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Enjoy Dalat Tours


Address : 31B Khe Sanh St., Ward.10, Da Lat City, Viet Nam
Telephone : 063. 3512626 –Cellphone : 0917014839 (Lotus Thoai)
Email : [email protected]
Facebook : DALAT XUA
Da Lat Xua Restaurant is located on a windswept hill and surrounded by the long mountain ranges forming a lively lanscape next to the beautiful city on central highland of Viet nam. It’s 2.8km from Da Lat center. The restaurant is served the European and Asian dishes with the fresh seafood and forest animal’s meats. Besides, the special dishes of ethnic minority people such as: Bamboo tube steamed rice, grilled chicken, roasted piglet, steamed forest vegetable. Especially you can see many interesting artefacts from the daily lives of the K'hor ethnic minority tribe and participate yourself in the gongs festival of ethnic minority in Da Lat. Please come here to enjoy different experiences in life.

Đà Lạt – năm du lịch Tây nguyên 2014 với nhiều sắc hoa rực rỡ cùng những lễ hội cồng chiêng của bộ tộc thiểu số K’hor - Đà Lạt, sẽ mang lại nhiều điều thú vị cho các du khách khi đến TP. Đà Lạt mộng mơ.
Đặc biệt cùng thưởng thức những món ăn đặc sắc của người dân bản địa tại Nhà hàng ĐÀ LẠT XƯA, 31B Khe Sanh, P.10, TP. Đà Lạt.

Click to join us to discover Da Lat, Vietnam a more about the culture, traditions and history of our From Dalat to anywhere of Vietnam.

We always do the best for our tourists and travellers the tours in which they get to see the most spectacular views of the Central Highland,. Get to know all about the local life of people that we meet on the road. This is the only way to get off the beaten tracks. We sure that you Enjoy Dalat! Click to visit us a www.enjoydalat.com

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Photos from Enjoy Dalat Tours's post 19/10/2015

My special tour with my valuable guest, they are Martin @ Michelle at Enjoy Dalat Hostel -18/10/2015


My special tour with my valuable guest, they are Martin @ Michelle at Enjoy Dalat Hostel -18/10/2015

Enjoy Canyoning on 07/16/2015 17/07/2015

Enjoy Canyoning on 07/16/2015

Canyouning is owesome tour in Dalat city at Enjoy Datlat Hostel

Enjoy Canyoning on 07/16/2015 17/07/2015

Canyouning is owesome tour in Dalat city at Enjoy Datlat Hostel

Photos from Enjoy Dalat Tours's post 17/07/2015

Enjoy Canyoning on 07/15/2015 - Enjoy Dalat Hostel

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This is a half-day trip, which takes you to visit the following sights in Dalat:
- Unique LinhPhuoc pagoda – none like it elsewhere in Vietnam.
- Tiger statue – story behind the tiger that used to live in the area.
- Beautiful waterfall – unlikely to see any other tourists whilst there.
- Chance to try some Vietnamese cuisine.
Whilst riding you also see some of the farms and countryside that surrounds Dalat.

You ride on a motorbike, which picks you up from Enjoy Dalat Hostel and then drops you back again once the trip is over.

Timeline photos 21/05/2014

DA LAT - PHAN RANG - NHA TRANG 2 days 1 night

Timeline photos 21/05/2014

DA LAT - HOI AN 6 days 5 nights

Timeline photos 21/05/2014

DA LAT - NHA TRANG 3 days 2 nights

Timeline photos 15/05/2014

Special Dalat Countryside Tour at Enjoy Dalat Hostel

Timeline photos 15/05/2014

Enjoy Dalat Natural Countryside Landscape Tour with Car or Van

Timeline photos 14/05/2014

Have ever enjoy SCOOTER TOUR with us for a few days. . .?

Timeline photos 14/05/2014

What is CANYONING? Do it. . .

