Quantum Muscle Testing

Quantum Muscle Testing (QMT) is a series of manual muscle testing courses, which aim to educate and The courses dive into the science behind manual muscle testing, teaching practitioners how to perform a proper manual muscle test, correct terminology, misconceptions and how manual muscle testing will change the way you approach patient/client evaluation and treatment.

QMT also aims to educate the general population on the benefits of a practitioner who performs such techniques & how greatly it improves their health & healing outcomes.

Operating as usual


Definition of unerring:

- Always right or accurate

- Committing no error

Nothing can replace in-real time, direct feedback from the body, that muscle testing can provide.

Labs, imaging, health history, physical exams all have their place and all provide information needed to give the full picture of what's going on...

BUT the information provided from the body; prioritizing its needs and identifying obstacles to healing, ties everything together and provides greater insight that cannot be received from any other modality.

The body knows best. We just have to use the right tools to listen!

Check the link in the bio for more information on how muscle testing can change your health and / or your health and wellness practice!


If you have been putting off learning the tool of manual muscle testing or you know someone who would benefit from learning it now is the time!!

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Knowledge is power! Upgrade your own health or the health of your family/patients/ clients!

Learn MMT today and from the comfort of your own home!!

QMT offers a number of different courses depening on the level or scope of your wellness pracice ONLINE!!

Check out all the courses by going to https://quantummuscletesting.thinkific.com/


Last chance to register for the QMMT Flow Course this weekend, October 2nd - 3rd!


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There is a gap in healthcare, which leads to an even bigger gap when it comes to the health and healing process.

There is a lack of communication directly with the physical body and muscle testing is the connection needed to fill that communication gap.

Even with all of the tools of assessment (labs, imaging, health history, physical exams, etc.) there are still so many questions left unanswered.

Manual Muscle Testing allows us to determine the priority of the body, meaning what it needs most right now, to heal the layer that needs to be healed.

Identifying the body's priority, streamlines your examination process and provides a truly individualized treatment plan for your patient/client.

Manual Muscle Testing is this procedure that obtains information about the body you cannot get from any other modlaity or procedure, taking health and healing to the next level!

It is the tool that fills all the gaps, allowing you to attain wildly succesful outcomes for your patients to heal faster.


I could never see myself just sitting behind a desk asking my patients questions all day. Having physical exams be the only engagement except for dialog.

The body tells us so much. Examining the spine, areas of pain, function of a joint & difference in tissues, provides us with much greater insight to what is happening and how to help correct it.

Manual Muscle Testing takes it even one step farther, allowing us to tap into the body even deeper.

And it's so much fun! I’m actively engaging with my patients the entire visit, moving around & quite frankly getting in quite the workout sometimes.

But the best part is, I'm not stuck behind the desk, I'm moving around the office and having a blast! And my patients are just as involved in their health as I am.

Plus MMT provides me insight about the body I can’t get from any other modality or from even speaking to my patients as it can be difficult to communicate everything clearly.

MMT changed so much about the way I practice and I am so thankful for such an amazing tool!

Are you ready for a change???


As a Naturopathic Doctor who has an enormous tool belt to pull from when it comes to treating patients, I cannot imagine practicing medicine without the phenomenal tool of manual muscle testing! It is the first & last tool I use on every single one of my patients, every single day!

Here's a few benefits of MMT:

The Onion:
The body heals like an onion as healing happens in layers. MMT helps identify the layer ready to be healed and what it needs most, for quicker more efficiently healing.

The Physical Body:
There are endless options when it comes to treating the physical body. The tool of MMT can be used to determine what the body needs most, high velocity manipulation vs respiratory manipulation or acupuncture to name a few!

The Emotions:
The issues are in the tissues!! Know when and how to identify and clear emotions that are impacting pain & disease as well as block the body's ability to heal! Emotions are one of the most powerful ways we can address the body! Learn how it all connects and how to get the most out of the healing process!

Supplements, Herbs, Homeopathy. Oh My!
Find out which is best suited for your individual body. There are so many options when it comes to treating imbalanced states in the body. Streamline and attain greater certainty that your treatment plan is what the body needs most so it can utilize it most efficiently.

The QMMT Flow is a non-invasive system of evaluating body function through the dynamics of the musculoskeletal system. Evaluate the structure, chemical and mental emotional aspects of health using manual muscle testing, combined with other standard methods of diagnoses. Implement this flow into each of your visits, deeply evaluating each person, yielding the body's priority each time and providing the most individualized treatment plan your patients/clients have ever received.


