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Operating as usual


Hello! What’s going on?

This graphic is an inspiration of mine that I jotted down in my journal.

Then, I was asked to be a “Supply” teacher for a group I am in called “The Back Row with Nik Oakes!”

It was such a fun and learning experience! I got to learn to schedule posts. Because most member in this group are in the UK on Greenwich Mean Time. Which is 7 hours ahead of Mountain Standard Time.

I didn’t want them to be without their instructor for more than 7 hours!

When I told my artist friend and fello member Ian Alexander Blakeman about my project-and we had been wanting to work together for a while-he agreed to put this artist graphic together for me!

The plants are informed by the plants beside my kitchen sink. Tropical plants as I am from Miami, Florida originally. I always have tropical plants!

And? My intention for my work is always relationship, non-judgement, and reflection of strengths, gifts, altitudes, and what the person brings in her own life.

It’s about Hope!

And, isn’t they what the Holiday Season is about?

Thank you, Nik and Ian, for believing in me and supporting my Guest Teacher for the Day experience!

Relational Trauma Repair | The Meadows of Wickenburg, Arizona 12/08/2022

Relational Trauma Repair | The Meadows of Wickenburg, Arizona

Did you know I am a "Meadows-Trained Therapist?"

And, I get their emails.

My initial training was with Pia Mellody in the Fall of 2008 after graduating from "Counseling School." She taught me the Concept of The Precious Child and the effects of Developmental Immaturity.

This is a type of relational trauma and some of you know about how that looks in Counseling.

Per usual, I do like sharing resources and I just learned about this one: Relational Trauma Repair pioneered by Senior Fellow Tian Dayton.

If you are interested here is more description of the modality:

Sometimes I recommend a workshop at The Meadows or an item from their bookstore. Rarely, one of my clients goes "in-patient" there and stays a while.

I value The Meadows! Let me know what you think of the article description. It is always good to know what resources are available.

Once a Social Worker, always a Social Worker!

Relational Trauma Repair | The Meadows of Wickenburg, Arizona Relational trauma repair is experiential group therapy that uses specific exercises to teach emotional literacy and self- and co-regulation.


Have you heard the news?

I am so honored to join Beyond Beautiful Pathways as a Co-Organizer of Mental Health Professionals of Southern Colorado! 🥳

I met Valerie Montgomery in 2020 and we instantly hit it off. Her passion for bringing value to our community of mental health professionals radiates from her heart, and we quickly were sharing ideas. I cannot wait to see what exciting new things are to come in 2023 with our collaboration! 🤩

If you are a Mental Health Professional in Southern Colorado and have not joined the group, please do!

Photos from Reasons Eating Disorder Center's post 12/01/2022

I'm so proud of myself!

I just learned how to go from an email to the Page on FB to share this training with you.

I'm registered.

This is a regular thing for me: FREE TRAININGS!

And, this is such a juicy one.

Thank you, Shannon Braasch, for the hook-up!


Ya know, it’s easy to take ourselves for granted:

🌺 Our strengths
🌺 Our gifts
🌺 What it has taken to get this far..

I want to encourage you to celebrate yourself.

Give yourself a hand!

Shout your value to the sky!

Feel your life-force flame. 🔥

Move and sing
And glow and thrive!

Connect and rejoice
Embody some more!

You are your life!
Live it!



An offering in our community as a result of the tragedy on November 19, 2022 at .


Our office staff meeting!

Ha! No, seriously, I had my first “Get-Together” for my new FB group last evening.

We had a wonderful time learning about each other, what the group is about, and sharing life adventures with each other.
The group is called Beyond Beautiful: Emotional Fulfillment for High-Achieving Women! (On FB)!
Link in bio!

Otherwise, enjoy this kitten, bunny, and Valerie staff meeting photo!

Photos from Beyond Beautiful Pathways's post 11/13/2022

This week I was out in the community! (Plus, in my office with ).

The Meadows sponsored an event at featuring Dr Kevin McCauley and the topic of The Neuroscience of Addiction-he included screens in the information. Thank you, Liz Brown and team for bringing this to !

Then the Mental Health Professionals of Southern Colorado had and the illustrious Amber Kosloske presenting on Su***de and Non Suicidal Self Injury. Special thanks to Cedar Springs Hospital for event AND group sponsorship!


New video up on my YT! It’s an explanation or an overview of the concept of the precious child developed by Pia Mellody. Link in bio.

Culinary Queens of Colorado Springs – Jennifer Choi of Craft and Crumbles 11/04/2022

Culinary Queens of Colorado Springs – Jennifer Choi of Craft and Crumbles

I met Jennifer this Summer and got some of her cookies for my grandsons!

They are yummy!!

