Lauren Valentino

Lauren Valentino


WILMA Wellness: Lauren Valentino's body of work is literally the body, and it started with her own. Valentino launched an in-person and online coaching business for women.

For the past decade or so, she has sculpted a career in helping others achieve the body they want to inhabit. She also managed a return to the world of bodybuilding, becoming a competitive professional through the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness in 2014.
LV...I made your Mongolian Beef recipe in the InstantPot for dinner...let’s just say there’s no leftovers 😋
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I don’t even know where to start with this lady...she’s beautiful inside and out! She truly cares about helping women. I’ve been around many people in the health and fitness industry that don’t genuinely care as much as Lauren does. That care and concern goes beyond her paying clients. That is her true gift! Aside from that, she’s knows her stuff. This woman is smart, experienced and puts the work in researching women’s issues. I met Lauren about 3 yrs ago when I made the long thought out decision to step out of my comfort zone and compete in a figure competition for my 40th bday gift to myself. For me it wasn’t about the physical aspect of it as much as it was about facing fears. Lauren was my posing coach and Omgosh I needed her. She was the only one that was able to get me out of my shell. Or as she put it “find my inner diva”. If I’m being honest, at first her beauty was a bit intimidating but her personality put me at such ease. She made me feel beautiful and just as worthy as someone who was looking to win their pro card. I highly recommend her to anyone who’s looking for someone to help them get competition ready or just start feeling better and living your best life.
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Lauren Valentino is THE BEST coach. Hands down. As a former bodybuilding competitor, I’ve had about 5 different coaches and she truly is one of a kind. Some were better than others, but none care about your health and your personal goals like Lauren.

She’s is extremely knowledgeable in regards to female hormones and general health and fitness. Lauren takes time every week to check in with me and update my diet and workouts based on my feedback and how my body is responding. Her plan is not something she prints out for all her clients just to check in with you a month later. Lauren makes sure your plan is custom to your goals, specific needs and also sustainable to your life and family dynamics.

I came to Lauren after considering working with her for over a year. She came very highly recommended, and I knew her credentials well, but honestly was a bit more of an investment than I had made with past coaches so I waited and tried some things on my own and other coaches. A year later my health was much worse, my weight was up and I’d spent a lot of money with no improvement.

After suffering with severe adrenal issues and hypothyroidism for an entire year post competing in June 2017, I finally decided to hire Lauren and trust her guidance. I came to her very discouraged. I was 25 pounds over my normal weight, unable to do what I love (exercise), and suffering from all the symptoms of adrenal and thyroid stress.

I am so thankful God allowed our paths to cross. In the short 9 weeks Lauren has coached me, I have literally done a 180 and gotten my life back. I feel 1000x better, have lost 12 pounds, am able to exercise again and have my thyroid and adrenals under control. My family is so ecstatic to have me back. 😊 Lauren and I are still working to meet my goals and keeping my health the utmost priority.

If you are considering hiring a coach to help you reach your fitness or physique goals while keeping your long term health at the forefront, Lauren is who you need.
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"HI! I'm Lauren Valentino. I help women with their nutrition and fitness so that they can THRIVE in a body that they LOVE!" Visit my site to get my free 7 day Reset Plan

Operating as usual


☀️”Each year the weather gets warm… I'm not ready.  The first sunny weekend day out by the pool or on the boat with friends is spent 60% in my head feeling self-conscious.”⁣

☀️“I’m crossing my arms over my midsection or just staying in my cover-up.”⁣

☀️“NONE of my shorts fit. My swimsuits weren’t an option!”⁣

☀️“Instead of living life in the moment, soaking up joy with friends and family, I felt self conscious and miserable.”⁣

☀️“Instead of enjoying the day, I said NO to the snacks passed around, along with the margarita my friends enjoyed. Like some sort of punishment…”⁣

☀️“I knew I should’ve paid more attention in March and April about reining in some of my naughty habits… I just didn’t realize how far off I was.”⁣


As I heard them, I could totally relate… I too have been there! ⁣

And I promised myself, never again!⁣


5 days left to register.. then we’re closing the doors.⁣

The time is NOW. Come join us Bikini Bod Blitz… in 28 days… you won’t ask for your old body back… guaranteed! ⁣

Details in my bio👙✨⁣


Stop playing tug of war with your food tracking app. This guide is for every woman who is fed up with the information overload, complicated diets, and extreme exercise programs that AREN'T sustainable.

