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INSTANT KARMA: Today I heard about a man who strangled and killed his girlfriend. They found him dead from a heart attack next to her body and a partially dug grave in his back yard.
Karma will get you sooner or later. As a sensitive...I have to wonder if her spirit scared the life out of him.


Today's lesson brought to you by the Age of Aquarius and the letters N, K,and A.


Helping create balanced lives since 2010.

Photos from Light Seekers Wellness Center's post 10/20/2021

Monday night I had a very vivid dream. I was in the country walking around with some other people and came upon a small clearing. Thousands of fireflies flying around me. There were 2 golden peacocks walking around the clearing. One came right up to me, let me pet it and embrace it. This is the symbolism of fireflies and golden peacocks. Wow!
Have a blessed day. ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ˜‡


Tuesday Reading: New Experiences and Possibilities:

The Age of Aquarius has ushered in massive change but also opportunities.

Many have had their worlds turned upside down. Many have lost everything. Many are living in manufactured fear.

Some have spiraled downward...and yet others have risen. Why is this?

We have been bombarded with negative media for 6 years....every becomes nearly impossible to find positive stories and truth in the news.

Aquarius has shown many of us the truth...and it is not what the narrative wants you to see.

When you are in are easily controlled and manipulated. I have watched good people turn ugly because of the programming that has controlled their minds. No longer able to critically think...unable to escape from the cycle.

Others have risen above the fear and hate to see the light and love in their fellow citizens. Able to see the lies and the reasons why some are trying so hard to get us to separate us..and bring us back to a time of segregation.

The difference is energy and focus.

Wherever you focus your are feeding it. Are you focusing on the darkness or the light? You will draw more of whatever it is to you.

If you are focusing on fear, hate, are drawing that towards you...adding to the downward Spiral of your soul. Unable to see clearly, Unable to cognitively think, Unable to see the other side of the coin. Your brain can not do this when filled with see no way out of the darkness.

If you focus on the light...the love...the see the good in others. You see the balance between the dark and the light. You can see the possibilities before you and how to focus on making yourself, your life better for not only you but for those around you.

In the light, you can see the opportunity to make the world a better place...not by hating...but by loving. Not by fear...but by faith. You will see the manipulation and be able to overcome and not be caught up in the downward Spiral that threatens the fabric of our existence to live cohesively together.

When you feed the fear and will receive more to be fearful of.

When you feed light and will receive more blessings to be grateful for.

Every day...find 3 things to be grateful for. Even if is a simple as the sun shining...a stranger holding the door open for you....all green lights on the way to your days destination. Be consistent...every day. Write it down. In 30 days look back at how far your focus has changed. How much better you feel.

You will then be able to see the New Experiences and Possibilities that life has to offer.

God bless you all. ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ˜‡


It's been awhile. Tuesday reading:

Emotions are Energy in the form of Thoughts.

With each thought positive or are creating a ripple effect of energy waves. Some people are so sensitive to this, that they "know" if the energy they are feeling is joy, love, fear or hate.. without even knowing who or where it came from. Could you imagine being bombarded every day by other people's negativity?

The funny...well not so funny thing about energy thoughts is that what you send will get back.

If you send out positive will attract positive energy back to you. If you send out sh? will get a big pile of it back.

Even in nature, In Homeopathic Medicine, an energetic medicine, like heals like.

Focus your thoughts to positive things. Shift to picking 3 things that were good in your day. Reflect on them as the last thing you do before you go to sleep. When you wake let them again be your first thoughts.

This helps clear any negative aspects from the day before and starts the new day on a higher energetic vibration.

Wishing you a positive and blessed day. ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ˜‡


Are you stuck in a cycle of fear? Are your children seeing it? It's time to be free from ancestral pain.


my brain and
heart divorced

a decade ago

over who was
to blame about
how big of a mess
I have become

they couldn't be
in the same room
with each other

now my head and heart
share custody of me

I stay with my brain
during the week

and my heart
gets me on weekends

they never speak to one another

- instead, they give me
the same note to pass
to each other every week

and their notes they
send to one another always
says the same thing:

"This is all your fault"

on Sundays
my heart complains
about how my
head has let me down
in the past

and on Wednesday
my head lists all
of the times my
heart has screwed
things up for me
in the future

they blame each
other for the
state of my life

there's been a lot
of yelling - and crying


lately, I've been
spending a lot of
time with my gut

who serves as my
unofficial therapist

most nights, I sneak out of the
window in my ribcage

and slide down my spine
and collapse on my
gut's plush leather chair
that's always open for me

