Tammy Coggins Healing and Restoration Therapy

Tammy Coggins Healing and Restoration Therapy


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"Tammy has truly changed my life, not only in physical health, but emotionally as well. I have suffered from migraines for almost 20 years. I was managing them with a lot of pharmaceuticals and Botox. I remember the particular appointment that I made a choice to postpone my Botox, which really opened up a new world for me. I wanted to see how Tammy could continue with my care without more toxins in my body. She delivered - I have been Botox free for 2 years! Her care has allowed me to really manage my migraines. I actually am capable of having headaches, without constant, intense pain. My neurologist has downgraded me from a chronic status and completely approves of my treatment with Tammy. Every time I see her, I leave feeling better than when I started the appointment. She consistently lifts my pain within our short hour together. I love that she intently listens to me, while offering suggestions about supplements and even dietary options specifically for my health and body. Tammy truly cares about me and I imagine she offers that level of care with every single client."

My goal is to help you heal,from the inside out! A licensed massage therapist in Texas MT120738 and Louisiana LA#4024 with years of experience... My goal is to educate people in feeling good..

Stress is a silent killer.. It brings on inflammation, chaos and disease to our lives.. Stress in whatever form, will cause damage in our physical,emotional,personal,business,and most of all spiritual lives... Living a life with chronic stress for years, I understand the toll it can take....
I would like to encourage you, to do something nice for yourself!!! You deserve to feel better!!!!!

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[04/16/21]   Super excited!! Now offering LED Light Therapy!! So many benefits!!

ASEA Redox Supplement Water for Better Cellular Health | ASEA Global 04/16/2021

ASEA Redox Supplement Water for Better Cellular Health | ASEA Global

Very excited about this product!!

ASEA Redox Supplement Water for Better Cellular Health | ASEA Global ASEA is dedicated to improving your cellular health. The ASEA Redox supplement enhances the ability of every cell in your body to function at a higher level, positively affecting the health of every bodily system. This is all made possible by ASEA's patented technology, Redox Signaling.

Single-serve Honeycomb 04/09/2021

Single-serve Honeycomb

Single-serve Honeycomb Satisfaction Guaranteed

Scientists inch closer to explaining the mysterious 'brain fog' symptom of COVID-19 03/15/2021

Scientists inch closer to explaining the mysterious 'brain fog' symptom of COVID-19

This article was sent to me, asking if I can help with this condition.. Absolutely I can!!🤗🤗🤗

Scientists inch closer to explaining the mysterious 'brain fog' symptom of COVID-19 As larger numbers of people recover from COVID-19, researchers are learning more about "brain fog" in those affected by the virus.

[03/08/21]   Super Excited!! I finally get to take a class..!! My practice is moving into the field of New Manual Articular Manipulation!!

You Now Have A New Organ: Meet The Mesentery! 02/18/2021

You Now Have A New Organ: Meet The Mesentery!

You Now Have A New Organ: Meet The Mesentery! Why did it take us so long to identify a new human organ? What does the mesentery do and how often are we "discovering" new organs?All Scientific Papers Shou...

Porphyria: Symptoms, Treatment, Types, Causes & Testing 02/10/2021

Porphyria: Symptoms, Treatment, Types, Causes & Testing

Porphyria: Symptoms, Treatment, Types, Causes & Testing Read more about porphyria, a condition that is often inherited that causes blisters, itching, swelling of the skin, and more. Learn about porphyria types, symptoms and treatments.

Tammy Coggins Healing and Restoration Therapy updated their address. 01/25/2021

Tammy Coggins Healing and Restoration Therapy updated their address.

Tammy Coggins Healing and Restoration Therapy updated their address.

realmushrooms.com 01/05/2021

A Look at the Powerful Benefits of Beta-D-Glucan - Real Mushrooms

realmushrooms.com An in-depth look at how beta-d-glucan found in medicinal mushrooms can help boost your immune system and promote a healthy microbiome.

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So important to keep your Vagus Nerve Healthy!!

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anesthesiologynews.com 12/10/2020

Could Vagus Nerve Stimulation Be a Treatment for COVID-19 Symptoms?


anesthesiologynews.com Based on preliminary observations, researchers suggested that noninvasive vagus nerve stimulation could help curb respiratory symptoms of COVID-19.


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We Stand In Agreement For:

Financial Abundance

Our God is the Father of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob!

