Baby Maven

Private practice for parents and children

Baby Maven is a private practice focused on meeting the needs of parents and children in Berkeley CA. An evidence based approach to treatment allows Tyia to incorporates the latest neurobiological and attachment research within a culturally context to help improve happiness in the lives of her patients.

Climate Change's Toll On Mental Health

The relentless onslaught of climate change catastrophes takes a toll on our individual and collective mental health. Studies show having solid social support systems increases resilience. Report outlines climate change's psychological effects on individuals and communities, vulnerable populations.

How to talk to kids about the mass shooting in Las Vegas

This article includes some suggestions and the importance of staring the conversation with your children. When Vickie Nieto digested the news this morning that at least 58 people died in a mass shooting in Las Vegas, the first thing she thought about was what she would tell her two daughters, ages 10 and 14. “My 10 year-old heard about it on the TV before school,” Nieto, of Land O’ Lakes, Florida, told....

Group Therapy Is Saving Lives in Chicago Teens in the city with the country’s most notorious murder rate tackle the science of decision-making.

A Psychological Explanation for Why People Can’t Move On From the 2016 Election What happens when the "absolutisms of everyday life" get shattered.

Next Generation Yoga

omg! it’s here – after almost a year of development, we are thrilled to announce the brand spanking NEW @nextgenerationyoga Teacher Training for School-Based Educators. this joyful, playful and inspiring training is an 8-hour @yogaalliance registered certification course teaches you how to share yoga in the school setting. it is open to classroom teachers, P.E. teachers, OTs, PTs, SLPs, school psychologists, administrators, support staff and anyone else who is currently teaching or wants to bring yoga into schools.

join former school teacher, @michellegunnell for the 1st ever Next Generation Yoga Teacher Training for School-Based Educators on july 21st at @yogakrewe in new orleans where she’ll be sharing the teacher tested & student approved tools for bringing NGY into the school setting.

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20 Tips to Release Stress and Heal Trauma after this #&*^@ Election

I like these suggestions and hope you may too... Friends, The stress and trauma of this election cycle -- and fears for the future -- are real. Many are enduring abuse now in your daily lives. All of us are trying to metabolize a painful year and what was for many a very shocking loss. The common thread throughout these tips: your body needs to b...

What It's Like to Love Someone with Anxiety – Told as a Beautiful Ghost Story “This is the part of the story when everyone is telling you to run.” How is anxiety like living in a haunted house? Brenna Twohy makes the comparison and really captures the struggles of anxiety – but this story has a happy ending.

The Joyful, Illiterate Kindergartners of Finland While American youngsters learn how to read, kindergarten students in Finland play.

Massive New Study Links Birth Control to Depression For the First Time — NOVA Next | PBS Women are twice as likely to experience depression as men. Now, a study suggests that for women using birth control, risk of depression could be higher.

Mindfulness card games: Nurturing compassion and peace in our families Children are hungry for honest and playful dialogue. They want to share their stories about kindness, courage, leadership and the benefits of listening to their intuition.

‘Only White People,’ Said the Little Girl On a playground, the messy birth of a 5-year-old's “otherness.”

Neoliberalism is creating loneliness. That’s what’s wrenching society apart | George Monbiot Epidemics of mental illness are crushing the minds and bodies of millions. It’s time to ask where we are heading and why

Colic Survey

Anyone who parented a colicky baby I am looking for participants to take very short survey that takes only 5 minutes of you time. This is for my dissertation research. Please forward the linnk to anyone you know who had a colicky baby no matter the current age of the child. Thank you in advance for your participate and all answers will remain confidential. Thank you! Web survey powered by Create your own online survey now with SurveyMonkey's expert certified FREE templates.

Citizen Therapists Against Trumpism -- The Path Back to Power When William (Bill) Doherty told me that he was organizing "Citizen Therapists Against Trumpism," I took notice. Bill Doherty is great colleague in our...

Everything you think you know about disciplining kids is wrong Negative consequences, timeouts, and punishment just make bad behavior worse. But a new approach really works.

Fighting Voter Suppression

here is something you can do to make sure everyone can vote Voting rights are under attack nationwide as states pass voter suppression laws. These laws lead to significant burdens for eligible voters trying to exercise their most fundamental constitutional right. Since 2008, states across the country have passed measures to make it harder for Americans—parti...

AMAZING: White Kid Confronts His Own Privilege And NAILS It (VIDEO) 14-year-old Royce Mann on white privilege: "I’m just saying that I’m f**kin’ privileged and I’m not willing to give that away."