Master these 4 tips and you will feel comfortable to try on that new outfit or go out to the beach without any second thought!

If you are ready to take your life back, and WIN your week, we’ve got just what you need! 👉🏼 👉🏼

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Within the first 5 minutes of talking with Jeremy I knew…⁣

You see, after 14 years of practice… I can read a client.⁣

I know what will be necessary for our client/coach journey.⁣

Jeremys goals WEREN’T short sighted…⁣

Sure, he wanted to lose weight…but his tone in our call went beyond that.⁣

He started this journey to CHANGE HIS LIFE.⁣

To be a person he has NEVER been before..⁣

To fully LIVE a life that deep down he knew he was capable of living.⁣

We’re 8 weeks in and there’s no turning back.⁣

He’s killed the man he used to be, and I know we will never see him again…⁣

Cheers Jeremy to your untapped potential.. ⁣

It’s an honor to coach you & watch you transform! ⁣
It’s never too late to change your life✨⁣


You don’t need more hours in the gym - you need a meal prep plan that works

This is for every WOMAN who is FED UP with information overload, complicated diets, and extreme exercise programs that AREN'T sustainable.

I'm going to give you 4 tips to help you conquer your meal prep so you can go into your week prepared with food that supports your fitness goals ☺️

Imagine going out to try on that new outfit or hitting the beach without any second thought!

If you are ready to take your life back, and WIN your week, we’ve got just what you need! 💪

I put all these great hacks, lists, pictures and foolproof plans into a FREE GUIDE and you are welcome to have it! 👉🏼


You don’t need more hours in the gym - you need a meal prep plan that works


You don’t need more hours in the gym - you need a meal prep plan that works

“I refused to meal prep because it seemed too confusing! And that’s why despite killin’ it in the gym, my body remained the same for YEARS.”

Cooking a bunch of food in a day and eating it all week seems simple enough, but:

👉🏼 What do I cook?
👉🏼 How much do I eat?
👉🏼 How many meals do I make?
👉🏼 What do I buy?

“What got me on board was when my best friend’s body changed. I mean, IT CHANGED!”

She got abs. She got muscle definition. She got a leaner face, more energy….AND SHE GOT A LOT BETTER LOOKING THAN ME!

Yep. That’s what it took to get me meal prepping. Clearly.. she was onto something.

I no longer waste any time! Best part?!? I’m set up for the whole week..almost effortlessly.

I put all these great hacks, lists, pictures and foolproof plans into a FREE GUIDE and you are welcome to have it! 👉🏼

If you’re ready for serious groundbreaking success that your previous bikini body hasn't seen in years… this FREE GUIDE is a must!


Choose to LIVE.⁣

I got out of a warm bed at 5am on a 28 degree day. Met friends. Spent 5 min in 40 degree water, watched the sun rise on the east coast. ⁣

The experience was powerful. I spent the rest of the day buzzed and hyper productive.⁣

✨I’ve polar plugged for 2 decades⁣
✨I’ve traversed 1200 degree fires barefoot⁣
✨I’ve repelled into the deepest cave in the US⁣
✨I chose natural childbirth.. twice⁣
✨I’ve broken arrows with my throat ⁣
✨I’ve walked broken glass⁣
✨and that’s just starts the list…

Ive certainly been called crazy too many times to count.⁣

Sometimes we overthink it. 😜 But here it is. Whether you think you CAN or think you CAN’T ⁣
you’re always right.⁣

This one life is a GIFT.⁣
Choose to LIVE it.⁣
EXPERIENCE the limits of what the body and brain are capable of. ⁣

FEEL everything.⁣

Your limits begin and end in your mind. Once you control your mind, you’ve mastered your life.⁣

The power is with YOU. ⁣

All you have to do is CHOOSE IT.⁣

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Hey babes, Just tossing this one atcha for a little lower body FUN this week!🍑

Grab your Ride or Die! You know who she is! The one who pushes you to lift heavier and go harder, and doesn’t let you stop to breathe…😆💪🏼

Sometimes I design one that kicks my tush even more than expected.

Welp. Meet THAT workout.