~ and I just sit sit sit sit
until the sun comes up

last evening,
my gut asked me
if I was having a hard
time being caught
between my heart
and my head

I nodded

I said I didn't know
if I could live with
either of them anymore

"my heart is always sad about
something that happened yesterday
while my head is always worried
about something that may happen tomorrow,"
I lamented

my gut squeezed my hand

"I just can't live with
my mistakes of the past
or my anxiety about the future,"
I sighed

my gut smiled and said:

"in that case,
you should
go stay with your
lungs for a while,"

I was confused
- the look on my face gave it away

"if you are exhausted about
your heart's obsession with
the fixed past and your mind's focus
on the uncertain future

your lungs are the perfect place for you

there is no yesterday in your lungs
there is no tomorrow there either

there is only now
there is only inhale
there is only exhale
there is only this moment

there is only breath

and in that breath
you can rest while your
heart and head work
their relationship out."

this morning,
while my brain
was busy reading
tea leaves

and while my
heart was staring
at old photographs

I packed a little
bag and walked
to the door of
my lungs

before I could even knock
she opened the door
with a smile and as
a gust of air embraced me
she said

"what took you so long?"

~ john roedel (

Photos from Light Seekers Wellness Center's post 07/27/2021

So this is interesting.
With so many living in fear... it comes down to statistics...numbers...the numbers don't lie...but the way they are presented can either ease your mind or increase your fear. The tactics we have seen over the past 18 months have definitely been to increase fear...but this post is about Lightening Strike Odds. Here is the CDC website vs a Erie Insurance Company. Btw...apparantly lighting is racist and sexist based on the cdc numbers. Let me know if you are tired of living in fear...I can help. Have a blessed day. ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ˜‡


We are all beautiful! Be the Goddess you are inside. ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ˜‡

"A reminder to any woman who looks at her body and finds it flawed: these are prehistoric carvings of goddesses. These represent the epitome of feminine beauty to those we seek to emulate when we go on diets. Not a flat tummy, thigh gap, or gravity-defying breast among them.

These are bodies that are unique to their owners, and contain stories of desire, creation, hardship, and perseverance. These are bodies that are ready to hold you as you cry. These are bodies that worked every day to provide nourishment, resources and guidance to their communities while also caring for the next generation. They supported one another in their labor, holding one anotherโ€™s babies while they worked crafting tools, collecting water & singing songs to teach the young about the goddesses they so closely resembled.

And these carvings werenโ€™t found in just one area. Theyโ€™ve been discovered nearly everywhere humanity has settled and thrived. Which means there was a time when womanhood, in all her power and capacity, was revered not as merely a sexual novelty or shunned as sinful temptation, but seen as a source of inspiration to create, to connect, and to find courage.

Today, our patriarchal society reveres conformity in women over all. It demands that women strive to achieve and maintain a form that resembles an untested girl. Our bodies must look perpetually untouched, unspoiled, a blank slate for a man to claim and use and write his own story upon. Instead of worshiping women as they are, we scrutinize and discard them as never good enough. And the more we strive to conform, the more we give up control of our bodies.

So have comfort, women: with each fat roll and jiggle you gain as you move forward in time, you come closer to resembling the goddess as she originally appeared in the hearts of humanity. She lives in you and longs to be seen and revered as she was before.

And you deserve to be worshipped."

~ Alaura Weaver

Photo source:


Eva Mozes Kor - Holocaust Survivor Kept This Secret Hidden For 40 Years

Forgiveness...when you forgive those who have harmed you, You release yourself from the chains of victimization. YOU Regain Control of Your Life. It Saves You! Have a blessed day. ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ˜‡


Happy Friday


Truth...plain and simple. A natural face does not hide a beautiful soul...its light will shine through. An altered, botox perfect face does not hide a dark soul... Work on and prioritize the truly important things in life...that vibration will spread and make a positive difference in others lives. ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ˜‡

"Donโ€™t prioritise your looks my friend,
they wonโ€™t last the journey.
Your sense of humour though, will only get better.
Your intuition will grow and expand like a majestic cloak of wisdom.
Your ability to choose your battles, will be fine-tuned to perfection.
Your capacity for stillness, for living in the moment, will blossom.
And your desire to live each and every moment will transcend all other wants.
Your instinct for knowing what (and who) is worth your time, will grow and flourish like ivy on a castle wall.
Donโ€™t prioritise your looks my friend,
they will change forevermore,
that pursuit is one of much sadness and disappointment.
Prioritise the uniqueness that make you you, and the invisible magnet that draws in other like-minded souls to dance in your orbit.
These are the things which will only get better."

