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Lexie Miller - LPC updated their information in their About section.

Lexie Miller - LPC updated their information in their About section.

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Lexie Miller - LPC updated their business hours.

Lexie Miller - LPC updated their business hours.

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Lexie Miller - LPC updated their address.

Lexie Miller - LPC updated their address.

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Lexie Miller - LPC updated their website address.

Lexie Miller - LPC updated their website address.


In the midst of our current situation, let us adopt and embrace an attitude of thankfulness and a new way of being.

[03/17/20]   As we are in a season of uncertainty and anxiety, know that help is available! I’m currently still in office, and I am also offering HIPPA compliant teletherapy to anyone who prefers or needs it!

open.spotify.com 11/26/2019

I Don't Care: Navigating the Stress of the Holiday Season

Honored to be a guest on Kevin Stevenson’s podcast last week. We talk holiday stress and how to prepare for what can be a difficult season. Like the old saying goes, “I’ll be home for Christmas and in therapy by New Years!”

open.spotify.com The holiday season is a joyous and happy time for many people, but for some it can be an emotionally trying time. Interacting with family, missing family members who have passed away, and the general hustle and bustle of the season can be difficult to deal with. On this episode of I Don't Care with....


Happy Halloween!


Shauna Niequist

You know how people say, “running is my therapy,” or “yoga is my therapy” or “wine is my therapy?”

Today, a loving reminder that actual therapy is really good therapy.

I’ve seen a counselor/therapist on and off in several seasons of my life & just began with a new therapist recently & was reminded once again how helpful it is, especially in stretches of loss or change or recovery.

Being alive is such a gift...AND ALSO most of us are facing some very real challenges: the end of a relationship or the struggle of addiction, the loss of a family member or a crisis of faith—and the stories that we tell ourselves about these events are crucially important for our mental health.

Our culture does a few things really well: celebration, happiness, achievement, beginnings.

What we don’t yet do well, culturally: grief, struggle, loss, endings. We don’t know what to do with our badly broken hearts, crushed expectations, searing losses, raging grief.

Therapy helps build a safe container to hold all those wiggly, scary things we’ve been taught to ignore—and you know they won’t be ignored & they’ll find their way out sometime.

How to find a good therapist: word of mouth. Ask people in your life who seem to have a decent handle on their own mental health—chances are they have a good therapist.

And asking about it is valuable in another way: it normalizes therapy, which is important.

I rolled into a brand new city and absolutely asked every woman with great blond hair where she gets her color done.

And when I realized my grief & anger were too heavy to bear on my own, I sent an email to friends whose emotional wholeness inspires me, & that’s how I found this wonderful, wise new therapist. (Also how I found a tailor & a good butcher. It works on so many levels.)

We’re not responsible for what happened to us, but we are absolutely responsible for what we do with our pain.

Therapy, like almost every good thing: hard but worth it.

Make the appointment. :)❤️


Remembering our fellow Americans whom we lost 18 years ago today. ❤️💙❤️

community.today.com 07/24/2019

I didn't just lose my mom the day she died

Most of us view grief as a painful and unwelcome visitor. It’s unfair to ignore the fact that grief can also be the quickest and purest way to connect with our lost loved ones.

community.today.com I've lost her many times over the years and not just on the day she died, but I've also found her, too.


Shauna Niequist

Morning reminder: you can still bloom.

These flowers outside our door don’t ask for permission. They just bloom.

And so can you.

You can still come back to life. You can be heartbroken or grieving, and you can still bloom. You can be scared or uncertain, and you can still bloom.

You can still bloom. You can still believe in beauty and hope. Your heart & spirit can come back to life in one million ways.

Today let’s take a lesson from these flowers: winter’s over.

Time to bloom.

johnpavlovitz.com 04/09/2019

Everyone Around You is Grieving. Go Easy.

johnpavlovitz.com The day my father died, I was at the grocery store buying bananas. I remember thinking to myself, “This is insane. Your dad just died. Why the hell are you buying bananas?” But we needed bananas. We’d be waking up for breakfast tomorrow morning, and there wouldn’t be any bananas—so there I...



