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Join me for the next installment of my Grandma's Hands® Quarterly Learning series:
September Topic: Cleansing in the Postpartum Period

Do you feel like you overindulged during pregnancy? Are you feeling the unrealistic urge to “snap back”? Learn how to support your postpartum body’s NORMAL metabolism, especially during breastfeeding, with herbs and foods that holistically aid in your healing and long-term nutritional goals. Thursday September 28, 2023 8PM EST

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Event is cancelled due to inclement weather. Stay safe!


is only days away! Make sure you're following the organizers of weekly observances and celebrations:
Latina/x Breastfeeding Week
Indigenous Milk Medicine Collective
WABA World Breastfeeding Week
Black Breastfeeding Week
Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander Breastfeeding Week


is a 💜! Baby Noah gets 🧸


That right there? That is months and months of hard and exhausting work - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Blood, sweat, tears, prayers. It's labor enough to grow and birth one baby and placenta, now just imagine THREE of each!

Last week I had the absolute privilege of being a part of this triplet birth and witness the strength, wisdom, dedication, fortitude, grace, and determination of their beautiful mother. I was sent home with the placentas and got to marvel at the design and strength of God and this woman He created.

Each baby had their own amniotic sac and placenta, the ideal scenario with multiples. The whole pregnancy was saturated in prayer and grace and God was so so good. I can't explain it but I felt sweet assurance that she had it in her to reach her goals and that He would answer our prayers.

And He did. Not only did she make it full term but she gave birth vaginally to all three babies. And not only THAT but all three baby girls were healthy, strong, with mom the entire hospital stay, and they all went home together within a few days of birth.

This mother is incredible. It was a steep and uphill climb but she worked, researched, sacrificed, fought, and prayed for this and for the support to reach those goals. What an honor to witness.

Please continue to pray for her as she heals and recovers and for the whole family as they navigate postpartum with three(!) newborns. Thank you to those that prayed for them!

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"If your baby is breech, you have to have a Caesarean"

SOME breech babies need to be born that way, sure.

Some head down babies beed to be born that way, as well.

Breech does pose some additional risk. How much exactly is going to depend on the type of breech (are we talking bum first, or feet first, for example) and how skilled and experienced the attendant it's.

Here is something else that carries additional risk: abdominal surgery. I say this all the time: nothing is risk-free.

For information on breech birth, please do look up anything by the wise and wonderful Mary Cronk.

Image credit: unknown, please DM me if you know who to credit


🌠Doula/Midwife in the making 🌠

May we raise women who are confident, informed and unashamed of the reality of their abilities!

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Happy International Women's Month!


“The skill of being with women in pain in labour often rests in believing in women when they do not believe in themselves.”
– Nicky Leaf

This is one of the most significant skills anyone supporting a Mother in labor can hold. The very "skill" of riding the waves with a laboring woman while leaving her undisturbed is the best way to help her through. A well versed doula or midwife can simply observe a laboring woman, the way she moves her body, the sounds she makes, and fully understand her progress in labor without ever touching her or speaking to her.

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What was your birth experience like? What would you change or keep the same?

What’s your postpartum love language? Mine would be acts of service and quality time.

What’s your postpartum love language?

Mine would be acts of service and quality time.

The Five Love Languages: Postpartum Edition😍

✨ Gifts: push present, gift card for housekeeper, laundry service or postpartum doula

✨Physical Touch: Body massage with healing oils; Respecting feelings of being “touched out”

✨Quality Time: Getting up during late night feeds; planning at-home date nights

✨Affirmation: I see how hard you’re working; Thank you for making this sacrifice for our family; I’ve never felt more attracted to you

✨Acts of Service: Taking care of laundry and house chores, Keeping water bottle filled, Making nourishing soups and stews, Ensuring bottles and pump parts are washed

What’s your love language?!


6 weeks old on the left, 30 weeks old on the right. It’s been 6 months. Six months since I was allowed to breastfeed my son. Six months of a hard battle against CANCER, getting poisoned with chemo that tainted my breastmilk and prevented me from nursing my infant son. Six months of pumping every few hours and dumping every single ounce of it all down the drain, just so I could keep my supply up, in hopes of eventually being allowed to nurse my baby again. Six months of having a dear, sweet, generous friend (Bec Nikodem) come to my house 1-2 times a week to latch my son, just so he would remember HOW to breastfeed again when I was able. Well, here we are, I had my last chemo session in January and it’s been 35 days post-chemo. My breastmilk no longer contains any remnants of chemo in it, and last night I was able to BREASTFEED MY SON AGAIN!!!! It’s been a long road, but I wanted to share my journey publicly in hopes that it can be shared and might inspire others in some small way. 💚 God is GOOD. The power or prayer is REAL. 💚

**Photo credit for image on the left: ** Rita Husbands


Healthy babies come in all shapes and sizes (just as adults!) and a baby who is in the 10th percentile can be just as healthy as a baby who is in the 99th percentile.

Being in a high or a low percentile doesn't necessarily mean that a baby is healthier or has a growth or weight problem.

Growth charts show the average when accounting for ALL infants your baby’s age.
Growth charts do not represent YOUR baby’s growth.