Donna Ashworth

Image: Phillipe Vogelenzang


I Ching reading for the day #61: time to go within...(from the awesome Brian Browne Walker I Ching app)

Through openness and gentleness
the correct solution is reached.

Arriving at the correct solution to a difficult situation requires a receptivity to inner truth. Unless we are willing to put aside the strong emotions of our egos and devote ourselves to discovering what is right, there can be no hope of progress at this time. Help only comes when we invite it with a sincere and innocent attitude.

The I Ching teaches a simple but effective method of influencing difficult people and arduous situations. It advises us first to lay aside our prejudicesโ€”our feelings of being wounded, angry, or in the rightโ€”and second to seek to understand the positions of others and the lesson that the Sage is teaching us with the situation. Even when another is truly out of line, it is only by accepting this and remaining balanced that you make it possible for positive change to occur. Gentleness and understanding create in others an unconscious willingness to be led.

The superior person therefore avoids the use of anger and force in trying times, knowing that they only prolong conflict. It is far wiser to accept that each experience we have is necessary for us to learn something about ourselves and about the higher laws of life. The greatest openings come when we meet difficulty with acceptance, gentleness, and a desire to understand the lesson underneath.

Further guidance from the
Wei Wu Wei Ching
People of
the Way are
quiet and still,
within and
without. 12/25/2020

Merry Christmas. Remember to count your blessings. ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ˜‡


Monday Reading:

Subject: Christmas Star ๐ŸŒŸ

Tonight! THE CHRISTMAS STAR appearing this year on December 21st is making news. It's amazing that this occurrence is also happening in the year 2020.
IN THE YEAR when Jesus was born, there was violence, chaos, political and social unrest. It was dark.
THE MAGI FOUND HIM by way of the star, which was the "meeting" of 3 stars: Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. They followed the star until it rested on where he was and they began to worship him. In a time where it was dark, Light was brought in to our world. Jesus stepped in to the chaos and brought peace.
FAST FORWARD to 2020. It's a time of violence, chaos, political and social unrest. It is dark. Winter Solstice, December 21st, is the shortest day and longest's literally the "darkest day" and is the beginning of what most would say the cold, dark winter season.
BUT ON the darkest day this year, Jupiter and Saturn meet, giving us the Christmas Star! How fitting...that in the moment of time during the Christmas season that we get to see this beautiful reminder...that even in the darkest of times...Light will, and has, stepped in. In our chaos He is there. In our darkest time, He is there. He brings Light, and makes all things new.
SO AS YOU LOOK out on Dec 21st for the Christmas Star, may we be reminded of His power, and His Light that he brings for all mankind. He is perfect at stepping into chaos and bringing it into peace.

Have Faith ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ˜‡

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Monday Reading: THE CAMEL BOY: Small Steps, Asking For Help

I look around my home every day...and see things that need to get done. Then I walk on by. I know I'm not alone.

Apparently I am a perfectionist, a procrastinator and a little control freak all rolled into one. Oh..stubborn too.. LOL. Ok..I used to be a much bigger version of each of those things years ago...

"If you want a job done it yourself ", " a job worth doing is worth doing well", " Do the job right the first time and you won't have to do it again" All mottos I was raised and lived on...and they are good for the most part.

The new improved version of me is still believes in those mottos, especially at my job and in my business...but I embraced the team concept too.. or at work...we consider ourselves "family"

Over the years, I had let myself get overwhelmed by it all. I refused to ask for or accept help. "No thank you...I've got it" ...eventually people stopped asking...and I never asked...that whole stubborn thing.. holidays were particularly overwhelming.

And here we are...a few days from Thanksgiving. Many families can not get together...which really saddens me...breaks my heart. Many have lost family members not only from illness, but age. Many can't see their elderly relatives that are in hospitals or care homes. My parents are up there...88 and 90..and fortunately fairly healthy and living on their own...and I still don't get to see them enough, but am so grateful. I am one of the fortunate ones.