The Manual Muscle Testing Course is back again June 19th-20th!!

Space is limited. REGISTER TODAY!

EARLY BIRD PRICING Ends June 11th, 2021 @ 11:30pm
Use Code: QMTEB50 for $50 off.

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For some reason we always think we know better. And most certainly better than our own body

We are conditioned to ignore what our body is telling us.
We are told there are only certain times we can use the restroom so we hold it. We are told what to do, what to say & what to think, even when it goes against every fiber of our being.

We are conditioned to ignore the subtle nudges, signs & even screams our body is telling us. We ignore them, push them aside, pretend they don't exist or power through until our body literally stops us in our tracks & takes us down, forcing us to rest, due to significant pain or illness.

Even then, we still fight it.

I did this for years. I was plagued with injury after injury because I just kept pushing through the pain. Or would move from one sport to another just so I could keep going, that was until my body physically made me stop.

Years later, riddled with stress & no slowing down insight, I pushed & pushed until I could no longer move forward.
I had no choice but to stop & listen.

Amazing things start to happen when you listen.
It's like the body already knows what it needs to do. Weird!?

We do the same thing with healing. We think we know what's best so we throw pills at it, adjust it, cut it, stretch it, poke it, but still end up in the same condition, sometimes worse.

So why after all of this time do we keep ignoring the body. It knows exactly what we need, if we would just listen.

Let's take a second, to listen to what it's telling us. We can tap into the body & see what it needs the most. That's what I love most about muscle testing. It forces us to listen to the body.

We take all the things we think we know & we listen. Then we make sense of it. Prioritize it. Remove it. Correct it. And let the body do what it was made to do. Heal itself.

It is fascinating what we can find out if we just listen, because the body tells us everything we need to know


The Manual Muscle Testing Course is back again June 19th-20th!!

If you would like more information on the course sign up here:

Space is very limited due to social distancing, so REGISTER TODAY!

EARLY BIRD PRICING Ends June 11th, 2021 @ 11:30pm

Use Code: QMTEB50 for $50 off.

Register Here:


* Snap * Crackle * Pop *

While it's so satisfying to hear a good snap, crackle & pop, sometimes it's not always what your body needs or can handle.

When you are in a lot of pain or in a high stress state, sometimes or usually both, your nervous system & body cannot really handle the added stress of a high velocity manipulation.

Either you get it & it wipes you out, meaning you just feel exhausted after or the manipulation doesn't hold & it you continue to get adjusted over & over again.

What I have found over time, both with myself & with patients, is that sometimes we need a softer approach that's just as effective & efficient.

People have often had bad experiences with high velocity manipulation, find it painful or scary & other times people's bodies just can't handle it.

Luckily with muscle testing we can ask the body which it prefers & treat it as it needs to get the best results.

Most often I find that it is respiratory manipulation.

Respiratory manipulation is an amazing, effective & efficient way of physical manipulation that uses the power of the breath to help move the bone back into alignment.

It is a low velocity & highly powerful modality that yields the same results if not better, as it restores alignment, relieves the nervous system without causing more insult to the body or surrounding ligaments/muscles.

Now I'm not saying high velocity is bad. I do that too, it’s more about what the body needs the most to heal. Having this tool in my tool belt allows me to treat the body with exactly what it needs.

If you are a provider & want to know more about respiratory manipulation & how you can implement it into your practice, send me a private message.


When it comes to health & healing we have to consider all factors that influence both the shift from health & those that bring us back to health.

The 3 biggest factors are: PHYSICAL, MENTAL & CHEMICAL

Physical body - physical structure & function of the musculoskeletal system, spine & organ systems

Mental / Emotional - Mindset, emotions, stress, trauma, etc Most influential factor of all...

Chemical- nutrition, medications, supplementation, environmental toxins, chemical exposures, etc

Health requires that these be in balance. When pain or poor health is present one, if not all of these factors are contributing to the dysfunction. They alone not only insult the body as a whole but insult each other, as they are very intimately intertwined.

The insults can be causative by either a deficiency causing a shift of the others to compensate or excess, which overrides to other factors resulting in the imbalance.

To restore proper function to all three factors, we must determine the priority factor that is most influential to the imbalance. However, it might take work with all factors to restore balance & to treat the whole person.

With the tool of manual muscle testing, we have the ability to examine all sides of the triangle at a deeper level, identifying what needs to be healed the most, to target the root cause.




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