[06/26/16]   Call for Research Participants 2016
C. Tyia Grange Isaacson, LCSW, Ph.D Candidate lic # 23716

About the Study:
I am researching the impact a “fussy” or “colicky” baby has on families and the parent child relationship for my dissertation. Did you know that colic does not exist in some cultures? I am looking for those families who had babies that cried frequently with more intensity and were harder to settle. Typically colic can be defined as babies who cried for 3 hours per day 3 days per week for more than 3 weeks. Starting in July, I am conducting interviews with parents that will take 1 hour and will be arranged at the participants convenience.

About the researcher:
I am an Licensed Clinical Social Worker in practice since 1998 and I am studying colic for my Ph.D dissertation because I was a colicky baby and I had my own colicky baby. I know firsthand as a mother and as a clinician that those very difficult first few months can have an impact on a family that lives on long after the crying stops. I want to talk with parents of colicky or formerly colicky babies across the life span (adult children too). My hope is that we can learn something from our collective experiences and help future families suffer less.

These conversations will be kept confidential and any identifying information incorporated into the dissertation will be changed to protect confidentiality. Please forward this to anyone you know how might be willing to speak with me.
[email protected] or call 510.343.9832 or toll free 800.383.1790. Thank you!

Listen Now: Can We Talk About Whiteness?

I thought this peice was well done " When You're Accustomed To Privilege, Equality Feels Like Oppression" Code Switch on NPR One | 37:28

Take a fish oil supliment and do not eat processed foods! This study shows a direct link between agression, depression, ADHD and violence and diets high in processed foods and low in fish oil. Fish oil can reduce depression by 50%..

In the Absence of the Village, Mothers Struggle Most

This is very well said. Feeling dependent triggers so much shame because we are fed a myth that we can do it alone when in fact we are fighting our biological need for connection and that cognitive dissonance is painful and confusing. In the absence of the village, we’re disadvantaged like never before. We may have more freedoms than our foremothers, but our burden remains disproportionately, oppressively heavy.

Feeding your baby? There's an app for that - Science & Medicine

this ap has the potential to give new mom's peace of mind and help increase sucessfull breastfeeding... Israeli entrepreneurs develop device they say ensures that bottle will always be perfect, and on time, for the little one.

The Ekmans' Atlas of Emotion

The Dalai Lama could not be more Awesome check out he commissioned psychologist Paul Eckman to create this atlas of emotions The Atlas of Emotion is a tool to help people better understand what emotions are, how they are triggered and what their effects are, and how to become aware of emotions before acting on them.

Parents' Guide to Inside Out - Paul Ekman Group, LLC

A parent's quide to Inside Out

[12/05/15]   Rabbi Hugo Gryn recalled the dark days of living through the winter in a concentration camp during the Shoah: "My father took me and some friends to a corner in the barracks. He announced that it was the eve of Hanukkah and produced a small clay bowl. Then he began to light a wick immersed in his precious but now melted margarine ration. Before he could recite the blessing, I protested at this waste of food. He looked at me, then the lamp, and finally said, 'You and I have seen that it is possible to live up to three weeks without food. We once lived almost three days without water. But you cannot live properly for three minutes without hope.'"

Attention, New Moms: There Is an IRS Tax Break for Breastfeeding! Attention, nursing mamas! It now pays to breastfeed your little ones in more ways than one. In addition to it being one of the most natural and healthy things you can do for you and your baby, thanks to the IRS, you will be able to write off the cost of breast pumps and nursing supplies as a medical…

Her mother doesn't get why she's depressed. So she explains the best way she knows how. Sabrina Benaim's “Explaining My Depression to My Mother" is pretty powerful.

Workout {Training} Food is the most overabused anxiety drug. Exercise is the most underutilized antidepressant! #fitness #health

Loneliness May Warp Our Genes, And Our Immune Systems Loneliness takes a toll on many aspects of health, in part because it activates a fight -or-flight immune response. That may have helped ancestors survive lonely exile, but can slowly kill us today.

18 Excellent Gifts For Kids That Aren't Even Toys Gifts are good things! But, too much of anything isn't good. A great way to combat having too many toys is to shift all the gifts to non-toy items.

5 Reasons You Shouldn't Feel Bad About Not Talking To Toxic Parents The last time I heard my mom's voice, she was cussing me out on my voicemail. I hadn't heard it for a few months prior at that point — I was in the middle of my third or fourth attempt to stop talking to my mother, and I'd made a practice of not listening to her hurtful voice messages, reading her

A California mom saw Syrian refugees struggling to carry their babies, so she did something. Baby carriers: We use them for convenience. They mean so much more to Syrian refugees.

Why Parents Should Have the 'Sex Talk' With Their Children The “sex talk” isn’t easy for parents, but new research suggests that adolescents who have talked to their parents about sex are more likely to use condoms and birth control.

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