And, if you have a few minutes, read this article. Supporting, encouraging, and inspiring!!

Great job!

Culinary Queens of Colorado Springs – Jennifer Choi of Craft and Crumbles Meet Jennifer Choi – cookie artist and Culinary Queen!


Hello Members,

I wanted to let you in on a development yesterday, so settle in for a little story.

This summer I had a friend stay with me for several weeks. During that time I took her up to Destinacion's Therapy & Maybell's Mission Inc. as I know the owner and knew as a my friend would definitely appreciate their .

You see, the owner is a and a former school teacher who went into psychology to help people.

She not only supports Veterans and gives away , but she rescues horses.

I don't know too many people who do all that!

And, Caroline loved the afternoon with the horses and Jen.

What I did not expect was Caroline to make a video and make a Linktree entry for folks to donate.

I was so gratified to see this come in this arc of support!

I will put the link to the YT in the Comments bc, you know, FB.

Thank you for any sharing, Liking, or connections.

Photos from Beyond Beautiful Pathways's post 10/26/2022

Ta-Da!! This is my presentation copy of my Registration for my second business, Beyond Beautiful Pathways! It’s for my Education and Guidance business and has been in the works since May 2021.
Congratulations to me!


I just read a very good article on Atypical Anorexia. From a LinkedIn connection.

To get this to go onto Instagram ai needed a photo. Hence, the Strength photo.

Here is the article if it interests you.

I couldn’t put it down!


Thank you for this graphic, Poetry719COS]! What an honor to partner with you and the wonderful sponsors for the Poetry 719 Festival! Follow Poetry719COS] for all the deets!


Y’all know poetry heals, right?

I thought it fitting to co-sponsor the Poetry719 Festival: Poetry & Movement!

I’m a bit biased and hope more people can heal with creative verse.

Let your soul pour out on paper!

Thank you to our sponsors!!!! Without them this festival wouldn’t be possible!! Make sure to follow and support these incredible organizations and people!! and and


Thank you, Kohkmah Aromatics, for following your passion and calling!

I appreciate your care and knowledge to support holistic health.

Follow Kohkmah Aromatics here on Facebook for further opportunities and resources.

We can build holistic healing together!

Get to know Kohkmah Aromatics!


“At the end of the day a woman can live her True Self and experience joy!” This was an inspired sentence starter from one of my coaches. Ha!
I find so often that folks are not aware that healing is possible.
There are parts of us we think are “set in stone” which are not our True Self, but adaptations to conditions in our world, especially as we grew our nervous systems during our prenatal period and childhood.
These decisions, beliefs, behaviors, or imprints were coping mechanisms to survive and protect our physical, emotional, spiritual, relational, spiritual, sexual, and occupational selves.
All can be accessible through the emotional portal. Check my bio for how you can access your next healing journey!


Gosh! I sure enjoy collecting community, fostering mutuality, engaging in sharing..
Here is the evidence! This is a local event to Southern Colorado-or my Denver friend may want to drive down.
Thank you, for sharing your expertise! But mostly, being here and being you!


You know how I enjoy supporting women on their entrepreneurial quests!

I met Ashley King of Kohkmah Aromatics, at a vendor fair in downtown Colorado Springs this Summer. She has a special calling of not only aromatherapy but also the mental health community.

So, I went and experienced her services and products because I learn by doing. Ha!

Our visit was relaxed and informative, but mostly fragrant!

She had pulled some essential oils based on my questionnaire. From there we tested with my nose.

In 2003 I had sinus surgery. I don’t want to need to do that again, so I am trying this alternative route.

Guess what?!? There are no side effects except potential healing. Ha!

Sharing is caring!

Thank you, Ashley, for living your passion and calling. I want the best for you and Kohkmah!

Pure and fragrant essential oils have a way of soothing the heart and nourishing the soul, creating a foundation for physical healing.

IN UTERO 10/10/2022


Free viewing of the seminal, breakthrough film directed by Stephen Gullenhaal-Maggie and Jake’s dad.

One day only.

IN UTERO IN UTERO brings together for the first time convincing data that explains that we are not only our genes but a product of our environment as well.


This is my colleague, Amber! It is unusual to have evening appointments.

Amber is a specialist in suicidality, self-harm, and is presenting for a group I run through meetup.

If you would like to attend let me know.

Learn more here:

Join me at Su***de & Self Injury Presentation with Amber Kosloske

Convenient Colorado Counseling has immediate openings for telehealth appointments 4:00pm-9:00pm Monday-Friday.


What a great service!

Thank you, Mindful Springs Counseling, for this parenting support resource.

Viking Textiles Show Women Had Tremendous Power 10/07/2022

Viking Textiles Show Women Had Tremendous Power

Interesting article about women, archaeology, textiles, and power!