On AVERAGE, Breastfed infants generally are leaner than formula-fed babies after 4 months of age and gain less than formula-fed infants during the first year of life. They are also less likely to be obese children or adults than infants who were formula-fed.

📖: A 2012 study found that the more infants were breastfed, the less weight they had gained at 3, 5, 7, and 12 months. Conversely, the more bottle feedings the babies received, the higher their weight. (Ruowei Li 2012)

Some questions to ask yourself… ⁉️

➖Was your baby premature? “Small” at birth?
➖What size are you and your partner?
➖What were YOUR growth patterns when you were babies?
➖What about your baby’s siblings or other family members? (Genetics plays a large part in your baby’s size!!!)
➖Is your baby growing on a curve?
➖Is your baby meeting developmental milestones?
➖Is your baby alert, happy, active?
➖Is your baby showing other signs of adequate milk intake? (Wet/dirty diaper, content after feedings…)

Some adults are naturally petite and so are some babies. If your baby appears to be happy and healthy, is meeting developmental milestones, and has a good wet/pooy diaper count, then your baby's low weight gains may be due to family genetics.

There’s sooooo much more to growth than the number. It’s literally just *one* piece of a very large puzzle!

If your pediatrician is giving you a hard time about your baby’s weight and is pushing formula (PSSST… you could just supplement with a bottle of liquid gold!) — don’t hesitate to go and get a second opinion!

Advocate for your baby & their health!💖


Why did you choose a midwife? 🌸


Just a few ways you can get your services covered. I’ve had alot of moms lately ask this question. Here’s a short list (I’m sure there are more) of the great foundations who have helped the moms Ive served. Most doulas also offer payment plans, sliding scale and some even batter for services. Never be afraid to ask about the many payment options ( I heard someone was using Klarna too). I hope this helps 💗💗




This is Flying Cowgirl (can we rename this please?! siiiiiiigh) Anyway- this position opens the brim or top of the pelvis from front to back. The p***c bone shifts when tilted away from the spine, creating more room for baby to drop into the pelvis and progress descent + dilation. This position is usually used in bed with a peanut ball between the laboring person’s legs, but you can adapt it to work in the water too! (If you’ve got a wide enough birthing tub to work with- sans peanut ball of course 🤪) Go Birther, go!!

✨ It’s all about that space ✨

📸: 💛

Updated Birth Availability for 2023 🌿

Updated Birth Availability for 2023 🌿

You may have heard that’s it’s giving Tuesday. In honor of Giving Tuesday there are a few ways that you can support.  Co...

You may have heard that’s it’s giving Tuesday.

In honor of Giving Tuesday there are a few ways that you can support. Consider donating to the Village Birth Fund. This fund goes towards supporting me as a black community based doula in continuing education, buying books and educational tools, and building a scholarship fund for me to be able to provide moms and pregnant people in my community with the support that they need if they cannot afford it. If you’re not in a place to donate consider sharing this post to increase the amount of people that it will reach.

Whether you donate $1 or $50 any amount is appreciated.

You can donate to
Cashapp- $Thrivevillagebirth
PayPal - (link also in bio)




I’m super excited about our Winter Edition. Meet Trinity Stephens she’s building her legacy as a young midwife and doula. At the age of 17 she assisted in over 70 home births and impacting the birthing families. Check out her story in our Winter edition.

Simple and effective way to help iron levels. I love using my cast iron cookware.

Simple and effective way to help iron levels.
I love using my cast iron cookware.

I love taking care of my mommas.I've added cast iron skillets to their prenatal boxes along with other pregnancy essentials. Already preseasoned and ready to use. Oven to stove top cooking.
During pregnancy your blood volume double with that anemia can occur. Without adequate iron you can feel really fatigued and run down. Even simple activities can be exhausting. When you are pregnant, however, you need to have at least 27 milligrams of iron. This is because iron is not only needed by the pregnant woman, but by the baby in the placenta as well. As the iron requirement increases in the second half of pregnancy, you may want to aim for 30-50 mg of iron.

Iron supplements should be taken 1-2 hours before or after meals and with a small glass of orange juice to increase absorption. Do not take it with your prenatal vitamin or with dairy products as the calcium will decrease absorption of the iron.

A study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association found that the iron content in 100 grams of spaghetti sauce jumped from 0.6 mg to 5.7 mg after being cooked in a cast iron pot.


Home birth is not for everyone but if you don’t ask all the questions, how can you make an informed decision about where and with whom you should birth with?

Schedule a FREE consultation with Midwife Rachel and bring all of your questions. 🌼


Amazing visual of what Midwives bring to every home birth!! Great pic Family Midwifery Care of Guelph!


After more than five years of providing fabulous homebirth services, Sankofa Birth is growing to meet the increasing demands of the Triangle area!

We are excited to be launching Aya Birth & Community Wellness...coming Winter 2023.

As we grow into Aya, Sankofa Birth will not be accepting any new clients. While we know this is tough on the community right now, we'll be making birth more equitable and safe on a larger scale.

More details and ways for you to connect coming soon!


National Midwifery week is almost over, but we wanted to shout out all the amazing midwives supporting home birth, birth center births, and hospital births.
Tag a midwife and let us know what state they are practicing in. ✨🤓🤓🤓✨



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