HonorHealth Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine Services - Osborn

You can find relief from non-healing wounds with specialized inpatient and outpatient care from the Wound Care Services team.

Specialists here work as a team to help manage wounds that are slow to heal due to such complications as diabetes, poor circulation and infection.

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Honor is a tireless dedication to the lives we serve.

Honor is at the core of who we are. That’s why we hold ourselves to a higher standard by caring for the whole person, not just the symptoms. At HonorHealth, we promise to not only live up to our name, but to follow through with action: going beyond what’s expected to provide the highest quality care focused on what’s best for you.

HonorHealth one of first in nation to showcase new heart arrhythmia technology 09/22/2022

HonorHealth one of first in nation to showcase new heart arrhythmia technology

Earlier this year, HonorHealth's Cardiovascular Center of Excellence introduced a new minimally invasive, robotic technology for patients undergoing procedures to treat heart rhythm disorders.

Thank you, ABC15 Arizona, for highlighting how HonorHealth is pioneering advanced technology to get patients home safer and sooner.

Learn more about HonorHealth’s comprehensive heart services at https://bit.ly/2HE8sVB.

HonorHealth one of first in nation to showcase new heart arrhythmia technology HonorHealth’s Cardiovascular Center of Excellence at Scottsdale Shea Medical Center got the Genesis Robotic Magnetic Navigation System earlier this year.

Risk Factors for Heart Disease 09/22/2022

Risk Factors for Heart Disease

Unhealthy behaviors can often lead to major medical conditions and increase your risk of heart disease. Some risk factors like family history and age cannot be controlled, but your lifestyle choices can be.

Risk Factors for Heart Disease Lower your risk with a healthy lifestyle

Timeline photos 09/21/2022

Healthy babies often spit up milk or formula after eating, but for some, this reflux could lead to a problem called gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD. Ghanim Aljomah, MD, and Anas Bitar, MD, pediatric gastroenterologists and independent members of the HonorHealth Medical Staff, share symptoms to keep an eye on.

If your child is facing any of the following symptoms, it might be time to visit HonorHealth Pediatric Gastroenterology: https://bit.ly/3xVmuGr

Gynecologic Cancer FAQs | HonorHealth 09/20/2022

Gynecologic Cancer FAQs | HonorHealth

Although gynecologic cancer is very common, it is often not discussed as much as other cancers. Dr. Mia Mowzoon, gynecologist and independent member of the HonorHealth Medical Staff, shares what you need to know about the warning signs, risks, and treatment options available.

Gynecologic Cancer FAQs | HonorHealth Warning signs, risks and treatment options

HonorHealth in collaboration with Next Era Spine Care 09/19/2022

HonorHealth in collaboration with Next Era Spine Care

HonorHealth and Next Era Spine Care are working together to provide expanded back pain and spine care services to patients and the community. At this recently opened practice in Phoenix, patients will now have expanded access to in-depth spine, pain management and physical therapy services.

To schedule an appointment, call 480-534-4516.

HonorHealth in collaboration with Next Era Spine Care Comprehensive orthopedic spine evaluation

Alzheimer's Disease: Stages and Symptoms 09/19/2022

Alzheimer's Disease: Stages and Symptoms

An estimated 5.5 million Americans 65 and older are living with Alzheimer's disease, and women make up almost two-thirds of Americans diagnosed. Alzheimer's disease is the most common type of dementia and can affect a person's ability to perform daily activities. Here are the primary symptoms you may experience if you are in the early stages of the disease.

Alzheimer's Disease: Stages and Symptoms Diagnosis and treatment options

Timeline photos 09/16/2022

You always hear that it is important to manage your cholesterol to reduce your risk of heart disease. What are the optimal numbers to have?

A great way to manage your cholesterol is by being smart about the fats you eat. Learn how you can include fats in a heart-healthy lifestyle: https://bit.ly/3x8tcuZ


Kassy Santos - Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month honors the culture and contributions of Latin and Hispanic Americans – their history, accomplishments and profound positive influence on our country. From Sept. 15 through Oct. 15, join us as we celebrate the impact of our Latin and Hispanic American team members across HonorHealth.

Kassy Santos is the co-chair of CULTURA, HonorHealth’s People Resource Group for the Latin and Hispanic community. As co-chair of CULTURA, Kassy strives to enhance organizational knowledge about the health issues and needs impacting the Hispanic and Latin community, while creating opportunities to promote inclusiveness.