At one time I considered becoming an archaeologist. That was during high school.

Now my daughter is a weaver, I work with women, and it is a thrill hearing this truth.

Viking Textiles Show Women Had Tremendous Power Cloth from Viking and medieval archaeological sites shows that women literally made the money in the North Atlantic


Please follow our and a colleague of mine! So much good happening here!! 🥂🎉💖🎁😎.

Why women with serious mental illness often get worse care than men 09/24/2022

Why women with serious mental illness often get worse care than men

Thank you, Steve Bell, for posting this article in a group we have in common.

This article highlights some challenges women face in representative care.

Just yesterday a friend with a foster child was referred to as a “nag” by the child’s Guardian ad Litum. Yeah.

This still happens.

Marginalizing women.

Why women with serious mental illness often get worse care than men Women are facing unique pandemic-related mental health consequences, and women with serious mental illness continue to lack equitable access to psychiatric care.

Timeline photos 09/23/2022

Love this!!

Happy First Day of Fall!

As we head into this new season, it is important to remember that no matter where you have been, or what you have gone through, you can always let go and start over.

That goes for anything in life, but especially in addiction recovery. The past does not define the future.

If you are ready to start new, give us a call today.


Hats off to the illustrious master stylist, colorist, crystal, and reiki genius, Katie! Thank you for your expertise and friendship!


New message up about trust! How it bypasses the cognitive defenses, or simply the impulse to stay in the head. For you defined heads, if you still need to know, we can talk about it after you trust me and yourselves.
I recommend having the experience first. Sometimes knowing all the reasons or details can derail the experience.
Thank you, , for sparking this little gem!
(Up on my YT channel now).

Photos from Beyond Beautiful Pathways's post 09/10/2022

Just me talking about my ABC’s course! Quick!! Register-link in bio-before I decide to increase the investment!

Photos from Beyond Beautiful Pathways's post 09/08/2022

Had a wonderful time in Altamonte Springs, Florida for the long Labor Day weekend.

Pools are my original habitat and the beach is where I grew up celebrating birthdays. (I’m from Miami, Florida).

It was difficult for me to be away from my Heaven Joy! The high school senior neighbor took really good care of her.

I think it’s good to take time out of regular life from time to time. Be in a different environment, connect with your good memories, and swim!

My sister took good care of me and I got to spend time with my niece, nephew, and my niece’s daughters.

The beach is New Smyrna Beach on the east coast of Florida. Lovely!


This is my friend, Caroline Rena], who stayed for a bit with me this Summer after demonstrating my in earlier 2022.

Posted • Caroline Rena] What an incredible journey this is has been. I am back in Florida from going through my process and the deep dive into my healing journey from trauma. I can tell you that the journey never ends but the results along the way are amazing. I have very few flashbacks now and if I get one, I am able to deal with it with my tools. My nervous system is healing because I can tell that I don't react or dissociate anymore, I just sit with whatever is coming up for me. This is so empowering. My hope is for all who have experienced trauma that you can witness for yourself freedom in your life.
The journey continues...
If you resonate with what I am sharing, I can help in different ways with healers or those on their journey who are wanting to dig deeper. Reach out and let me know how I can be of service and/or if you are so inclined, love offerings are accepted so I can continue this journey to share HOPE and Divine Mama Inner Child Energy Healing, Guidance/Coaching and Love.
I also now have my Inner PEACE Oracle Reading where I use my poems to create a safe space with a peak inside to what your Higher Self is saying to you. Our Higher Self speaks to us all the time. Sometimes we don't know how to listen and sometimes we are afraid to listen. I hold this space of safety so you can connect with your Higher Self to see where you are in this moment so it can assist you in finding direction.

Link in bio to podcast...


Please follow! I’ve been missing out until I heard him speak at the event with and ! In fact, them all. Your heart will soar!!


I’ve just had such a fulfilling week! Some fabulously delicious sessions with clients, planning for my trip to FL, enjoying Colorado in late Summer, and creating a wonderfully synergistic event for the group I organize on meet up dot com!
Bonus: baby girl sleeping on my lap atm. Ha!
Does this graphic make sense to you?
This sentiment came out of a post I made back in August on FB about my time at the Black Forest Festival and Parade. What I found myself saying-my Human Design authority-was that I enjoyed seeing my grandsons with their friends, connecting with those I know and support, meeting my daughter’s neighbors, and enjoying a lunch put on by my son-in-law.
Notice anything about these priorities? Yep! They all involve relationship and people.
Since I am a , I had to birth this phrase.
Do you like it? 🤗🥰🥂🎁
I’ll see how I do on my hiatus in Orlando as far as being on here. I do need to be !
Happy Labor Day! , you Americans! Muah!

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