We trust in Him! There is NO OTHER GOD LIKE HIM!

And All The Esthers Said -------!


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Oregano Oil - A Superb Immune Agent

qnlabs.com Oregano, or Origanum vulgare, is cultivated worldwide and is highly regarded for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It is a gorgeous flowering plant belonging to the mint family. Oregano grows in the temperate Western and Southwestern Eurasia and in the Mediterranean region and

westonaprice.org 09/17/2020

Nourishing the Postpartum Mom - The Weston A. Price Foundation

westonaprice.org The first forty days after childbirth are unlike any other. It’s a time of amazing intensity and massive adjustment. In many cultures around the world, there are wise […]


Operation Underground Railroad


We partnered with It's a Penalty and actor Liam Neeson to highlight some facts about human trafficking. It is important to understand the issue as a whole, as well as the signs to look for when someone is being abused and trafficked.

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Live Wellness Webinar ⭐ Sept 3 at 12 PM CST ⭐ RSVP for Link



Jonathan Otto

The way the scientists understand autoimmune disease is changing. Our free docu-series covers these new findings as well as tips and options to help with gut health, lowering stress, and developing lifestyle solutions.


The Lost Super Foods

Power outages happen all the time and we can have fun bringing out all of our preparedness toys. But what about an SHTF situation where we’re facing a real threat of food shortage?

In this case, the best food to have in your stockpile could be 2400 calorie survival bars that can feed an adult for an entire day. They can store for months on your shelf and are also a favorite for hunters and hikers on long trips.

You can learn to make these bars along with 126 other forgotten and little known survival foods from throughout history in the new book, “The Lost Superfoods”.

Each tip and recipe has easy to follow instructions, so you can prepare these foods even if you have little to no cooking experience.

Learn more about The Lost Superfoods here ➡️ https://thelostsuperfoods.com/book/



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Absolutely!! Reversed my high blood pressure!!

Combat lost minerals and dehydration with Electrolyte Balance®

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massagemag.com 05/11/2020

Visceral Manipulation 101: Address a Lifetime of Strains

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massagemag.com The massage therapist knows all too well about the multiple strains that are found in each of his or her clients. Visceral manipulation is a technique that addresses visceral dysfunction. Visceral …



youtube.com 04/13/2020

Dr. SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD Crushes Dr. Fauci Exposes Birx, Clintons, Bill Gates, And The W.H.O

Keep building your immune system.up!!



Upledger Institute International

According to a statement from the Concussion Alliance, “Craniosacral Therapy (CST) [is] … one of the most effective treatments that we’ve found for persistent post-concussion symptoms.”

This MASSAGE Mag article agrees CST is "the missing piece" in the evaluation and treatment approach for symptoms related to traumatic brain injury and post-concussion syndrome. Read about the supporting evidence and insights provided in this article: http://bit.ly/38y7h1g


COVID-19: What Happens If You Get Coronavirus?

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This video animation on COVID-19 and the coronavirus is a collaboration between Nucleus Medical Media and our friends at the What If Channel. To watch super ...


Listen To This and Change Yourself | Kobe Bryant (Eye Opening Speech)

Kobe Bryant shares powerful life advice that shaped how he became the best. Sacrifices were made so that he could achieve his dream. Absolute dedication to b...

medium.com 02/21/2020

How unprocessed trauma is stored in the body

medium.com When all is well, our brain is the greatest supercomputer on earth. A complex network of about 100 billion neurons, it’s not only great at…


Know the Cause hosted by Doug Kaufmann

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Current Fungal Events - Live Q&A with Doug Kaufmann - knowthecause.com


Cajun Fresh Market

tammylcoggins.com 11/17/2019

Tammy Coggins Healing & Restoration Therapy – Alternative & Holistic Health and Massage Service

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tammylcoggins.com Stress is a silent killer as it brings on inflammation, chaos and disease to our lives. Stress in whatever form, will cause damage in our physical, emotional, personal, business, and most of all spiritual lives. Living a life with chronic stress for years, Tammy Coggins understands the toll it can t...


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craniosacralsydney.com.au 10/23/2019

When Trauma strikes. Addressing physiological and biological nervous system responses in the healing of trauma through Craniosacral Therapy

craniosacralsydney.com.au Trauma is often only understood as a psychological reaction that we need to deal with in the mind. Trauma is also very much a physiological reaction that circulates in the body long after the...




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