The SCULPTURAL MOUNTAIN (Núi Điêu Khắc) 25/04/2014

This is a new place in Dalat city. It's all about Dalat stories. . . It's made by mountain stone and clay. (Tất cả tác phẩm được điêu khắc bằng đá từ núi và đất sét)

Forest Ghost Inn (Ma Rừng Lữ Quán) 22/04/2014

New place in Dalat I just found this day. . .It's how to discover something to enjoy Dalat. See more: WWW.ENJOYDALATTOUR.COM

Timeline photos 09/04/2014

The thatched cottage of Ho Chi Minh in Sen village in 500,000VND paper: - Everyone can realize the simple house of Ho Chi Minh’s childhood. The cottage is in Sen village, Kim Lien ward, Nam Dan district, Nghe An province, in the windy and sunny central part of Vietnam. It is about 15km from Vinh city.

The whole area contains of four main vestige: mother’s homeland of Ho Chi Minh (Hoang Tru or Chua village), father’s homeland of Ho Chi Minh (Sen village), Chung mountain (Kim Lien ward) and the tomb of Hoang Thi Loan (mother of Ho Chi Minh) in Nam Giang ward.

Timeline photos 09/04/2014

Halong Bay in 200,000VND paper - Halong bay of Quang Ninh has been recognized as world natural heritage by UNESCO many times. It is contained of thousands of islets and karst. The bay has spectacular view, so this is the attracting place for domestic and international tourists.

Halong bay is an unique heritage, since it contains many important signs of the forming and developing process of the earth. This is a masterpiece of nature with the appearance of thousands of stone islets and caves.

Besides, Halong bay ecology is also diversifying with thousand of types of fauna and flora. This place also sticks with the important cultural and historical values of the nation.

Timeline photos 09/04/2014

Khue Van Cac in 100,000VND paper - The symbol of the whole area of temple of literature and Quoc Tu Giam. Khue Van Cac is a roof of eight sides. It was built in 1805.

Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam is one of 23 special national vestiges. The main architect is Van Mieu – temple of literature – where Khong Tu (Confucius) and Quoc Tu Giam – the first university of Vietnam.

Timeline photos 09/04/2014

Luong Dinh Estrafe, Phu Van Lau in the 50,000VND paper - Located beside the Perfume River of Hue, Nghinh Luong Dinh was served as the place for king and the officials to get some fresh air and view. Its view was romantic and ventilated.

Not far from it, Phu Van Lau was built in 1819 in Gia Long emperor’s reign. It served as the place for stick the royal decree of the king and the court, or the results of the contests organized by the court.

Timeline photos 09/04/2014

5 famous places in the polymer money of Vietnam

Have you ever noticed the backside of the money, then you know something about those special cultural address printed in it.

The international cultural heritage of Hoi An with the symbol of Bridge Pagoda is already famous internationally and domestically. The Hoi An old bridge was built in the unknown time. However, in the ancient documents, the name of that bridge was found by oversea Japanese in 1617, which means the bridge was maybe built longer ago.

Legendarily, there was a monster outside in the sea, which is called Mamazu by the Japanese. Its head was in Japan, and its tail was in India. The thing is its back was lying across Hoi An, which placed bridge pagoda. Each of everytime that monster moved, the Japan suffered from Earthquake and Hoi An was not well. In order to control it, Japanese worshiped the Monkey and Dog God in the both ends of the bridge to exorcize the monster. People of Minh Huong made a pagoda right next to the bridge to worship Bac De Chan Vo, with the purpose of prevent earthquake too.

Therefore, the Bridge pagoda was considered a sword stabbing in the back of the monster Mamazu, so it cannot whisk its tails anymore to make the earthquake. In 1653, people make the part of pagoda that connects to the North banister of the bridge and jutted out in the middle of the bridge. Since then, the bridge was called Bridge Pagoda.


Mr. Kay enjoyed the water in the tiger waterfall. . .Hihihi

Dalat Tiger Waterfall 07/04/2014

We enjoyed this waterfal so much and so fun. . . Join us for good things

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