Ive felt the aftermath of this one every time I’ve sat to pee over the last few days 😬

Tag your swole sis below and crush this 30 Minute Lower Body Circuit on us!🔥

Let us know how good it hurts!😆

Lauren Valentino added a button to help you learn more about them. 01/23/2022

Lauren Valentino added a button to help you learn more about them.

Lauren Valentino added a button to help you learn more about them.

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“No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else” - P.T. Barnum⁣


Tonight our girl group reconnects to go thru the training to ‘un earth’ our personal word for 2022⁣

Your ONE WORD if chosen correctly must excite you and scare you. ⁣

It has to push you to grow. Shape you. Mold you. Ultimately, it should Change you.⁣

My 2021 word did.⁣


By choosing truth, it didn’t mean… don’t tell lies😆 ⁣

For me it meant honoring my personal voice. My thoughts. My path. My souls calling on this earth. My life work for impacting others.⁣

Ignoring what’s easy. Turning from what’s Accepted if need be. Questioning what’s Expected by society. Challenging routines and norms. ⁣

Making sure I was living and creating your own life, and not someone else’s.⁣

It was challenging. Full transparency…gut wrenching at times.⁣

However, one year later it feels SO good to hear my own voice… so clearly.⁣

I’m excited [and nervous] to see what word surfaces for 2022.⁣

Did you choose a word for this year?!? If so, id love to hear it🤍⁣

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LV, how do you always stay motivated to exercise?!? ⁣

Surprise🤗 I don’t.⁣

My ✌️ cents on staying fit for life doesn’t start with motivation. It starts with joy.🙃⁣

Find a way that you ENJOY moving your body.⁣

If you enjoy it, you will do it OFTEN.⁣

If you do it often…you master CONSISTENCY.⁣

Consistency is how you SEE RESULTS.⁣

When you see those results, you’re MOTIVATED to MAINTAIN them.⁣

Ya feel me? ⁣

….it all begins with finding what you enjoy. ⁣

A badass partner helps too😉⁣

What type of exercise are you currently loving?!?⁣

⁣ ⁣
⁣ ⁣ ⁣

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✨"My name is Melanie and I have lost 41 pounds with Wholly Fueled. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2013. Even though I was on the right meds, thought I was eating healthy, and exercising (what I thought was enough), I just seemed to keep gaining year after year. I tried to figure out how to lose the weight on my own and just kept failing. I was at a loss for what to do about my weight when the Wholly Fueled Challenge came across my Facebook feed in May of 2020.

✨After asking some questions on the post, and having an "ugly cry" conversation with my awesome Husband about weight, myself, and what I felt like I had to do, I started the Wholly Fueled Challenge June 1, 2020 (my beginning weight was 193). I learned so much in those first 4 weeks of the challenge, the basic principles they taught have continued to be valuable in my weight loss journey.

✨The knowledge they share weekly, along with those basic principles and following the meal plans in Wholly Fueled Forever have allowed me to continuously lose the weight, week after week. I have also learned that motivation isn't the key--that comes and goes-- instead, commitment and dedication are the key. I have to be dedicated and committed every day to follow the meal plans and exercise daily so I can be a better, happier, healthier version of myself."

Melanie Moore you rock!!!!! I’m so proud of you! 👏🏼

Wanna get Fueled with us? Drop me a message🤍


[LIVE TIME] The “before you lose weight” checklist, so you know IF you will drop body fat.
💥Have you ever dieted only to get lack luster or ZERO results?!?
💥Tonight I’m revealing my 14 years experience about how to successfully lose weight {as a female} and keep it off.
👑Plus I sharing details about our special Labor Day challenge we’re running LIVE👑


Episode 93💥 Have you ever been excited to start a diet or cutting phase and blazed through the first 7-10 days only to see zero-result?!?

Nothing can be more frustrating than pouring your effort, energy, and excitement into something with very little or nothing to show for it.

I once heard the phrase “Have you earned the right to diet” and it stuck with me.

We’re either rewarded or punished for the choices we made prior to deciding to “diet.”

In this episode I’m pulling back the curtain on my foolproof checklist you can use prior to cutting so you will know if you will see the results you’re looking for.

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“I love never guessing what to cook.”