As a first-generation college student, Kassy shares how her family’s strong work ethic inspired her to grow and advance in her career through professional development and continued education. Using HonorHealth’s tuition assistance program, she went on to earn her master's degree and is now a practice manager with the HonorHealth Medical Group.

Addressing obesity among children and teens 09/15/2022

Addressing obesity among children and teens

Obesity among 12- to 19-year-olds has more than tripled in the last three decades. Although surgery is never the first choice in combating childhood obesity, there are times when it's necessary.

The HonorHealth Bariatric Center's nationally accredited program treats obesity and other metabolic diseases with minimally invasive surgery. You'll find a team of specialized experts who provide comprehensive, compassionate care when you need lasting weight loss success: https://bit.ly/1QfedFb.

Addressing obesity among children and teens When bariatric surgery is the best solution

Timeline photos 09/13/2022

The HonorHealth Foundation made it to the final round of Bashas' Supermarkets Community Choice Charity Challenge and is still in the running to win $50,000 for the HonorHealth Cardiovascular Center of Excellence!

Your vote will help us keep hearts beating stronger and longer:
✅ Visit https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/3NNFSPW to vote.
✅ Select “HonorHealth Foundation” from the list and submit your vote before September 18.
✅ You can vote from multiple devices — laptop, mobile phone, tablet, etc.

All of us at HonorHealth appreciate our community's support!


What is a gluten-free diet?

A gluten-free diet is crucial for people who have been diagnosed with a gluten-related medical condition like celiac disease.

But what even is gluten and could a gluten-free diet be beneficial to you? Denise Coventry, registered dietician at HonorHealth Integrative Medicine, shares exactly what a gluten-free diet entails.

To learn more about HonorHealth Integrative Medicine, visit https://bit.ly/3L49G8L.

Timeline photos 09/12/2022

The HonorHealth Research and Innovation Institute is making significant strides in the treatment of pancreatic cancer through innovative research. Dr. Erkut Borazanci, MD Deputy Director of Oncology and Investigator at the Institute was recently featured in the journal European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) Open as the lead author in a published phase 1 cancer study. The study led to encouraging findings that are now being explored in a new pancreatic cancer phase 2 clinical trial.

Finding new treatments, advancing the standard of care and helping patients live longer with better quality of life is the mission of the HonorHealth Research and Innovation Institute.

See the full report of findings: https://bit.ly/3S1iqip


Andrea's Story - HonorHealth Virginia G. Piper Cancer Care Network

In the United States, endometrial cancer is the most common cancer of the female reproductive organs.

Andrea shares her journey of being diagnosed with stage 4 endometrial cancer, and how her team at HonorHealth Virginia G. Piper Cancer Care Network helped her overcome the difficult diagnosis.

The HonorHealth Virginia G. Piper Cancer Care Network encompasses an expert team of doctors and nurses providing a level of care, groundbreaking therapies, and support that defies the expected. To learn more about cancer care at HonorHealth, visit honorhealth.com/medical-services/cancer-care.

Timeline photos 09/09/2022

Ovarian cancer is estimated to account for more deaths than any other cancer of the female reproductive system. Most common in women age 63 or older, this type of cancer can develop over months or years. There's no single test for ovarian cancer, so it's important to know the symptoms: https://bit.ly/31v3HHJ

Talking to your children about cancer 09/08/2022

Talking to your children about cancer

The word cancer can trigger strong emotions. This is particularly true for children because of what they see on television, overhear or learn from others. Telling your child about a cancer diagnosis may feel daunting. These tips can help.

Talking to your children about cancer HonorHealth Virginia G. Piper Cancer Care Network is here to help.

Timeline photos 09/08/2022

Congratulations to HonorHealth Scottsdale Osborn Medical Center for earning another Magnet® re-designation! This prestigious honor is awarded by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) and is recognized worldwide as the designation of excellence in healthcare, specifically nursing.

Currently, just 8% of all hospitals in the U.S. are designated Magnet® and only ten are here in Arizona – five of which are HonorHealth hospitals 🏆

Thank you to every team member working on the Scottsdale Osborn Medical Center campus who made this accomplishment possible. Your dedication reflects a strong legacy of nursing excellence and quality patient care.

Could it be food poisoning? 09/07/2022

Could it be food poisoning?

Food poisoning develops from food or water containing bacteria, parasites, viruses or other toxins. Most people typically recover within 12 to 48 hours; however, children and the elderly are at greatest risk. If you or a loved one still has symptoms past the 48-hour mark, visit your closest urgent care or primary care provider.