Lexie Miller - LPC is a skilled member of the Dallas team and specializes in helping clients recover after complex traumas, childhood emotional neglect, and abandonment. Not only is Lexie an incredible counselor, she’s also EMDR certified! You are worthy and deserve a beautiful next chapter! Make an appointment with Lexie today: https://wefixbrains.com/dallas-counseling/our-team/lexie-miller/


Brené Brown

Last month, I made my second trip to Newtown to do some work with the Sandy Hook community. Jeremy and Jen started the Avielle Foundation to honor their daughter, Avielle, who was one of the 20 children and six adults murdered in the 2012 school shooting. The Avielle Foundation invited me to be a part of their speaker series on brain health and violence prevention.

Jeremy died of an apparent su***de yesterday. I feel heartbroken and gutted.
But I won’t look away. And, I ask that you continue to look pain in the eye.

We absolutely need to lean into the joy, laughter, beauty, love, and connection in our lives. As much and as often as we can.

And, when called, we need to stand with those in pain. We need to make sure that when we see a heart breaking, we bare our own broken heart and stand together so we know that, even in the midst of struggle, we’re not alone.

Even if our stories are different, broken, bruised and skinned hearts recognize each other, and when they come together they have the power to heal and create change.


Happy Friday! Same thing applies to kiddos!


Gratitude gratitude gratitude!


Happy New Year! I think our friend, Jo, said it best.

community.today.com 12/16/2018

A pregnancy loss is a loss, no matter how small

I often work with women who are struggling with the specific grief only a miscarriage can bring. We must remember to honor and respect their grief even if we haven’t experienced or don’t fully understand it! Grief from a miscarriage is isolating, confusing, and often riddled with shame, and we should all do our part to help those who are suffering. ❤️

community.today.com It was about two days after the ultrasound when my body spontaneously began to miscarry.


Well said!


Attachment Parenting


Happy Halloween! 🎃

[10/23/18]   After over four years of combined post graduate work and 3,000 clinical hours, I’m thrilled to announce I am finally fully licensed (and still taking clients)! Excited is an understatement!


Happy hump day!!!! We’re halfway through the week! ✨✨✨


Happy Tuesday!

wefixbrains.com 11/01/2017

GRIEF RECOVERY counseling, EMDR for trauma - Lifeologie Dallas

Know anyone who is struggling? If I can’t help, I can find someone who can. Give me a call today!

wefixbrains.com Grief recovery, complex trauma recovery, PTSD therapy for sexual abuse, childhood emotional neglect or abandonment; EMDR trained clinicians


Happy Halloween!

verilymag.com 10/23/2017

Mandy Moore Just Made a Really Great Point About Therapy

Happy Monday!

verilymag.com The 'This is Us' star has a really poignant stance on addressing your mental health

psychologytoday.com 08/24/2017

Recognizing Complex Trauma

Most people are unaware of the differences between complex trauma and PTSD. This article does a great job at recognizing the differences.

psychologytoday.com Educating ourselves on the after-effects of repetitive or cumulative trauma

psychcentral.com 08/23/2017

Can You Benefit from EMDR Therapy? | Psych Central

Sometimes we can be fully aware that the things we are doing and the emotions we are feeling aren't rational, but we still don't feel as though we have the power to change them. That's where EMDR can come in! I'm a huge proponent for EMDR because I've witnessed the difference it can make. Give me a call today!

psychcentral.com EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy has been declared an effective form of trauma treatment by a wide range of organizations. In the United States these include the American Psychiatric Association, the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies, and the Departments…


Food for thought - Happy Wednesday!


Guilt and shame can be difficult to distinguish. Guilt tells us we did something bad, while shame tells us that we are bad. Neither are fun, but there is such thing as healthy guilt. If you're struggling with unhealthy guilt or shame, give me a call day! 214-357-4001

psychologytoday.com 06/08/2017

Five Things You Should Know About Death

While the stages of grief aren't as clear cut as this article makes them out to be, a lot of the other information rings true. If you're struggling in the wake of a loss, know you are not alone. Give me a call today!

psychologytoday.com What to expect to feel when someone dies



Learning the tools for our own pre-emptive strikes is game changing. Come see Lexie today!



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