicate and (with) a significant injury to his brain." Doctors would later find the teenager's blood-alcohol content was 0.486 percent, more than six times the legal limit for driving.

Some of the pledges had their bottles taped to their hands for added pressure and ma*****na and co***ne was also “available” at the party, the suit claimed.

His parents have settled a lawsuit with 22 defendants against the fraternity, which has reportedly been banned from the campus for repeated violations. On Monday, June 6, his lawyer filed a motion to add 2 more fraternity brothers to the case one who has since been charged with misdemeanor counts of supplying alcohol to a minor and possession of alcohol by a minor.

Danny Santulli is currently under the care of his parents in Eden Prarie, Minnesota after spending months in a Colorado rehabilitation.

*Sixty-five students have died in college hazing incidents since 2000, including several in near-identical circumstances to Mr Santulli.

Danny Santulli


Today's Gift, Daily Inspiration Pear blossom in early Spring

Acceptance frees us.

Conflict can result from trying to change a person or situation that we don’t like. And conflict causes stress and agitation, both of which limit our lives. They steal our ability to be open to opportunities for growth and change.

Why is it so hard to accept situations we don’t like? Twelve Step programs tell us it’s because of our ego. We feel diminished when others don’t agree with our plan or our opinion. Our self-worth is tied to other people’s reactions.

But we can change. We can let the success stories we hear in this program inspire us to let others be. We will discover how much better we feel when we’re not on the battlefield with our friends and loved ones.

I don’t have to have conflict with other people today. I can let others be themselves and do what feels right to them. I’ll feel more at ease too.

Today's Gift Book
Today's reading is from the book A Life of My Own: Meditations on Hope and Acceptance*
*Meditations can be specific, but themes are universal: apply as needed on your personal journey.


Today's Gift

… it is a peaceful thing to be one succeeding.

~Gertrude Stein

Success is at hand. While we read these words, we are experiencing it. At this very instant, our commitment to recovery is a sign of success, and we feel peace each time we let go of our struggle, turning to another for help, for direction. Because we strive only for perfection, we recognize nothing less; we block our awareness of the ordinary successes that are ours again and again. Thus, the serenity the program promises us eludes us. But we are succeeding. Every day that we are abstinent, we succeed.

We can think of the times—perhaps only yesterday—when we listened to a friend in need, or finished a task that was nagging at us. Maybe we made an appointment to begin a project we've been putting off. Success is taking positive action, nothing more.

Many of us, in our youth, were taught that success only came in certain shapes and sizes. And we felt like failures. We need new definitions; it's time to discard the old. Luckily for us, the program offers us new ones.

Every person, every situation, can add to my success today. My attitude can help someone else succeed, too.

*Today's reading is from the book Each Day a New Beginning: Daily meditations for Women*

Meditation is good for the soul.

Meditation is good for the soul.


Todays gift:

To see, we must stop being in the middle of the picture.


Seeing something from another person’s point of view is an important spiritual awakening. That moment of understanding is a gift. We didn’t expect it, but suddenly it’s there. Our world grows larger because our view of that person changes. That, in turn, deepens our awareness and can deepen the relationship itself. Having others take the risk of sharing themselves is precious because it shows that we have proven worthy of their trust.

It’s a good feeling to sense the immediate connection that comes with understanding someone in a new way. We might experience compassion, love, or respect. One thing is sure: there is no room for the negative in a true moment of awakening.

Such gifts come because we have been willing to search for them, and for that we can give ourselves credit.

May God help me to be truly interested in other people and in who they are.

Today's reading is from the book Answers in the Heart: Daily Meditations for Men and Women Recovering from s*x addictions.


TODAY’s GIFT by Hazelden

Making amends

There is no benefit in trying to make amends until we are entirely willing to do it. We must be ready to make our amends without preconceived ideas about how the other party will receive them.

The success of the amends Steps does not depend on the acceptance of the other party but merely on our total willingness to admit where we were wrong. There is magic in working the amends Steps—magic we can never believe in until we work them.

Have I made all of my amends?

Higher Power, help me to be willing to ask forgiveness of you and to admit my mistakes to those I have wronged. Please remove my fear of doing so.

Today I will make amends to…

Today's reading is from the book Day by Day: Daily Meditations for Recovering Addicts


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