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🔔 Weekly update from WHO(27 July - 3 August)*Monkeypox home care* 🏠If you think you have monkeypox, isolate and contact ...

🔔 Weekly update from WHO

(27 July - 3 August)

*Monkeypox home care* 🏠

If you think you have monkeypox, isolate and contact a health worker. Do the following to protect others:

• If possible, isolate in a separate room
• Use a separate bathroom or clean well after each use
• Clean surfaces with soap, water and disinfectant
• Use separate utensils, towels and bedding
• Open windows for ventilation
• Clean hands with soap and water, and alcohol-based sanitizer
• Keep a distance of 1 meter from others
• Cover rash with clothes or bandages
• Wear a well-fitting medical mask
• Avoid sweeping and vacuuming
• Do your own laundry. Place laundry in a plastic bag before carrying it to the washing area, and use hot water

Use medication for pain and fever if needed.

A monkeypox vaccine has been approved. Some countries recommend vaccination for those who've been in close contact with someone who has monkeypox. Mass vaccination is not recommended at this time.

Learn more ➡️ : https://bit.ly/3Q3Jdd2

Recovering from monkeypox at home 24 July 2022  | graphics (infographic) WHO Team WHO Health Emergencies Programme (WHE)


Dish sponges are teeming with bacteria, warn scientists who say they probably aren't the healthiest option for cleaning the dishware we eat off.


Banjonsa, Kashmir



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