This year it is even more important to be grateful. Grateful for those still with us, grateful for the memories, grateful for those who take care of the relatives who we can't see.

Yes, this year has been different and challenging for all of us. So we have to think outside the box. Instead of getting together, my daughter and I are both cooking a Thanksgiving meal, separately but coordinated and making care packages that I will deliver. It isn't the same as all being together, but it at least I will be able to deliver a little joy.

I am grateful that my daughter and I are doing this together and helping eachother. I have been blessed over the last 10 years, my kids have all pitched in to help with the holidays...they took it on themselves...I didn't ask. It's been so nice to allow myself to accept the help. It's been freeing, of time and stress, and have been able to enjoy each holiday Instead of being so worn out that I just wanted to go to bed.

If you have the ability to do so..this year try to coordinate a meal like we are. Ask for help in doing it. If you have relatives or friends who will be alone, make them care packages of a good holiday will bring back memories of being together. If you have relatives in care homes, see if they will let you bring a meal for them too. Maybe even drop off a pie or 2 for the staff. Write a letter to your loved ones with a special memory of being with them for the holiday or any special they don't feel alone and forgotten. Call them or video chat if you can....any little extra thing you can do to bring a little joy.

Sometimes it is the smallest steps that make the most impact in someone else's life. And by all means ask for help from other friends and family to do the same. Little things really do mean alot.

One last know how good it feels to help someone else. If you don't ask and let others help you.. you are depriving them of that feeling.

I hope we all have a very blessed and grateful Thanksgiving no matter how it takes place, because being grateful is something we can all do...and it doesn't cost a thing.

Have a very happy, healthy and grateful week. ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ˜‡


Something we all need!!!


Monday Reading: THE SHADOW QUEEN: Aquiring Knowledge; Insecurity, Manipulation.

I have found in the past many months that the cards that chose to be revealed are very time appropriate. This one is clearly.

Have you ever been manipulated...gaslighted...taken advantage of? Did you see it coming? Do you find yourself allowing it to happen often?

We are manipulated every day!

Every day we see ads on media, billboards, passive aggressive people, and narcissists. They play on our desires, our fears and insecurities, our need to feel accepted, part of a group and even our basic desire to be loved.

Sometimes is in sales..." Buy Now...Do this Now...Don't Miss Out...One Time Offer" Other times it is subtle at in relationships and views. Telling you that the world sees you as less than...but if you do what I will change. But will it...and how? For better or worse?

Our fears and insecurities can cause blindness to the Truths that are right in front of us. It is all mind control.

I speak to this from first hand knowledge...not from an assumption or something that I was told.

We believe falsehoods because of our desire to believe it is true. In relationships...where someone lies to us about cheating as an example...we desire to believe that this person is as much in love or as invested in the relationship as we are. Even though we have suspicions or even proof...we take them for their word...because the picture we have in our heads and hearts is coming from fear of loss and our feelings.

This can happen in business, work, politics, is inclusive to every aspect of our lives. It can and will happen to every one of us at some point...and often to others.

When we come from lack...we have fear. When we have fear...anyone who wants to manipulate us...can...and some will.

How many times have you seen an ad...for a diet pill...or a car...or a neighborhood...and have had the strong desire to buy...because the media told you that you are less than...but if you aquire will be beautiful...popular...accepted or successful? some cases...I have allowed myself to fall prey to these things.

The key to overcoming this victimization is Knowledge. We are not victims without allowing either an action, words, or thoughts to control our minds and our lives. This is a powerful lesson that it took me years to overcome...because it had to start with knowing and understanding myself.

As humans...we were blessed with the ability to have common sense...that we often fail to use...again out of fear or someone else's story.

We must arm ourselves with knowledge...first about ourselves. We must look at our lives in detail...our relationships...our patterns...our failings and our successes. We must take responsibility for our own actions and thoughts...and what we have allowed. It is often an ugly and difficult process...but it is the path to finding your own strengths and self love to where you no longer allow the outside to manipulate you.

Knowledge is Power! No matter what you are up against. Is what you see in the media truth or manipulation for an agenda? Don't let others create fear and insecurities where there is none. Be prepared, research, consider all sides, listen and use common sense. If it doesn't feel right in your gut...than it most likely isn't.

"Trust but Verify" Ronald Reagan

Use Knowledge to overcome Insecurity and Manipulation.

God Bless Us All

Have a peaceful and blessed week. ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ˜‡

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