Professor Khwaja Azeem

Professor Khwaja Azeem


You are invited to join this Course for TWO POSTGRADUATE DEGREES (on Exemption based) &
Certification in Family Medicine
(Online blinded course)

1- For MCPS Family Medicine
(PMC, CPSP, HEC Recognized & Saudi Commission)

2- For MRCGP int UK
(Degree by RCGP uk & PMC Recognized)

3- Certificate of Excellence in Family Medicine


Thank you & Best Regards
Chief Coordinator,
Whatsapp & Cell # 923008031309
Email: [email protected]
Please send your whats app number we will send you all details. Thanx
Feel lucky to be a humble student of Great Professor Dr. Khwaja Azeem sahib, A very noble and extremely generous person, one can learn a lot of surgery and lot more humanity from him.....
Long live Sir, May Allah bestow you with more strength, power and all his blessings ......Lucky are those who are now in your team .....our institutions need leaders like you ...
A chance to get US Clinical Experience; for those pursuing medical residency

This page is NOT hosted by Sir Khawaja Azim. I am one of his students and hosting it.Its a page for

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A Tribute To Prof. Khawaja Azim (K.E.M.U).... A Living Legend!!!! (1978-2013)

Great Khawaja Muhammad Azim reined surgical floor of KEMU and Mayo hospital for 34 years since 1978, more than half of his life..... A devoted Teacher , An Excellent surgical craftsman and exuberant unforgettable personality. This videos is just a tribute to his matchless services for KEMU and Mayo…


Our great teacher and master trainer, Prof Khawaja Muhammad Azeem retired with dignity, honour, prestige and tears in our eyes after serving 34 years in mayo hospital, and King Edward Medical College.
He is an intitute in himself. he is a great teacher, great surgeon and above all a great man.
May ALLAH bless him always


"اگر عبادات کی ادائیگی کے باوجود زندگی میں کوئی تبدیلی پیدا نہیں ہوتی تو اسکی وجہ یہ ہے کہ روح رخصت ہو چکی ہے اور اعمال جسد مردہ بن چکے ہیں"}
اگر نماز جیسی زبردست اصلاح کرنے والی چیز سے بھی کسی مسلمان کی اصلاح نہیں ہوتی تو "یہ اسکی طینت کی خرابی ہے ،نماز کی خرابی نہیں ، پانی اور صابن کا قصور نہیں ،اس کی وجہ کوئلے کی اپنی سیاہی ہے"


In the loving memory of Shaheed Professor Dr Ali Haider and his son Murtaza

Quran Khawni and Duaa(Chehlm) for Shaheed Prof Ali Haider and his son Murtaza Haider will be held on Sun 17 Mar at 2:0 pm at Masjid e Mohammedi Haali Rd Gulberg II Lhr


prof. khwaja Azeem.... winner of professor's race in annual 153th sports week of KEMU..:)... on right Prof Dr Khwaja Sadiq (ex-Principal KE)


Prof Dr zafar Haider(the mentor of Professor Khwaja Azeem) ex prof of surgery and father of Dr Ali haider shaheed ( the best retinal surgeon of pakistan) coming to condolence reference at KEMU.


Professor Khwaja Azeem's cover photo


For those who have just passed FCPS Part-1,

"Any doctor who thinks he can run an Investigation based medical setup in Pakistan (because people cant afford and other probelms) is the biggest fool i.e. احمق "

(Professor Khwaja Azeem to Kemcolians batch of 2004-2009 in a Final Year Class)


Congratsssssssssssss...we just crossed 1000 fans of sir


Masha ALLAH...students of sir are in every corner of the world....demographics of Prof Khwaja Azeem fan page ...on 23 October 2011


Once we were in OPD with sir Khwaja Azeem..A man came with his sister who had thyroid disease .He was very concerned about his sister..Sir looked at him once and said "Leave her tension,I am worried about you..Go get your abdominal CT Scan".....Can you believe he had Lymphoma which showed up on CT scan.................Clinical skill .....its alternate name is "Prof.Khwaja Azeem"


fans of sir,, This page is NOT hosted by Sir Khwaja azeem.i am one of his students and
hosting it.Its a page for FANS and not a profile as u can see ieft side
of page


@ ALL fans of sir:This page is NOT hosted by Sir Khwaja azeem.i am one of his students and hosting it.Its a page for FANS and not a profile as u can see ieft side of page In facebook,its the probel that profiles and pages look same





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