“Having my grocery list DONE FOR ME is a game changer”

“I love my body, you girls have changed my life”

👆🏼Just some feedback we hear often from our Wholly Fueled Group🥰

Next weeks meals took me exactly 90min to cook… for the ENTIRE WEEK✨

Next weeks menu📝
😋Chicken Chilaques
😋Crunchy Chicken Tarragon Fall Apple Sandwich
😋 Firecracker Shrimp Wraps
😋 Chicken Pesto
😋 Thai Satay Skewers
😋 Beef Bulgogi

✅Calories range from 285-499
🍗Protein ranges from 25-38 grams per meal
🥬All meals loaded with veggies
🙅🏼‍♀️No gluten
🙅🏼‍♀️No Dairy

Check your brain at the door… and leave your energized, hot bod results to us✨

We love coaching amazing goal-focused ladies right to their goals✨

Learn More at

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Did you know…sleeping well keeps your body optimized for burning body fat?!?!⁣

I’m a total type A personality🙋‍♀️⁣

I’ve always felt like….ehhhh, I can sleep when I’m dead. 😜 sooooo let’s gooooooooo! ⁣

However, I have personally experienced a direct link between low sleep and difficulty burning body fat. ⁣😏

Therefore… I upped my sleep game😴⁣

💤How many hours do you average a night?!?⁣

Finding it hard to lose weight? Check out my blog on the 10 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight✨


[LIVE TIME] Ladies, Struggling to lose weight?
Feel like you’re you playing tug of war with your scale?
✅Check off the 10 sneaky reasons you may be having an impossible time shedding that extra body fat.
Tonight I’m sharing my formula to get it off and keep it off!
Tune in⭐️


Join me LIVE @ 7pm tonight
with LV is back!!

We’re covering the
[TOP 10 reasons you’re NOT losing weight] …AND what to do about it so you can have shed those extra pounds and keep them off!

These stats can’t be ignored….

💥It’s estimated that 45 million Americans go on a diet each year.
💥Americans spend 33 billion dollars each year on weight loss products alone.
💥Fewer than 5% of those people keep the weight off for longer than a year.
💥And still 70% of American are overweight or obese!!

Being overweight isn’t just about looking good or feeling good in our bodies.

More importantly being overweight leads to health problems like weakened immune systems, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, sleep disorders, arthritis and more..

Tonight we’re digging DEEP into the reasons why you could be seeing little to no success.

Tune in! See you soon


It's been a hot minute since there's been a new blog post but...I'm BAAACK! 🎉

If you’re trying ‘oh so hard’ to drop some extra pounds and watching your scale barely budge a .2 down…only to watch it surf right back up again...then this blog is for you! 😍

I've seen it this week I'm sharing the 10 reasons you aren't losing weight. This isn't your typical list, so head over to the blog and get all the deets!


Sometimes the most productive thing we can for our body….is to DO NOTHING.⁣

I saw a HUGE trend of high cortisol levels (stress hormone) this week on all of my new female clients intake forms/labs⁣

💥High Cortisol Effects: Weight Gain, Hypertension, Anxiety, Depression, Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s, Insomnia, Diabetes, Low Libido, Poor Digestion, Infertility and more💥⁣

I want to remind you that some of best immune system boosters are simple & freely available…⁣

⭐️Vitamin D… 30 min of sun kiss☀️⁣
⭐️Vitamin Sea…🌊⁣
⭐️Laughter & Joy⁣
⭐️Breathe Deeply ⁣

Before this weekend wraps up… give your body some love and unplug.⁣

Rest. Revive. Renew.⁣
Your body will thank you.⁣

⁣ ⁣

Let’s Build a Fitness Lifestyle You Love!

I help people just live you THRIVE, showing them the nutrition and fitness tools they need to easily make it a lifestyle. You will never need to start over again once you learn the LV way!

Over the last 15+ years of practicing as a top Coach in the Nutrition and Fitness space, I’ve developed many unique strategies to help you get the results you’re looking for, without the use of questionable supplements, or spending hours in the gym or the kitchen.

We get ONE LIFE on this beautiful planet, why not fully live it? Healthfully, in a body you love!

I do a weekly blog post on my website and video here on the topic. Make sure to Like my page and select ‘Get Notified’ so you are the first to see these free weekly trainings and info that we launch.

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