Could it be food poisoning? Learn what it is, how it happens and what you can do about it.

Timeline photos 09/07/2022

Taking care of your mind and spirit is equally as important as taking care of your physical body. That's why HonorHealth is committed to expanding access to behavioral health services for our community.

If you or someone you know is struggling, NOAH-Neighborhood Outreach Access to Health counselors offer a variety of therapy sessions in many forms to meet patients’ diverse needs across the valley: https://noahhelps.org/services/counseling/

We partnered with Universal Health Services, Inc. to significantly improve access to the full continuum of behavioral health programs and services. Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the Via Linda Behavioral Hospital in Scottsdale specializes in mental health and substance abuse treatment for adults and adolescents: vialindabehavioral.com/

Additional Resources:
📞 National Su***de and Crisis Lifeline: 9-8-8
📞 Military and Veterans Crisis Line: 9-8-8 (Press 1)
📞 Maricopa County Hotline: 602-222-9444
📞 LGBTQ TrevorLifeline: 1-866-488-7386



Day in the Life: Mia the Therapy Dog

Therapy dog Mia loves going for walks, reading and cuddling, but her favorite activity is visiting HonorHealth. Mia has been happily roaming the halls at HonorHealth for nearly four years. Initially at the HonorHealth Virginia G. Piper Cancer Care Center, she now brings joy and comfort to countless patients and team members at multiple medical centers.

Here's a glimpse of Mia and her loving owner Diane's busy volunteer day at HonorHealth Scottsdale Osborn Medical Center 🐾

Timeline photos 09/06/2022

HonorHealth is proud to be ranked #7 on Forbes list of America’s Best Employers By State! Our roots in Arizona run deep, but we don't rest our success solely on how long we've been here. Without our extraordinary people, we wouldn't be recognized for who we are today. 13,000+ team members and an expansive network of physicians remain focused on providing the highest quality of care for our patients and community every single day.

See the annual list of America’s Best Employers By State: https://bit.ly/3Kzj2ZW

Ready to join one of Arizona's most respected healthcare organizations? Visit honorhealthjobs.com to explore your possibilities.

Timeline photos 09/05/2022

Today, we reflect on the many contributions our team members make to improve the health and well-being of those we serve. Sending an extra special thank you to everyone working over the holiday weekend, offering time away from friends and family to care for patients in need.

Blood cancer care at HonorHealth 09/02/2022

Blood cancer care at HonorHealth

HonorHealth is one of Arizona's few health systems that treats adult blood cancers. In fact, the blood cancer program at the HonorHealth Virginia G. Piper Cancer Care Network draws patients from across the Southwest for the diagnosis and treatment of blood cancers like leukemia, lymphomas and myeloma.

When you have cancer, you want the best care from top experts, close to home. The teams at the HonorHealth Virginia G. Piper Cancer Care Network provide comprehensive cancer care and support for both you and your family: https://bit.ly/1EIRZ3q

Blood cancer care at HonorHealth Treating leukemia, lymphomas, myelomas and related diseases.

Timeline photos 09/02/2022

In honor of Women in Medicine Month, join us to recognize and thank our female physicians, residents, medical students and caregivers striving to advance the careers of all women in healthcare.

The Women Physicians Leadership Council (WPLC) is an HonorHealth People Resource Group (PRG) with a mission to increase gender equality for women physicians by removing barriers and providing greater access to professional development and leadership opportunities. Dr. Tiffany Proffit, co-chair of WPLC and independent member of the HonorHealth Medical Staff, shares, "Our community should know their strength, tenacity, and see the impeccable contributions these women make in our patients' lives and the HonorHealth system."

HonorHealth employee from Ukraine leading effort to provide medical supplies 09/02/2022

HonorHealth employee from Ukraine leading effort to provide medical supplies

Thank you ABC15 Arizona for sharing Svitlana's story: https://bit.ly/3KDOHJO

The ongoing war in Ukraine has caused serious health care challenges and the country is desperate for medical equipment and supplies. HonorHealth has donated tens of thousands of critical items to support people in need around the world.

HonorHealth employee from Ukraine leading effort to provide medical supplies Her stepfather is serving with Ukrainian forces. Her mother who is a psychologist relocated families dealing with the trauma of war.

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HonorHealth offers an integrated system of care to bring simpler, more accessible healthcare to those who matter most — our patients and communities. We are focused on you – your unique needs, your schedule, your goals.





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